Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Out Now: Anastasia's Tribe By D.W. Collins

Here's a very special treat for fans of male dominant BDSM romance, a new release from our fan-favorite D.W. Collins: Anastasia's Tribe 

Anastasia Dawson is an attractive professor of Anthropology on an expedition.   Their pilot, Pete Calhoun's, plane crashes a couple of miles from their planned destination due to a freak lightening strike.  No one is injured, but communication is impossible and their flight plan is lost so the search is conducted hundreds of miles away. The group spends their first night huddled in a building on waiting for the fierce storm to pass.  After several days the group learns that the search for them has been called off.  They decide to organize themselves as a tribe and Anastasia is elected by the student majority as chief.  Student Alyssa Timmons starts to clash with Anastasia and goes to Will for protection.  He awakens her to her submissive side.  Newlywed couple Tom and Janice Clarke begin to struggle with each other.  om is excited by the idea of the women submitting to the men, but Janice resists his demands.  Pete discovers Anastasia reading an erotic novel and vows to read the book for insight into the young professor’s sexual interests. Pete and Will convince the other men that female rule has failed and Pete is chosen as the new chief.  He and Will pursue Anastasia after he gets a good look at a bondage scene in her erotic novel.  When they find her, she has been captured by a mystery man who has bond and stripped her.  Pete takes the opportunity to claim Anastasia as his own for rescuing her. A brand new treat by one of our master storytellers of romantic BDSM fiction.  This is a book that will not disappoint!

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