Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Out Now: His New Slave By David Jewell

There is simply no one better at writing wonderfully wild erotica than our own resident master of the genre, David Jewell - and you'll see how good he can be with his new book: His New Slave

Knowing Alexis has repressed submissive urges, Tony Jablinski, a self-made millionaire, lured her to his cabin in northern Minnesota . There she makes a transition into a thrilling new life of bondage and submission.  Meanwhile, Tony's wife Collette is searching for the perfect male submissive. She selects Carlos and puts him through his paces. Soon Tony and Collette introduce Alexis and Carlos, who they push into new frontiers of unimagined sexual pleasure as slaves. Master Tony and Mistress Collette invite a couple, Ian and Erika Whitehouse, to fly in from Alaska.  They are the reason they found and trained Alexis and Carlos.

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