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Excerpt from Let Me Show You By Nobilis Reed

Nobilis Reed is one hellava writer, and this wonderful excerpt from his new novel, Let Me Show You, shows just how good he is - and the rest of the book is even better!

Chapter 11

Sunny poked a hole in the tape sealing the box and ran a fingernail along the seams, revealing a few cellophane bags full of air, and a smaller box nested inside like a Russian doll.  Opening that one revealed a black orb attached to a plastic clamp, with a foot and a half of cable attached.  She plugged the cable into the side of her laptop, stuck the clamp on the top, and booted up the computer.
"New hardware discovered..." it said, "Searching for drivers..." and then "Your camera is now ready to use."
She glanced over her shoulder to make sure the new door-handle she had installed was locked, then started up her cam network software.  It discovered the new camera immediately, and showed her the picture it was seeing.  The result was a much clearer image than the one the built-in camera had produced, though not so much that every flaw and blemish was clearly visible.
She logged into the site and posted a notice to her regulars that she was connected, and in a few minutes there were a half dozen people in her chatroom.
ORNGECRUSH - You got the cam!
"Yes, I did O.C.  Thank you."
ORNGECRUSH - It looks great.  You look great.
His compliment was echoed by the other folks in the chatroom.  She smiled.  "Thank you." The outfit she was wearing was very cute.  She had bought it with the money from her first payment from the cam network.  It was the kind of thing that a pole-dancer might wear, basically a skimpy bikini made out of bright red stretch Lycra, but instead of the secure hooks and ties that would ordinarily hold the thing together, it had easily parted Velcro patches.  It had amused her to buy it.  She would almost certainly never dance again, at least not the way that this costume invited.  To give it a bit more mystery, she had tucked multicolored scarves in at her hips and shoulders, and tied them in such a way that they pretended to afford some modesty.
ORNGECRUSH - Doing any private shows tonight?
"Yes, but not yet.  Later.  Have some patience." Sunny had discovered that going into private chat wasn't always to her advantage. Sometimes she was better off gathering a crowd in the public room and taking tips to remove one item or another.  Only after she was naked, or nearly so, would it make sense to get into a private chat.  That was her strategy tonight; she was feeling better than usual, and had confidence that she'd be able to perform for more than an hour. Sunny activated the script that scrolled her enticements across the chatroom screen.  For every 50 tokens that landed in her tip jar, she'd take off one item.  With six scarves and the bikini, that would amount to 400 tokens, which would be sixty-eight dollars when it hit her bank account.  Add a private show to the end of that, and shemight clear eighty or ninety for the night.  Not bad for two hours of work.
Sunny adopted her favorite pose, lying on her side with her head propped up on one elbow.  It left her feet, which she didn't consider very attractive, out of the camera's field of view, and concentrated attention elsewhere.  "So, guys," she said.  "What's new?  Anybody have something good happen today?"
EMGUR - Hot girl on the bus smiled at me
"Really, Emgur?  Did you say anything to her?"
EMGUR - Didnt seem like the right time
"When is the right time, then?"
EMGUR - Not in public
"Well, you only ever see her on the bus, right?  If you're going to talk to her it would have to be there, in public."
EMGUR - Too shy
"How about next time you sit close to where she likes to sit.  Maybe she'll sit next to you."
EMGUR - That would be good
"And if she does you can talk to her."
Emgur's next few lines spilled out quickly, one after another.
EMGUR - Nothing to talk about
EMGUR - Spend all night with camgirls
EMGUR - Dont do anything interesting
"Well, the first time, you don't have to have a whole conversation.
You can just say 'Hi.'"
EMGUR – Okay
ORNGECRUSH - You're lucky.  Pretty girls don't smile at me.  I'm invisible.
"Well, here's a smile for all of you that don't get enough of them," said Sunny.  She looked into the camera, imagining a face there to represent the dozen or so guys in her chatroom, and gave a warm, sincere smile.  People can tell the difference between a fake smile and a real one, she knew, so she made sure to concentrate on her affection for these guys, especially her regulars, while she did it.
ORNGECRUSH - Thank you
The software signaled that some tips had arrived, and Sunny checked the total.  "That's fifty!" she said, and reached behind her neck for the loose knot holding one of her scarves in place.  More tips arrived almost immediately.  and even before she was able to pull it off she was over a hundred.  "Well!  You guys are in a frisky mood tonight."
DRYWOLF - The blue one next
"Drywolf, I'm not real big on commands.  Do you want to rephrase that?"
DRYWOLF - The blue one PLEASE
ORNGECRUSH - Would you please take off the blue scarf?
"Thank you, O.C.  I'd be glad to." The blue scarf was tucked into the hip of her bottoms, wrapped around her thigh and tied off down near the knee.  She raised her leg up, untied the knot, and pulled it out slowly, draping it across her body before laying it on the bed behind her.  A little quiver of sexual tension grew on her skin.
DRYWOLF – Suckup
Sunny pulled the keyboard over and typed in a command.  "Drywolf, I'm
muting you for five minutes.  Everyone in my chatroom treats each other with respect."
