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Rave Review from Heather Powell for Bonni Sansom's Eternal Bliss at Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

"When I first began reading Eternal Bliss by Bonni Sansom, I was honestly expecting a light hearted romantic read. But about half-way through, I discovered that I was more than wrong with my preconceived expectations. Unbridled emotions, crazy hot sex, and unanticipated tragedy, turned this story into something so much more amazing than I ever could have possibly hoped for." Read more...

Congratulations, Bonnie!


5 Ways to Boost Your Market Presence by Margie Church

Margie Church is the author of The 18th Floor, one of Sizzler Editions bestselling titles. Her next book for Sizzler will be Razor, co-authored with K. B. Cutter.
I'm here by request. Or was it threat? Humm, not sure, but I came, I blogged, I will politely answer your questions. Buy 15 copies of each of my books and I'll give you five more ways to boost your market presence. LOL Well, it seems only fair since you just boosted mine. *snicker* Okay, I'll knock off the nonsense. I know you're dying to know the secrets. Get comfy and let's see if I can lend a hand.
1. Determine your brand.
This is about your visual identity and tagline. There's a huge rush to get your blog started and website created, but you need to really think through this part of your branding strategy. It's better to be less adventurous to start, and build your identity over time, than to just do something, anything, and decide a few months later to scrap what you've done and start over. As you have undoubtedly discovered, promoting your books is time-consuming.

Try to formulate one simple sentence about who you are as an author. Keep asking yourself: does this statement reflect the kinds of books I write, the genres, the person I am, and the aura I want to create as an author? If you haven't got good answers, you aren't finished with the exercise. It could take awhile! Once you have something, stick with it. Brand building never happens quickly.

2. Be accessible.
We'd all like to think we can stay in our writing caves and the world will buy our stories and clamor for more. We find out that's a ridiculous notion while we're reading the fine print on the submissions form. For me, being accessible means social media and blogging. I spend a couple hours a day wading through emails, and my Twitter, Facebook, and Goodread feeds. The underlying goal here is to get readers to know YOU. Be approachable, engaged, and interesting when you respond. Think of this as attending a cocktail party alone. Listen more than you talk. You don't have to gab with everyone, but spread the love. Get to know a few more people every visit.
I am not a blogging maniac, but last year, I wrote about 100 guest blog posts. I average six book releases a year. You have to get the word out. I blog at my home, Romance with SASS, a couple times a month or whenever I have something worthwhile to say. I host others in between. My blog is networked to Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. I blog elsewhere to share book releases and guest posts like this one. I keep all my blog posts and occasionally freshen up something I've used previously, but I put effort into every post.
3. Fall in love with Facebook and Twitter
Many believe the more friends and followers you have the more successful you are. It's not a numbers game. Who cares if you have 2,000 friends if you don't know them, and they aren't your market? You don't have to friend or follow every request. I also unfriend/unfollow people who don't share my core values. If you're rude, homophobic, or blast political or religious groups, I'm going to quietly remove you.
Turn down the sales pitch and talk with people before they turn you off. Say hello, happy birthday, how are you, congratulations, buy my books. What's shaking, happy Halloween, TGIF, goodnight, buy my book. The weather sucks, my kid is sick, I got a raise, buy my books. How may I help, sure I'll blog with you, host a chat, what should I name this character, here's an excerpt, please buy a book.
Facebook lets you really build relationships. I use it heavily, and you can really get to know me well there. I announce everything related to books on Facebook. I belong to a number of groups and share newsy posts there, too. This amplifies my message. I'm careful to go back to read others' posts and some blogs and reviews, too. I also belong to a number of private groups that I use to conduct research and find beta readers. It takes time to build these relationships.
I use Twitter to share buy links, reviews, and blog appearances. I spend a lot of time trying to come up with clever 144-word tweets for my books. I see a direct correlation between my Twitter activity and my Amazon sales. I comment on other posts in my feed and I participate in #FF and #WW somewhat. I'd do it more if Twitter's automatic address feature actually worked for me. I acknowledge every new follower whether I follow back or not, every RT, list and favorite. Doing so is good social media manners. I usually don't follow authors unless they are brand new, or we're pals, or write for the same publisher. I follow publishers, reviewers, romance columnists, sex toys, romance sites, media reps, musicians, special interest groups, and anyone who might have Tweeps who will enjoy my romances.

I vet my friends and twitter followers to seek a larger balance of readers than authors. Readers buy more books than authors do, plain and simple.

4. Join a chat.
Whether your publisher hosts, or you visit a site that has reader chats, these are worthwhile. Lurk in a chat or two to see how well they're run and how many readers join in. Ask questions. Prepare at least 4 items, plus a contest for an hour-long chat. On your virgin chat, take an experienced pal with you. Sometimes the traffic is dismal, sometimes it's overwhelming. Pick a Friday or Saturday evening, or a Saturday morning to chat. Be yourself, have some fun, hold contests. Put your buy links, blog and website addresses on each of your posts if you're in a reader loop.

5. Participate in some kind of public event
Whether it's having a signing, doing a reading, teaching a class, speaking to a book club, or being on a panel at a convention, get in front of the reading public. You might be quaking in your boots at first, but you can get over that by preparing what you plan to say/read. Let the local media know you're going to be around and let them help spread the word about you. These days, the thrill of holding your book on release days rarely happens. Some of us will never hold our books in our hands—period. When you participate in these kinds of activities, being an author becomes very, very real. Buy an autograph pen and practice your signature. It's fun.

Build your back list. Work your rear off so as your following grows, they have other books of yours to buy. Push hard. Set daily writing goals and deadlines. The more you do this, the faster you'll get at writing quality books your readers can't wait to get their hands on.
So, those are five of my favorite book promotions and a bonus. I could write tons more, but you'd be asleep or outselling me. I'm happy to answer specific questions – fire away. And thanks so much for spending 10 minutes of your day with me!

Margie's website: Romance with SASS
Margie's blog:
Margie's Amazon Kindle Page:

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BDSM Book Reviews Interviews M.Christian

Check it out: the great folks at BDSM Book Reviews have just posted an interview with Sizzler Author (and Associate Publisher) M.Christian.  Here's a taste - for the rest just click here.

