Tuesday, July 24, 2012


GALE ALLEN & THE GIRL SQUAD IN THE 21ST CENTURY returns, culled from the pages of the 1940s Planet Comics.

Venusian princess and direct descendant of King Rogert, who was the first human to land on Venus, Gale Allen grows up to become the captain of the Universal Space Patrol. A skilled space pilot sporting a ray gun at her hip, Gale leads her Girl Squadron in the fight for galactic justice around the year 1990 (when her adventures first begin) and proceeding well into the 21st century. The courageous Gale and the women of her squadron encounter their fair share of madmen and monsters while sporting fantastic belly and leg-baring two-piece 'uniforms'.

A break from the ubiquitous damsel-in-distress stories readers were encountering in the comic books of the day, Fiction House's comic book division produced a unique line of heroines – featuring Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, Senorita Rio, Firehair: Girl of the Golden West, Mysta of the Moon, and the star of this collection, the futuristic, space rocketing Gale Allen and her "Girl Squadron." The busty Allen and her all-girl Girl Squadron appeared in nearly every issue of Planet Comics between #4 and #42. Written by Douglas McKee, many of the Gale Allen tales (including most of the ones collected here) were illustrated by Fran Deitrick Hopper. In those days women who illustrated comics were a rare occurrence to be sure – everywhere but Fiction House. With introduction by Ralph Greco, Jr.


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