ORNGECRUSH - She's fair.  Thank you, Luna.
Sunny leaned back and stretched.  Her arm was getting sore, and it was time to shift position.  She rotated, turning onto her other side, still facing the camera.  "Who else has something good?"
MACKTRUCK - Finished my term paper
Sunny cocked an eyebrow.  "Term paper?"
MACKTRUCK - Don't worry I'm in college 
Sunny cringed inwardly.  The possibility that kids could slip into the chatrooms was a constant worry for Sunny.  She tried to tell herself that most of them wouldn't have access to a credit card for buying tokens, but there were always a few freeloaders around who just watched and never tipped, and she suspected some of those were teenagers.  Mack wasn't one of them, but it still bothered her.  "What was your topic, Mack?"
MACKTRUCK - The effect of heavy vehicle traffic on third world transportation networks
"Whoa!  That sounds important." His response was a relief.  There was no way a high-schooler would be writing a paper like that.
MACKTRUCK - It's a term paper so its bullshit
MACKTRUCK - Just giving the professor what she wants
"What do you mean?"
There was a long pause.
MACKTRUCK - She wants to hear me say that heavy trucks ruin things. So I wrote about noise and pollution and damage to dirt roads which is bullshit because its not the trucks fault.  Its because the government doesnt want to build good roads
MACKTRUCK - But I have to say what she wants to hear to get an A
MACKTRUCK - And I have a scholarship so I have to get an A
"Hopefully when you graduate you'll be able to tell your version," said Sunny.
"So are we ready to get rid of a few more pieces?" she asked.  Tips landed in her inbox and she pulled off another scarf.  It amazed Sunny
how easily they figured out the system, the back and forth of tips and stripping, without really ever having to explain it.  Was there some subliminal cue going on?  Was she responding to a cultural expectation that they were bringing to the chatroom from elsewhere on the site? It didn't matter.  It worked.
Things simmered along nicely that way for a half hour or so, chatting amiably about this and that, while they slowly put tokens in her account.  Drywolf's mute came off and he behaved himself properly.  As usual, only a portion of the people in the chatroom actually talked with her; most just sat quietly and dropped tokens in a few at a time. The last scarf to come off was the one that was looped around the back of her neck and tucked into the cups of her bra.  When she pulled it off, there was a faint red spot about the size of a dime just below her collarbone.  Sunny knew what it was.  It wasn't a bruise or a scrape.  It was another symptom of her condition, a sign that it was getting worse.  Part of her wanted to cry, and another scream.  Part  made plans to get makeup to put over it next time she was on the cam. The warm erotic tingle was gone.
When she looked back at the laptop, it was immediately clear at least some of the guys had seen her reaction.
MACKTRUCK - Whats wrong
DRYWOLF - Are you ok
ORNGECRUSH - Something bothering you, Luna? Sunny found a smile somewhere and pulled it on.  It felt like a mask.  "It's nothing.  Just a bit of a rash.  I want to look my best for you guys, right?"
ORNGECRUSH - Are you sure?
"It's nothing, really." Sunny fiddled with her computer and put on some happy music.  It wasn't the usual for this stage in her performance - usually she would play something sexy and romantic, to get the guys in the mood for a private session - but she needed something to hold onto until she finished.  She couldn't quit now, not before she had gone all the way and given the guys what they were there for.
ORNGECRUSH - Is that a new bra?
"Yes, thank you for noticing O.C.!  I just got it.  This is my first night wearing it on cam.  You like it?"
DRYWOLF - Hate it get rid of it :)
ORNGECRUSH - Red is a good color for you.
Ouch.  Red was definitely not a good color for her.  "I don't know, O.C.  I don't like it much.  You're right, Drywolf.  Time to get rid of it." There weren't enough tokens in the night's tip jar to justify getting naked, but she didn't feel like waiting.  With one sweeping motion she grabbed the strap between her breasts and pulled.  The Velcro let go all at once, and her breasts bounced free, while the scrap of fabric sailed across the room.  Another flourished gesture sent the panties flying as well.
ORNGECRUSH - Woo!  Nice trick.
MACKTRUCK - Rip em off!
Sunny posed with one knee up, foot on the bed, spreading her thighs just a little bit.  From the camera angle they wouldn't be able to see a lot, but that was fine.  She squeezed one breast and shook her hair a little.  "There, that's better."
DRYWOLF - Slurp slurp
Sunny gave it another ten minutes or so, letting the guys enjoy the sight of her naked body.  A little of the warmth came back, but the red spot was still there, reminding her every time she looked down.
ORNGECRUSH - Are you doing any private sessions tonight, Luna?
"I don't know, O.C.  I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for an orgasm tonight."
Fifty tokens landed in her tip jar at once.
DRYWOLF - Does that get u in the mood
ORNGECRUSH - Luna isn't like that, Drywolf.  "Oh, don't misunderstand," she said.  "I like money.  But I'm not sure
I feel up to it tonight."
ORNGECRUSH - You don't have to get off.  I just like talking to you.
"Alright, O.C.  No guarantees, okay?"
ORNGECRUSH - That's fine.