1. When you first started writing, did you have any idea you’d be writing BDSM/kinky books? Do you write in any other genre?Well, let’s see … my first published story was in the late-lamented magazine FutureSex, back in 1994. The story – “InterCore,” by the way, was then picked up for Best American Erotica (same year) and it all just kind of snowballed from there. While I’ve pretty much always wanted to be a writer it wasn’t until I stepped into the slippery, steamy, world of smut that I had any real success so – surprise – I’ve done most of my work there. But I also write non-fiction (including a book of my weird history pieces, Welcome to Weirdsville, which is coming out soon, and How To Write And Sell Erotica — my book on smut writing, and Pornotopia – which is non-fiction sex pieces); science fiction, fantasy, and horror (such as my collection, Love Without Gun Control); romance (see my novel Brushes), and lots of other stuff. 
Here’s a quickie bio: 
M. Christian is – among many things – an acknowledged master of erotica with more than 400 stories in such anthologies as Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica, and many, many other anthologies, magazines, and sites. 
He is the editor of 25 anthologies including the Best S/M Erotica series, Pirate Booty, My Love For All That Is Bizarre: Sherlock Holmes Erotica, The Burning Pen, Guilty Pleasures, The Mammoth Book of Future Cops and The Mammoth Book of Tales of the Road (with Maxim Jakubowksi) and Confessions, Garden of Perverse, and Amazons (with Sage Vivant) as well as many others. 
He is the author of the collections Dirty Words, Speaking Parts, The Bachelor Machine, Licks & Promises, Filthy, Love Without Gun Control, Rude Mechanicals, Coming Together Presents M. Christian, Pornotopia, How To Write And Sell Erotica; and the novels Running Dry, The Very Bloody Marys, Me2, Brushes, Fingers Breadth, and Painted Doll. His site is 
In addition he is an Associate Editor for the adult industry web site YNOT, and is an Associate Publisher for Renaissance Books (which publishers groundbreaking BDSM as part of its Sizzler Imprint). 
2. Are you actively involved in BDSM? If so how do you identify yourself? Dom(me)/sub? Top/bottom? Switch? 
I’ve been in the scene since ’88 (1988, smartass) or so and while I seriously love the folks I’ve met there I’m actually more a sensualist than a hardcore player. One reason I love the scene is that the people I’ve met have all pretty much been in touch with their sexuality – a very refreshing thing compared to the ‘real’ world. If you want to look me up, by the way, I’m “MChristian” on Fetlife … and pretty much everywhere else. 

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Out Now: The Fine Art Of Dominance By Heather Lynx

Here's the book that everyone's been waiting for: a brand new masterpiece of BDSM female dominance by our expert in the field: Heather Lynx - The Fine Art Of Dominance 

A female dominant glbt masterpiece by our resident master of the genre!

Out Now: For The Love Of A Shape Shifter By Emy Naso

With this, new brand new book, you'll see why Emy Naso is considered to be one of the very best erotic fantasy authors working today: For The Love Of A Shape Shifter 

Was the man she had come to love mad? Or monster? The Sophia’s marriage was going nowhere. Her husband had two faults, gambling and womanising, and not one redeeming attribute. That was not the only problem in Sophia’s life. A strange being seeemed to visit the young woman, one she could not believe was real. She began to wonder if she was suffering of illnesss of mind or body. Then the being who visited her spoke, took on a tangible reality she could touch, smell, make love to. Sophia was forced to decide. Could this shapeshifting being be real? Where did love reside? An erotic romantic fantasy novel of sexual exploration and the supernatural!

Out Now: Honey Trap & Other Lesbian Confessions By Heather Towne

Sizzler is vert proud to be able to bring you, the discerning erotica reader, the very best of the genre - and no one is better at writing steamy lesbian fiction than Heather Towne in her new book Honey Trap & Other Lesbian Confessions

There’s nothing sexier than women writing about their lesbian encounters up close and personal. These confessions cover the gamut of girl-girl sexuality: virgins and cougars, girly-girls and dominating dykes, twosomes and threesomes and moresomes, spanking and exhibitionism, at work, at play; you name it, you get it. First-hand.

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Put Your Work on Frequently Felt!

Here’s a special invitation to Sizzler authors looking for a bit of free exposure.
Frequently Felt is my playful little blog -- “A lobcock of erotic trivialities, oddities, and miscellanea transcribed with jaundiced talent for naught but a boxing Jesuit indulgence by a disreputable posse mobilitatis” – where I’ve been posting this, that, and everything betwixt and between having to do with sex and erotica.  For Sizzler Editions authors I’m opening
Frequently Felt to short stories, excerpts and artwork on a first-come-first-posted basis.  Here are the specifics:

  • Literary pieces - or excerpts - no longer than 1000 words.
  • No underage characters, excessive violence, incest, homophobia, bestiality, or scat.
  • Please include some form of contact/sales information at the end (email, Web site, etc.) to be published with your piece
  • I reserve the right to refuse to publish anything – it’s my blog, after all
Submit your work to  I do my best to post things every other day or so but things sometimes happen to disrupt that schedule... 
I’m also interested in interviews, reviews, editorial pieces, artwork, blog pos
ts and other fun things.  If you want to help out with that, just write me and we’ll chat about it.

M. Christian

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WriteSEX Update this week. Publisher Jean Marie Stine talks about the Kindle's rise and potential fall. 

Publisher Jean Marie Stine of Sizzler Editions takes a look at the Kindle as a viable reading device...

GLBT Live Chats with the Pros At The Erotica Readers & Writers Association!

GLBT erotica is a genre to be reckoned with, and The Erotica Readers and Writers Association will help interested authors with two GLBT Live Chats with the Pros: Delilah Devlin and M. Christian will be on hand to answer questions, offer advice, and exchange ideas with authors of GLBT erotica. Whether you're penning your first gay fiction, or are a spicy-seasoned pro, don't miss this opportunity.

M. Christian, associate publisher for Renaissance E Books (which includes Sizzler Editions), is an acknowledged master of erotica with more than 400 stories in such anthologies as Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, and Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica. If you want to know what GLBT editors want (and don't want) and how to make your submissions stand out, M. Christian will be happy to answer your questions.
Read more about M. Christian at

ERWA chats are held on the ShadowWorld chat server, channel#erachat.

