Monday, July 16, 2012


Sizzler Editions wants you to know about two new publications we are thrilled to be involved with. They aren't explicit, but they surely are sexy. Both ebooks are reprints of stories about the fantastic women superheroines of the the 1940s, the golden age of the comic book.

The Phantom Lady may seem tame now, but the covers were such outrageous exemplars of BDSM and what is called Good Girl Art (they were by the legendary Matt Baker, naturally) that they were condemned in Congress! (You will find a gallery of Phantom Lady covers at the end of the book and can make up your own mind about Baker's Phantom Lady art.)

"Diana the Huntress" as Wade Heaton writes in his knowledgeable Introduction, "is a very shapely, scantily clad piece of divine deliciousness, flitting about the planet combating various forms of historical, mythological, and pathological evil, while wearing a knockout golden (yellow or orange depending on ink supplies) one-shoulder mini-dress, tiara, earrings, sandals, bow, arrow, and quiver. But in her wartime and pre Cold War comic book world, no one, not even isolated males in combat or nasty gangsters, seems to notice. The reader, however, can’t help but be aware of the copious gams and sexy boob poses, along with the pinup girl postures Diana adopts while dispatching villainy all about her."


  1. I would absolutely adore to have my stuff animated!

  2. xxoo! loves this!