Monday, May 14, 2012

Out Now: The Queen And I - Lesbian Romance By Treya Douglas

At turns touching as well as wildly sexual, this new book by Treya Douglas is a sure thing for fans of well-written erotica: The Queen And I - Lesbian Romance 

Anything can happen to a lonely lesbian in California. And it does in this enthralling romantic tale. The Queen and I is a timely novella of “love at first sight,” a lesbian love story filled with passion, understanding and respect, with twists and turns and the alarming aspects of love in the lives of two diverse women caught up in intrigue and mystery. Written in the first person, it's like you are there, witnessing every loving moment and frightening complication encountered by the couple. Ash is a very outgoing and wealthy lesbian film star who instantly falls in love with a very beautiful woman she spies one day. The beautiful woman is a remarkable artist caught up in a terrifying life-changing event. Together they become bound by love to overcome the obstacles that block their happiness.

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