(Follow the link above. On screen you'll see 'Connect to ShadowWorld IRC'. In the Nickname box, key in your name. Leave the channels box at #ERAChat, and click 'Connect'. A chat text box will appear at the bottom of your screen)

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Out Now: One Bite To Passion By Marylynn Bast

Marylynn Bast is a master of romantic BDSM and this, her new book, will show just how good she can be: One Bite To Passion 

On a business trip to Japan, Paige has just found happiness with Casey,  an exciting, young man with a passionate interest in Paige.  After a night of wild sex, feels like a new woman. Drawn to Casey, Page can’t refuse him even though he says he wants to possess her and she learns he is a vampire. Then Paige's unfaithful husband, Dalton, shows up. He has supposedly broken off his affair, but Paige suspects he is still seeing his mistress. Soon, Paige begins to notice disturbing things happening around her and discovers she has become the center of a battle between covens who consider her The Chosen One. But when she faces the greatest peril of her life, and Casey shows up to help, Page realizes she is willing fight the covens side-by-side with him, if it means the chance of a future with this vampire she has come to love.

Out Now: Primal Needs By Amber Rose Thompson

There is simply no one better at writing BDSM romance than our very own Amber Rose Thompson - and her new book will prove that and more: Primal Needs

Helena is a dom in the board room separating people into those she can control and those she must eliminate. But she is about to meet a creature far more dominating than her. When she becomes a werewolf's prey her world crashes down around her. For some monsters are better left to the dark. Helena must tame this hunter's heart or face eternal life in death. Another masterpiece of fantasy, romance and bondage by Amber Rose Thompson.  PRIMAL NEEDS has everything a fan of romantic BDSM needs - and then some!

Out Now: The Journey Begins [Into Bondage Book 1] By Valentine Adams

Here's a series, amazing treat for fans of BDSM erotica - a brand new book in a brand new series by Valentine Adams: The Journey Begins [Into Bondage Book 1] 

Camdyn is an exceptional student, owing to the finest education her father could find at whatever cost.  So, she was able to attend college and graduate school on scholarships.  During college, she discovered that her mother had died in childbirth, something she had never been told.  That news made her realize that she was the only heir to her father’s considerable fortune.  Fearing that she might lose what she felt was her birthright; she decided to arrange for her own abduction so that a ransom could be her inheritance.  Plans sometimes go wrong … dreadfully wrong and it’s only the beginning. The beginning of a new wonderful series of bondage and submission by our best-selling author Valentine Adams!

Amos Lassen Likes Technorotica: Stories Shattering the Ultimate Taboo

Here's a very nice treat: a fantastic review of M.Christian's Technorotica: Stories Shattering the Ultimate Taboo by the always awesome Amos Lassen!

I  think of M. Christian like I think of hummus—both are acquired tastes. However, once you get to liking either, you just can’t get enough. As prolific a writer as Christian is, I never get quite enough. He is erotic and futuristic and has a sardonic sense of humor, However, above everything else, he goes where few dasn’t. In this anthology, Christian takes a step into the future and writes about bondage, fetishes, science fiction, and sex with robots and so on. In fact, we are taught by robots how to be great lovers. I suppose you could label this man/machine erotica as Christians unites sex and technology and there is a lot of Christian trademark kink. This is most definitely not your “everyday” read. 
Eleven stories are sandwiched between the introduction, “Welcome to the World of Tomorrow” and the afterword, “Do You Know Where Your Children Will Be”? All of the stories are excellent but the one that stands out for me in “Blow Up” and that is all I am going to say. If you want to know why it is so special, you will have to get a copy of the book. Christian writes what I call literary erotica. He manages to infuse good writing with lots of sex and the result is almost a new genre. He is, however, the most difficult author to review because it is so easy to give away plots when discussing his writing. Therefore all I can say is for you to get a copy, clear an afternoon sit in the recliner with your feet up and the book open and enjoy every word. 
“M. Christian is one hell of a writer. A no-holds-barred storyteller, he embraces his reader at the start and doesn’t let go until long after the end.” -Mari Adkins. “M. Christian’s stories squat at the intersection of Primal Urges Avenue and Hi-Tech Parkway … feral-eyed, half-naked … Truly an author for our post-everything 21st century.” – Paul Di Filippo, author The Steampunk Trilogy.

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We want to sincerely apologize to all our colleagues who publish bondage ebooks. Last week our Sizzer Editions/Submission titles dominated the Fictionwise Top 25 Bestseller Erotic BDSM list with seven titles (or nearly one third) in place. We didn't mean to do it again this week, honest. In the first place, for the second week, not surprisingly considering his popularity, is a Powerone title. But here are the rankings.

A big congratulations to these authors, and all the authors and artists who have helped make Sizzler Editions/Submission such a success over the past decade.

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Technorotica: Stories Shattering the Ultimate Taboo - In Print

Here's a bit of extra-extra-extra-special news for fans of M.Christian!  Renaissance/Sizzler has just released, through our Eros Editions imprint of printed books, a brand new compendium of two of his acclaimed techno/science fiction focused ebooks: Better Than The Real Thing: Technorotica and Rude Mechanicals: Technorotica.

But it gets better!  Now only is Technorotica: Stories Shattering the Ultimate Taboo a print edition of these two ebooks but there is extra-added content only available in this special release!

“Love with robots will be as normal as love with other humans, while the number of sexual acts and lovemaking positions commonly practiced between humans will be extended, as robots teach more than is in all of the world’s published sex manuals combined.” -computer pioneer David Levy, in Love and Sex With Robots
Bondage, science fiction, fetishism, real realities and virtual realities collide in this unique collection by one of the most popular authors of erotica … ever!  
In the enigmatic M. Christian’s kinky new collection, two great things – technology and sex – go even better together! 
Welcome to Technorotica: a giant-sized collection of human-machine erotica. You’ll find everything from sexy robots to virtual reality lovers, from shameless science fiction to contemporary explorations of technology’s impact on our sex lives and our sexuality. Headlining this stellar collection are two unforgettable novellas: In “Hot Definition,” the story of a future just around our corner, Neko experiences the ultimate domination in a way she never expected; in “Speaking Parts,” two lovers, one with a camera-shutter eye, come together in a scorching, obsessive relationship that takes them both to the limits of sexuality – and beyond. Plus ten more provocative stories of sex and technosex. 
Blow Up" alone makes it worth buying I highly recommend this book.” -Fire Pages. 
M. Christian is one hell of a writer. A no-holds-barred storyteller, he embraces his reader at the start and doesn’t let go until long after the end. -Mari Adkins. 
M. Christian’s stories squat at the intersection of Primal Urges Avenue and Hi-Tech Parkway … feral-eyed, half-naked … Truly an author for our post-everything 21st century. -Paul Di Filippo, author The Steampunk Trilogy 
Fantasist, futurist, eroticist, satirist, humorist, dentist drilling deep into the nerves of the here and now ... M. Christian wears a lot of hats in this multifaceted collection, and they're all a splendid fit. - Brian Hodge, author of Mad Dogs and Lies & Ugliness

