Monday, June 11, 2012

Out Now: The Spanking Club By Colin

There is simply no one better at writing fetish erotica than our resident master, Colin - and his new book proves just how wonderful he can be at telling not just a hot story but a great one as well: The Spanking Club

Spanking fans rejoice!   Colin, whose tales of tickling and foot worship have already garnered an enthusiastic following among discerning eroticists, now turns his tender attentions to the perverse pleasures of paddling.  THE SPANKING CLUB is the sexy tale of Lauren, a girl whose tastes in pleasure run to dominant men and a well-warmed bottom.  Her unconventional desires lead her to a most unusual institution, run by a most unusual couple.  Before long she’s convinced her two best girlfriends, Miki and Kimber, to join her on an adventure into the outer reaches of anal discipline.  The gals are dubious at first, but soon they realize they have submissive fantasies of their own…and a good hard spanking is the perfect way to explore them!

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