Monday, May 28, 2012

Out Now: For The Love Of A Shape Shifter By Emy Naso

With this, new brand new book, you'll see why Emy Naso is considered to be one of the very best erotic fantasy authors working today: For The Love Of A Shape Shifter 

Was the man she had come to love mad? Or monster? The Sophia’s marriage was going nowhere. Her husband had two faults, gambling and womanising, and not one redeeming attribute. That was not the only problem in Sophia’s life. A strange being seeemed to visit the young woman, one she could not believe was real. She began to wonder if she was suffering of illnesss of mind or body. Then the being who visited her spoke, took on a tangible reality she could touch, smell, make love to. Sophia was forced to decide. Could this shapeshifting being be real? Where did love reside? An erotic romantic fantasy novel of sexual exploration and the supernatural!

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