M. Christian is a chimera, an amazing combination of tour guide and magician. Whether he's writing science fiction, horror or erotica, he can take you to places you've never imagined, show you sights no-one else will get to see, introduce you to some fascinating people, and guarantee that the trip will be memorable from start to finish. Buy a ticket and fasten your seat belt: you're in for a wild ride! - Stephen Dedman is the author of The Art of Arrow Cutting, and Shadows Bite

M. Christian's imagination and writing talent never cease to amaze me. Both are limitless and his stories can be addictive. - Cecilia Tan, author of Mind Games, White Flames, and The Velderet

Cover art: Jade
Book design: Frankie Hill
Publication date: 4/03/2012
Pages: 170
List price: $15.99

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Amos Lassen Likes Times Square Queer by Mykola Dementiuk

Check out this wonderful review by Amos Lassen for Mykola Dementiuk's brand new special edition book Times Square Queer: Tales of Bad Boys in the Big Apple!

Thanks, Amos ... and thank you, Mykola, for such a fantastic book!

Everyone has heard of Times Square and any of us have heard the stories of what used to go on there before it was cleaned up and “de-sexed”. Dementiuk provides stories about Times Square for all of us but I like to think that they really are for those who never knew the “old Times Square”. In the 1960’s it was all about sex, drugs, hustlers and prostitution with its seedy alleys and theatres. There are many that came of age there and probably even more that had their first sexual experience there and/or came out there as gay. 
Seventeen stories comprise the volume and this is the first time that they appear in print. “Sixteen were published individually on the web as short ebooks; “Missy the Sissy” has never appeared anywhere before. Included are: “On the Prowl,” “Times Square Cutie,” “Eighteen Today.” “Trio At the Movies,” “Love for Sale” and a dozen others”. For me, however, as well written and moving the stories are, the most important thing this book does is give us Dementiuk’s introduction. Dementiuk is a powerful writer and he has come to be known as the “poet of Times Square”. He is also one of the most creative voices in LGBT literature and a former Lambda Literary Award winner. The introduction is personal and even if you do not know the author personally, you will feel that you do after reading what he has to say. That honest voice is a rarity in literature these days and is so very welcome. When Times Square was at its sexual height, it became a Mecca for gay men searching for quick sex. The times were hard but to feel better all one had to do was to make sure he had cash before venturing to the “financial district”, a term that has become synonymous with the places we go to pay for sex. This sex was impersonal and far from being perfect but it was instant and with no strings. Dementiuk has the ability to write some real gritty stories while maintaining his distance from the arena of activity. The personal becomes impersonal as we realize that we are not in Times Square as we read but rather we are looking at it. 
I became a fan of the writer just a few years ago and I always look to see if something new is coming out. That “new” is Dementiuk’s gift to us so that we can never forget how it once was.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BDSM Reviews Likes FemDom Forever by M.J. Rennie

Great news for fans of the amazing work of M.J. Rennie - and we know there are a lot of you because he's an amazing writer - his FemDom Forever just got a rave review from BDSM Reviews!  Check it out:

Story rating: 4 out of 5 paddles 
Sting factor (kink): 4 out of 5 
Femdom stories are few and far between.  Many of the femdom stories I’ve read contain a cruel uncaring Domme and a wimpy male slave.  Many times the male slave is treated in a manner which is impalpable to me.  There seems to be a certain lack of love between the two.  I am pleasantly surprised and pleased in FEMDOM FOREVER, this is not the case. 
This volume one contained one main story and excerpts of several other works by M.J. Rennie.  The main story is titled PERMISSION.  In this story, Mark becomes the husband of Darlene.  Darlene is a sexually aware woman who knows what she wants and lustfully trains Mark to give it to her.  The training of Mark blew my mind.  The sensuality of it plus the possibilities of sexual delight made me very envious of Darlene.  It also makes me question, is this really possible in reality?  Can a man be trained to come on command as it is described in this book?  Can male multiple orgasms really exist?  More importantly, where do I buy one of these “Mama san” chairs? 
The sexual interludes in this story are hot.  I stayed in a constant state of arousal and desperately wanted to jump my spouse as soon as I finished the book.  The loving D/s between Darlene and Mark is something I’d desire my marriage to become.  In my case, I’d like to be the “Mark” in the D/s relationship. 
I want to specifically mention the writing style of author Rennie.  It is refreshing well done.  The story line flowed.  The plot was simple yet captivating.  The level of writing is such I haven’t seen in a long time.  It reminds me of the British erotic novels I used to purchase back in the early 2000s.  The vocabulary and overall tightness of the storyline feels more like a contemporary literary novel rather than a fluffy mind candy read.  It isn’t often I find an erotic author who writes in literary style.  M.J. Rennie is now on my short list of “must read” authors. 
The remaining sections of this book were an excerpt of M.J. Rennie’s other books.  These tasty tidbits were enough to send me on a buying splurge.  I recommend this book to BDSM readers who want a loving TPE exchange with the woman in control.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Times Square Queer excerpt by Mykola Dementiuk

Here's a very tempting/teasing treat from Mykola Dementiuk's brand new Sizzler/Eros Edition's release, Times Square Queer - compliments of the great Gay/Lesbian Fiction Excerpts site:

Times Square Queer is a landmark book - the first print publication of seventeen stories by Mykola Dementiuk, one of the most distinctive voices in queer literature. Sixteen were published individually on the web as short ebooks; “Missy the Sissy” has never appeared anywhere before. Included are: “On The Prowl,” “Times Square Cutie,” “Eighteen Today,” “Trio At The Movies,” “Love For Sale” and a dozen others.

Times Square Queer also features a moving and penetrating personal introduction about growing up queer in the 1960s amid the sleazy porn theaters and bars crowding Times Square that had become a gay mecca.

Times Square Queer
Renaissance eBooks (February 2, 2012)
ISBN: 9781615084548


He kept trailing her up Broadway and hoping she would turn down a side street, away from the crowds so he could approach and smile and start a conversation. But she continued walking uptown, seemingly oblivious of the bemused staring pedestrians, some gaping in disbelief, others smirking and whistling, and still others taunting and threatening to turn her into a real woman.

