Thursday, July 12, 2012

Affair De Coeur Reviews RAZOR by Margie Church and K. B. Cutter

A Sizzler Editions publication

  Amy and Bryce live what seems to be the good life. A handsome couple doing well with their business, has money, and beautiful homes. So what is it Amy wants more of in her life? Well that is control in the bedroom. Bryce loves to be in control of all aspects of his life and that includes the bedroom and sex. He is like a Dom even though they are not into the lifestyle. Amy knows a lot about the Dom/sub lifestyle; her best friend Raine is a Domme and tells her all about it. So, Amy decides to ask Raine for help with the little problem she has with her husband. Bryce does not think his behavior is that big of an issue, but finds what his wife proposes to be interesting, especially with someone as attractive and sensual as Raine. 

  Raine can’t believe her best friend wants her to be a Domme Mistress to Bryce, but feels confident she can make him appreciate what Amy needs. That is until he makes her feel a need she never thought she would have for anyone. Once Raine tasted Bryce, she was not sure she could do as Amy wanted without someone getting hurt, and that someone was herself.

  Margie Church and K. B. Cutter have given their readers a thrilling sexual read in “Razor.” You not only have a marriage filled with love and romance, you have a hot triangle that will keep your mind spinning with a view of a world most don’t see each day. It’s a look into a Domme/sub/BDSM world and it will titillate your mind, body, and soul! So turn the pages of this wonderfully written book to find out if Amy, Bryce, and Raine can help each other and still be friends, or become much more. Or will it destroy them all at the end of this sizzling hot journey?

(Look for an early winter release of Book II, Razor: Desire’s Edge.)

Melody Prater from Affair De Coeur 


  1. Thank you Melody for this wonderfully thoughtful review!

  2. Melody, you are wonderful. Thank you so much.