The software signaled that he was offering to pay for a private session, and she accepted.
As soon as the connection was made, O.C.'s voice came from Sunny's speakers.  "So what happened, really?"
"What do you mean?"
"When you took off the last scarf.  Something scared you."
"It's nothing.  Really.  No big deal."
"It's a big deal, Luna.  I can see it in your eyes."
Sunny sighed and lay on her back.  "It's a little rash.  A red spot."
"I didn't see anything."
"I'm not sure you can see it on the camera.  Here." Sunny climbed out of the bed and leaned in close to the laptop so that the red patch of skin was visible.
"Oh, that's hardly anything."
"It doesn't look like much.  But it's going to get bigger."
"What is it? Skin cancer?"
Sunny sat on the edge "A layer of my skin is becoming inflamed.  I have lupus."
"Oh, shit." A sound of clacking keys came through the speakers.
"Yeah, oh shit." Sunny chuckled.  "If it gets much bigger I probably won't be able to work on the camera anymore.  It's just going to be too ugly."
After a pause, O.C.  said, "Wikipedia says there's no cure for that."
"Yeah.  they can give me steroids to damp down my immune system, but
that has all kinds of side effects that are no fun either."
Another pause.  "I'm going to turn on my camera," said O.C.
"Okay." Sunny shuffled the windows around on her laptop so that the one with his status was at the front.
A face appeared, strangely proportioned.  His eyes were a bit too small and too close together, jaw a little too thick, head a little narrower across the crown than seemed right.  His tongue poked out between his lips.  He wasn't wearing a shirt; pale white skin covered his shoulders.
"O.C., you have ... Downs syndrome?"
"Yeah.  They say I got lucky, because I don't have any of the learning
disabilities.  They call it 'mosaic' because not all of my cells have
the defect.  Graduated cum laude."
"I bet you don't feel lucky."
"I telecommute because people treat me like an idiot if they see my face.  I watch girls on cam because nobody wants to date a retard, even if he's making almost six figures."
"Thank you for trusting me enough to show me, O.C."
"It's only fair.  You told me a secret, I showed you mine."
A smile crept over Sunny's face, a genuine one this time.  "You know, O.C., maybe I feel like an orgasm after all."
"Sure." Sunny turned around and crawled across the bed to reach under the pillow where she had hidden her toy of choice for the evening.  It was a vibrator, a little pink one with a really powerful motor.  Its forked shape was designed to stimulate the clitoris.  "Trust is sexy,
O.C.  At least for me, it is."
A low chuckle came from the speakers.  "If only that was all it took for real."
Sunny looked into the camera lens, her smile fading somewhat.  "I'm for real, O.C."
"Yeah, but ... I'm paying you, right?"
"That doesn't make it any less real.  Neither does the fact that we're on opposite ends of the internet from each other." She held up the vibrator.  "This is real.  I'm real.  You're real."
"I meant, like ... getting a girlfriend."
"Trust is sexy there, too.  Now ... shall we?" Sunny pressed the button on the back of the vibrator and it hummed to life.
"Yes," growled O.  C.
Sunny leaned back against the pile of pillows in the corner of her bed, spread her legs, and laid the vibrator into place.  The two silicone-covered prongs dipped down between her labia, on either side of her clit, while the body rested on her mons.  There was no need to move it, no need to thrust or stroke.  The machine's powerful vibrations suffused her pelvis, with their epicenter right where it would do the most good, and Sunny's body responded immediately. There was no need to 'act' for the camera.  All that was required was for Sunny to let go and let her body do what it wanted.  With her free hand, she stroked her breast, then squeezed it, and pinched one nipple lightly between her fingers.  She caressed herself with broad strokes of her hand, down onto her thighs and then up her belly, reveling in the sensation.  Pleasure closed her eyes sometimes, but when they were open she focused on O.C.'s smiling face, almost feeling his gaze like a physical force projecting out from the laptop. A shudder ran through her, and she pressed the vibe tighter against her body as the first wave of climax hit.  A squeak escaped her throat and she pushed her head back against the pillows.  She felt marvelously vulnerable and wanton, reveling in the debauchery of what she was doing.
"Yes, oh yes," said O.C.
As the paroxysm passed Sunny raised her head to look at the screen.
"You like?" she breathed.
Another pulse came and she groaned again, falling back against the pillows.  Her free hand found its way down and she tugged at her inner labia.  Briefly, she thought of her sister and how thoroughly she would disapprove of what was going on, but the thought was washed away by a renewed rush of orgasm.  She came, hard and loud, and finally collapsed, spent, against the pillows.  She shut off the vibrator and dropped it on the sheet next to her.
The only sound was a long, low groan from the computer.  O.C.'s face had become a grimace of ecstasy, corners of his mouth pulled back, tongue lolling, eyes screwed shut.  He was coming too, and Sunny smiled to herself at the knowledge that she had inspired it.  The sight struck Sunny as a little grotesque, but she chided herself at the thought.  Everyone looked ridiculous when they came.
A knock came from the door.  "Sunny?  Sunny, what's going on in there?  Let me in." The knob rattled.

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