It was Friday night and the streets were crowded with revelers and thrill-seekers, the bars and clubs interspersed amid the movie theaters along the avenue all brightly lit, enticing and tempting with loud music pulsing from jukeboxes or live bands playing inside. At most of the establishments tough-looking men stood beckoning to the milling curious passersby, chanting, "No Cover! No Cover!" and gesturing to the photo-plastered doorways around them with provocative pictures of half-naked models pouting out from behind shiny protective glass and offering unimaginable thrills from their seductive and tempting well-studied poses.

He had first spotted her as he had just exited one such No Cover club and stood grimacing at the photos in the doorway. There was nothing like that inside, he wanted to complain to the No Cover man – just a skinny sag-titted woman who had clumsily crawled up on the bar, danced past a few drinkers hungrily gaping up at her G-string and as much as she tried to coordinate the long tassels covering her nipples to sway rhythmically with the music, only succeeded in awkwardly flapping her saggy breasts against each other and tangling the long tassels of one nipple in the studded rhinestone pastie of the other.

No, nothing like the pictures at all, he grimaced, and heard some whistles and laughter and turned and saw her coming up the avenue. She was tall and her body was large and solid and she wore a strange furry and feathery vest which only accentuated her broad shoulders yet covered and concealed whatever bosom she had molded underneath. Her tight red pants, slightly sagging and loose around the hips, did not have the natural fleshy show-off roundness and buoyancy one expected of a woman parading Times Square, but she made up for it by the over-exaggerated swagger of her flat limp ass and her loud clicking high-heels as she moved confidently through the noisy Friday night crowd.

Her ashy blonde-streaked hair was puffed up in an out-of-style beehive roost and her long jingling show-girl earrings, more common in a chorus line or in the come-on doorway photos, dangled from her ears and struck the sides of her face as she confidently pushed into the crowd, certain a gauntlet would open and a path would be cleared no matter how dense that crowd might be.

At times her long gait briefly faltered as she lost rhythm with her ungainly swaying, one foot falling too quickly onto the concrete, her ankle sagging and twisting in the overstrained high-heeled shoe, but she always recovered and pulled her vest tighter around her bosom and sped up the street, her heels scratching and scraping the hard asphalt beneath them.

She neared the girlie-covered doorway and he gaped at her heavily made-up face: thick rouge, lipstick and eyeliner, and all applied with detailed care and precision – yet he noticed at the side of her throat the line of makeup, perhaps through oversight or a smudged mirror, ended abruptly and did not blend naturally into the neck, clearly revealing the red pock-marks and bright seared blotches of recently shaved stubble.

"Getta loada this!" he heard the No Cover man laugh. But he had already noticed; for she swayed up the avenue seeming to disregard the gawking and staring and hooting that circled about her, her cock and balls had somehow stealthily eased themselves free of whatever panty or girdle she wore to keep them in place between her legs and fell down the side of her inner thigh, suspended and outlined in her bright red pants in a large and puffy unmistakable numeral 9. He saw this and open-mouthed watched her pass by, then stepped out of the doorway and began his pursuit of her.

"No Cover!" he heard the man call behind him and gesturing to the milling crowd. "No Cover, gents! Real live beautiful girls right up the stairs. No Cover! No Cover!"

She moved quickly through the crowd up the avenue, crossing streets and for a moment he thought he had lost her somewhere uptown but brightened and sped up as he spotted the top of her beehive bob across the street and continue up Broadway.

The crowds had thinned somewhat – most of the excitement being closer to 42nd street – but her swish and sway remained as exaggerated as before with heads continuing to turn and smirk and call out for a real good time. A few times she had flushed angrily from some malicious taunt, turning to confront her tormentor but his face always gelled in the safety with other conspiratorially smirking faces and she'd end up simply fluttering her long black lashes, pouting her bright red lips, and wiggling her flat red ass up the street, followed by even louder raucous hooting and taunting.

It was Friday night and for decades this area of peepshows and dirty movies, loud bars and dangerous side streets, was synonymous with sex and cheap thrills. It was the place to come to get laid or blown or even watch a skin-flick while jerking yourself off. The purpose and logic, the thrill and enticement of the area was just that: sex, cheap and dirty and quick. On any night, the street scene was often the same: a red-faced geezer hurrying towards some dark sidestreet hallway with a young boy trailing behind him; nervous men in business suits skulking into dirty-movie houses or speeding out of porno bookshops with magazine-crammed paper bags tucked under their arms; ragged old whores roosting atop garbage cans and displaying flabby tits and busted-toothed grins to cars and passersby and sometimes actually negotiating a price with them. On the street, a young boy could lose his virginity to a manipulative wasted cunt as easily as to a scheming diseased dick up his ass. You took your chances when you got to Times Square, and you got what paid for; and more often then not, it was exactly what you were after anyway.

He followed the woman across a street and saw her pausing in the middle of the clock to gaze at a mirrored doorway covered with photos of half-naked girls, just as the one he had stepped out of in pursuit of her. This far from 42nd Street there wasn't even a No Cover man outside, just a bold pink-lettered poster hanging above the photos: Girls-Girls-Girls-No Cover!

He came closer and saw her preening in a slither of mirrored glass around the girlie photos. She puffed up the sides of her hair and flicked her tongue around her bright red lips. He paused behind her as she opened her vest, sucked in her pot belly, and thrust out her unbalanced and knobby bulging blue knit-bloused bosom. She saw his smiling image in the mirror and darted her eyes down his reflection, suddenly gasping and staring at her own bulging crotch; a deep red flush raced up her neck to her jaw and cheeks and nose and she wrapped the furry vest across her chest, quickly turning and racing up the avenue, her gait no longer an exaggerated show-off swagger but a rapid and purposeful flight.

He frowned and looked after her, his own hard penis tightening and pulsing at the side of his own inner thigh. Certainly she didn't think she had tricked anyone with her makeup and hairdo? Certainly she didn't imagine that earrings and high-heels were all that it took to pass as a woman? Yet the image of appearing as a woman was indeed what had mattered, what she had strived for, what she had probably spent hours preening and dolling herself for, what she had dared to risk insult and ridicule, and possibly injury for, only to see that imagined female image shattered by an intrusive pair of male genitalia, her own cock and balls.

