Friday, June 8, 2012

Misconceptions of Writing Erotica

By MaryLynn Bast

My first story, One Bite To Passion, is my first adventure into the world of erotica. When Sascha reminded me to write a blog for Sizzler Editions I had no idea what I could contribute being a new author. I decided I needed to do a little research so I could sound somewhat intelligent when blogging about the subject. In my research I found a ton of different websites that tell you “how to” write the perfect erotica. Most of these sites had one thing in common. To become a successful writer of erotica the author has to overcome the barrier of being embarrassed at writing erotica. I had to overcome this barrier myself.

When talking to my friends about writing, several commented that writing erotica was nothing more than pornography. At first I agreed and let it go because I realize in the beginning I was embarrassed to admit I write erotic stories. Now when people make this comment, I educate them on the differences. I point out that pornography is the hardcore get straight to the sex part of the stories that have no real plot other than the characters getting laid by one or multiple partners. There is no real connection between the readers of hardcore pornography other than to satisfy their sexual need, which is okay if that is what they want.

Erotica romance creates a stimulating perception of what is taking place and takes the reader into the life of the characters making them feel as if they “are there.” Sexual tension builds between the characters as the story progresses. A lingering touch, hint of sexual arousal, an intense gaze draws the hero and heroine closer together. The writer reveals the main characters thoughts, feelings and insecurities allowing the reader to know more about him or her as the erotic romance is created. As a writer, we have to create a world that will keep the reader interested in the hero or heroine, to relate or root for the main characters and know that they don’t run from partner to partner, that they are sexually frustrated. Our goal is to get the reader to want the characters to get together.

By being able to explain the differences to my friends, family and the people I meet, I am more open and know a well written erotica makes the readers want to know in the end the characters have overcome the obstacles to be together. The story will make the characters come to life for the readers and feel stimulated throughout, hopefully mentally and physically. 

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  1. Ms. Bast did an excellent job of explaining the difference between pornography and erotica. I had never really thought about it but what shes has said is spot on. I have read her first foray into writting erotica and I must it was outstanding.