Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Out Now: All The President's Slaves By Powerone

There simply is no one better at writing BDSM erotica than our resident master of the genre, PowerOne - and this, his new book, proves just how book he can be: : All The President's Slaves 

The President of the United States is considered the most powerful man in the world.  Women sought him out to see if that extended to the bedroom.  They didn't want his love, only his body, willing to give up anything.   From inexperience women to wealthy, married women, they were in awe of his power, and they wanted to feel his hands take them, willing to risk anything for a few hours of raw sex.  But the President had his own agenda; he would enslave them in his bed, to use them in the darkest ways. Eric found himself surrounded by beautiful women, and he took advantage of his powerful position. The list of women is long, the list of depraved acts even longer.  Only you can decide if the most powerful man in the world extends his domination to his bedroom. A masterful novel of BDSM power in a wild political setting: fun, hot, and - best of all - a new book by one of our best selling authors!

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