Still, hadn't she felt them creeping out of her panties and down her leg? Or had the masquerade been so successful, as least in her mind, and the image so complete that the pleasant oozing of bulbous flesh at the bottom of her groin was experienced as a sort of divine female orgasm?

He watched the blur of her red ass and legs turn off the avenue, racing after her to the corner and saw her entering a side-street building. He darted again and reached the doorway just as the door slammed shut behind her. He paused, peering through the portioned glass door and saw her stooped over, tugging at the inside of her pants leg.

He pushed the door open and entered the hall. She jerked around and pulled her hand out of her pants, stared at him, her mouth open, her eyes wide. He smiled and walked towards her as she braced her back to a wall and eyed him warily.

For a moment they looked at each other when suddenly he reached out and grabbed her between the legs and squeezed her cock. She jerked aside, pushed his hand off but he quickly maneuvered behind her, dipping his hand under her ass and straining to reach the puffy cock and balls from beneath. She slightly sagged and lowered her torso, then spun around, leaning back against the wall.

"Where did you come from?" she blinked, and raised her hands to his chest. He bobbed his head and kissed her mouth, their tongues darting against each other, their teeth clicking. She circled her hands under his arms and clutched his shoulders, raising her leg up his calf and clasped him tightly to her. She pounded her groin against his thigh and he groped and squeezed her cock, feeling her torso grind faster and faster until she desperately buckled and shivered as he held on, his tongue deep in her mouth, her semen oozing out of her dick and spreading through her pants and into his palm. She buckled a few more times, then sagged down his chest and pulled her mouth off his, gasping and smearing her lipstick from his mouth to his cheeks to his throat, nibbling and kissing and sucking his neck. Slowly, she relaxed, regaining her breathing, dropping her leg off his calf and straightened up and pushing him away.

"Boy was I hot!" she blushed, and glanced down her pants and grimaced. The large wet semen stain had quickly spread at the thigh of her red pants. She cursed and said, "What'll I do now?" She brushed at the edges of the dark wet stain. A fat thick globule of pasty scum shimmered in the center of the expanding stain. He reached out and cupped her moist cock and balls and she stiffened, sucking in air, then pushing his hand away, giggling as he raised it to his face and rubbed the damp palm against his mouth and jaw.

"Oh, stop it," she said, slapping his wrist. He grabbed her hand and their fingers entwined. They looked at each other and he tried to pull her hand towards his own hard crotch but she wriggled her fingers free and glanced down at her thigh and grimaced.

"I have to do something," she said, "I can't go back out like this."

He nodded and looked at the glass covered doorway then moved around her, blocking her from view of the outside and reached for her waist. She pulled away but he persisted, stooping down and said, "I'll fix it," and fumbled for her side pants button. She peered over his shoulders at the door then let him unsnap the button and slide down the zipper and open the pants at the side of her hip. He reached down her belly and into her pants. She gasped as his fingers caressed her warm damp flesh and soft panty girdle. He wriggled his fingers in between her stomach and girdle, maneuvering them down to the crinkly pubic hairs at her groin. Her fleshy stomach quivered but she held onto his shoulders as his fingers inched deeper and deeper, groping out of the girdle and leg-hole then sliding down her thigh and grasping her wet cock and balls. He heard her suck in air and gasp as he tenderly pulled up her bollocks, retrieving them back into the panty girdle.

She shifted her weight and leaned on the wall, opening her legs as he gently positioned the sticky wet dick beneath the loose scrotum, pushing it in between her thighs, the head of the penis cuddled by her clammy and hairy flat ass cheeks. He tweaked each tight little testicle on the side of the limp prick, then slowly and carefully moved his hand up from between her legs and up her belly, as the restraining panty girdle closed firmly behind him.

For a moment he hesitated, his thumb circling and probing her belly button and gazing at her wide eyes, then reluctantly moving his hand out of her pants. She faintly smiled and kissed his cheek and let go of his shoulders, tucking her blouse in her pants and tugging up the pants zipper, looping the button shut at the side of her waist. She puffed up the bottoms of her phony breasts with the back of her hands and leered, blinking at him.

"Thanks," she mumbled, and he blushed, but she reached up to his face and smudged the lipstick smear on his cheek and neck. He glanced at her red-daubed finger-tips and tried to catch them with his mouth but she also giggled and jerked her hand away. He pulled out a handkerchief and she took it from him, wiping his face and throat.

"Oh look what I did," she girlishly pouted. "A hickey!" And he reached up and hesitantly touched his lipstick smeared throat and looked at his fingers. "Will you give me one too?" she leered, and fluttered her eyelashes, as he opened his mouth and licked her lipstick off his fingers, then bobbed his head to her neck but she giggled and braced her hands atop his chest and pushed him away.

"Later," she said, and held out his handkerchief. "First buy me a drink, okay?"

He nodded and looked to the door, wiping his neck with the stained handkerchief and cramming it back in his pocket. "Sure, let's go."

She looked at the door and frowned, then forced a smile and asked, "How do I look?"

"Beautiful," he answered, and moved for a kiss, but she giggled and sidestepped around him, darting her tongue along her mouth.

"Lipstick okay?" she asked. He nodded, as she smirked and they walked to the door. He pulled it open and saw her glancing down her groin; the stain was dark but seemed to be blending into a natural shadowed highlight on the bright red pants.

"There's a bar down the block," he said, but she grunted and placed her arm in the crook of his elbow, pulling him out of the building hallway.

"This way," she said, and led him back up to Broadway. Her sway and swagger quickly returned, her hips spinning from side to side and he fell in rhythmic step with her as she parted her furry vest and tightened her belly and thrust out her lopsided bosom. They rounded the corner and she pulled his arm closer as they moved towards the crowds and walked to 42nd Street.

He saw someone smirk and poke at the person beside them but he stared straight ahead at the Broadway lights.

"No Cover!" he heard a man yell, pulling her hand tighter to his chest and concentrated on her clicking and scraping heels fall in step with his own. He knew his stiff dick was pushing out at the front of his pants; he wondered if hers had stayed put. He heard someone laugh. He didn't care. He walked confidently.

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Out Now: The Queen And I - Lesbian Romance By Treya Douglas

At turns touching as well as wildly sexual, this new book by Treya Douglas is a sure thing for fans of well-written erotica: The Queen And I - Lesbian Romance 

Anything can happen to a lonely lesbian in California. And it does in this enthralling romantic tale. The Queen and I is a timely novella of “love at first sight,” a lesbian love story filled with passion, understanding and respect, with twists and turns and the alarming aspects of love in the lives of two diverse women caught up in intrigue and mystery. Written in the first person, it's like you are there, witnessing every loving moment and frightening complication encountered by the couple. Ash is a very outgoing and wealthy lesbian film star who instantly falls in love with a very beautiful woman she spies one day. The beautiful woman is a remarkable artist caught up in a terrifying life-changing event. Together they become bound by love to overcome the obstacles that block their happiness.

Out Now: Prisoner Of Darkhaven By Emma Paul

Emma Paul can do is all!  From creating a well-created fantasy world to telling an  outrageously sexy tale, Prisoner Of Darkhaven is perfect!

Will the power of Damien and Elise's love be enough to stop an evil schemer from from conquering both Earth and Hell? For reasons of his own, the wicked Grand Duke DeMumart has selected Elise to be the King's bride. But first, Elise, a poor miller’s daughter, must prove her worth to the King by living up to her father's boasts and performing a number of impossible tasks, including spinning straw into gold. If she fails, she dies. Meanwhile Elise’s father seeks the help of the legendary Lord Damien Dontaleone of Darkhaven castle. Rumored to be a demon, Damien has been cursed by another demon to remain behind the walls of Darkhaven castle for eternity, unless he can say the True name of the demon that cursed him. Unfortunately, part of the curse is that he is unable to speak the name let alone remember it. At first Damien reject’s the Millers request. Then he catches a glimpse Elise is intrigued by her. He summons her to him and gives her the power to complete all the tasks Duke DeMumart sets for her. With each new task, Damien and Elise begin to realize that there is much more between them then a simple bargain. In return, she must submit to bondage and become Damien's sexual slave. Elise, although frightened of Damien at first, begins to see the tortured soul beneath his tough exterior. For the first time in centuries, Damien has hope that with Elise’s help he might finally break the curse. Elise and Damien soon hat DeMumart plans on overthrowing Hell with his army of demon-possessed humans and killing Lucien, the ruler of Hell and all the nether-realms, who happens to be Damien’s father. Will the power of Damien and Elise's love be enough to break the curse and stop DeMumart?

Out Now: Prince Of The Universe By Gianna Simone

Here's a fantastic erotic tale by Gianna Simone that's all-but guaranteed to satisfy both your desire for a well-written erotica but also fine fantasy fiction: Prince Of The Universe by Gianna Simone

Merry Alexander found sanctuary in western Pennsylvania from a dangerous former lover, who turned out to be an alien from another planet. Prince Vega of Aldarra has spent several years journeying across the universe, fleeing the enemy who killed his father and invaded and conquered his planet. In the final stages of his plans to return and take back his home, Vega lands on Earth.  
Merry's solitude and fragile sense of safety are shattered when another alien, Prince Vega, walks into her country store.  At first terrified, Merry soon finds herself attracted to the arrogant and sexy alien demanding her assistance. She realizes her enemy and Vega's are the same, and can't refuse the prince's request for help. Yet, when Vega goes so far as to claim her as his mate, she is determined to resist. Soon, she finds herself torn between wanting Vega out of her safe and quiet life and the desire to go to Aldarra and submit to him as his queen. But first, the battle of their lives looms ahead.

Out Now: Payback House By Emy Naso

There is simply no one better at writing romantic BDSM fiction than Emy Naso, and this new book will show you why: Payback House 

A group of strangers trapped in a weird house of sensual demands. Each one of the party has guilt, must accept their built, and then pay for it sexually. iHeld prisoners, they must perform to the sensual mind music played by their unseen host. Again master explorer of the sensuality of bondage and submission, Emy Naso, spins an erotically intriguing tale. Payback House is a strange, compelling and addictive novel.

Out Now: Space Angels #3: Breeding Grounds by Rex Morgenthal

Here's a outer-than-outer-space romp sure to delight fans of both BDSM erotica and rollicking space adventures: Space Angels #3: Breeding Grounds by Rex Morgenthal

This third installment of Rex Morgenthal´s saucy bdsm sci-fi series takes a decidedly more romantic turn as the bodacious captives from Earth find themselves marooned on an alien world. Together with their fellow prisoner and sometime boy-toy Terry Benson, our heroines must try and survive the rigors of a hostile new planet, all the while eluding the diabolical MFs, the alien race that tried to enslave them in the first place. Separated from her companions, Terry´s old flame, small-town girl Emily Hauer, finds herself falling for the seductive charms of a captivating and physically beautiful newcomer. Calling himself Manfred, he tells Emily he has been waiting for her for centuries. But is he alien or human? Manfred claims his only desire is to serve her every want and need - but soon Emily begins to suspect there could be a darker purpose to Manfred´s unwavering devotion. Die-hards for the original books will be well-satisfied: expect to find the usual menacing mechanized alien predators, mutant carnivores, blindly obedient sex-bots, and the return of a whimsical and mischievous artificial intelligence that fans of the series will remember well. Gear up for a thrilling ride as the Space Angels embark on another wild journey into the unknown.  The Space Angels saga continues with its rollicking tale of bondage, science fiction and sensuality!

Out Now: The Painted Doll By M. Christian

No one can write erotica like our very own M. Christian - and when he turns his considerably sexy imagination to science fiction BDSM you know you're going to be in for quite a ride.   We are pleased to present M.Christian's The Painted Doll 

M. Christian's claimed BDSM science fiction cyberpunk novel is back in print - a tale of futuristic sexual submission and domination! 
One of the pleasures of a dystopic future is the erotists, professionals who paint their clients' bared skin with neurochemicals that induce all forms of sensation - even pain.  Erotists offer landscapes of ecstasy, sexual extremes, joy, and delight. Few citizens can afford the skills of the talented Domino. Fewer still know her identity is but a mask.  Beneath the facade, Claire hides from a vicious crime lord who would not only kill her but her childhood lover. But the mask of Domino is beginning to crack... Strange sexual pairings and strange sexual practices highlight this futuristic noir tale, set in a wildly imaginative erotic future, exploring who we are and the sexual awakenings that occur when we become someone else. 
"M. Christian is one hell of a writer. He paints his universes and characters in full, living color, thrills the reader with non-stop action. A no-holds-barred storyteller, he embraces his reader at the start and doesn't let go until long after the end."
- Mari Adkins, Apex Publications contributing editor 
"M. Christian is the chameleon of modern erotica. One day punk, another romantic; one day straight, another totally perverse and polyamorous. But always sexy and and gripping."
- Maxim Jakubowksi is the editor of the Mammoth Book of Erotica series 
"A non-stop ride of precise prose and unexpected imagery. Painted Doll is another M. Christian gem; a seamless blend of the erotic with the darkly fantastic. Unpredictable, engaging, and an often startling read."
- Marilyn Jaye Lewis, author of Freak Parade 
"No matter how long I've been at the erotica game, M. Christian continues to surprise me. With Painted Doll, he again proves that his imagination knows no bounds. The first pages sucked me into the story, and I couldn't stop reading. Who was this woman? Who was she...really? Provocative and unique, Painted Doll is M. Christian at his finest."
- Gwen Masters, author of One Breath at a Time

Out Now: Eternal Bliss By Bonni Sansom

Now here's a real treat to fans of not just romance but steamy, thought-provoking erotica - a brand new novel by Bonni Sansom: Eternal Bliss

Being a wedding planner with altar issues isn’t exactly good for business. Laine Peyton-Stanton has everything she needs. Money to burn, a thriving wedding boutique, a five thousand square foot house to herself, but the only thing missing is the husband she was supposed to have that left her at the altar a year ago. Leary of relationships, she hesitates getting back into one. On her way to work a traffic jam forced her to take an alternate route, where she met Kyle Logan quite by accident. Great, her day just got so much better. Not. 
Minding his own business, Kyle Logan, a fire fighter for Atlanta, has no idea he’s about to meet the woman of his dreams. He’s been looking for the right woman to settle down with and hadn’t been having any luck until a woman in a Prius crashes right in front of him. She’s a bit of a bitch, but that makes the Dom in him want to tame her. He’s determined to win her over, but they don’t even know each other’s names. 
What started off as a one night stand quickly develops into something more and one broken glow-in-the-dark lollipop condom could keep them together forever, until Kyle has an accident and lands himself in a coma. Will he recover and remember Laine and what they had or will he lose her forever?  
• GOODREADS REVIEW: It has been a long time since I have stayed up reading a book until 2:30 am, but that's what happened to me while reading Eternal Bliss. with Bonni's other books, I was immediately absorbed into the story, and what a story it was! There were so many twists and turns and at times I found myself in shock and in tears along with a few laughs. How could I not love the beginning of a book that starts off with the heroine crashing(she's not seriously hurt) because she's stairing at a shirtless Kyle washing the fire truck? From there, the story was just too good to put down. 
• I know a story is good for me when I feel the ups and downs along with the hero and the heroine, or when I want to slap one of the side characters upside the head. If you are looking for a hot and sexy read that packs and emotional punch, I highly reccommend reading Eternal Bliss."

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Congratulations are in order for our author's whose books earned our titles seven places on's Top 25 Bestseller Erotic BDSM bestseller list last week - including the #1 spot. Three writers even managed to place two titles on the list, competing against their own books and winning! Here are the rankings.

And we would be remiss not to cite four more books whose authors made the top 50:

Sizzler/Submission is proud to be their publishers.

-Jean Marie Stine

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Coffee Time Romance Likes "My Love Of All That Is Bizarre: The Erotic Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes"

For all that we know about Sherlock Holmes there is much that is a complete and total mystery about him - and, as he would say himself, a that is a puzzle that should be addressed.  Is it any wonder that so many of us have scratched our much-smaller craniums and pondered his relationships, trying to use his own maxim of "when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" to peer down deep into those mysteries?  This timely collection focuses on his unmentioned private life.  In short, the great detective's amorous inclinations, the part of life Victorians were so silent on, but so profligate in its practice.  And the authors don't stop there - you will also find stories about the sexual side of other key characters who make up the canon: Irene Adler, Mrs. Hudson, Dr. Watson, and even that most infamous of villains, Professor Moriarty.  Included are many of today's most popular authors including Michael Kurland (American Book Award and the Edgar Award finalist), Angela Caperton (Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica), M. Christian (Lambda Award finalist), and such other distinguished practitioners of the short story and novelette as Cesar Sanchez Zapata, Kate Lear, Wade Heaton, Dorla Moorehouse, Ivo Benengeli, Billierosie, Zachary Jean, PM White, Violet Vernet.  As Holmes himself said: "The game is afoot.  Not a word! Into your clothes and come!

The Adventures of the Gentlemen Travelers
She has seen many things in her life, but the young servant girl is about to get a whole new eye opener. 
He may be exceptionally good at solving mysteries, but that is not all that interests Holmes.
The unique make-up of the house provides the young girl a particularly good vantage point to listen in and observe her favorite detective, and she settles in watch. Holmes does not disappoint when it comes to the case, but what he engages in with Watson sets her body on fire.  
We all have a little voyeur lurking under the surface, and this is just what it is looking for.  
The Many Facets of Ecstasy
Setting out to complete her mission Madame Josephine Gellizeau goes to the one man whom she knows will have the answers. The lady is and is not all that she seems, but Holmes has no doubt that he will uncover the truth. Holmes listens intently to what Ma dame Gellizeau tells him, and then he acts. Once again Watson is awed by his friend’s acuity, but this time he is also inflamed by the lengths they will go to reveal everything. Challenges and mysteries are Holmes’ forte, but this story adds a steaming hot element not to be missed. 
L’Instinct SuffitThere is more to learning a language than just memorizing the words, and for Watson, the French language is on a whole other level. 
Spending much of his youth in France, Holmes speaks the language fluently, but in the heat of the moment it comes unconsciously as well. 
He may not know exactly what Holmes is saying, but for Watson the meaning is clear, and he would not want it any other way. 
For these two men French is most certainly the language of lovers, and after this read, it may become yours as well. 
Mrs. Hudson’s LodgerTimes are hard, and Martha Hudson will have to rent out space in her home if she wishes to keep it. 
The rooms for rent are just what Holmes is looking for, but he is not so sure about the mistress of the house.  Finding suitable lodging in London is a necessity for Holmes, and he seems to have found just the place. It seems however that his and Watson’s presence is having quite an unusual effect on their hostess. 
This should serve as a warning to any lady who thinks she is past her prime. You could spontaneously combust if you do not seek release on a regular basis! 
Holmes and the Case of the Two CouplesBest friends for many years, Holmes is quite surprised by the events of one quiet evening.
It is good for a marriage to keep things interesting, and Watson has every intention of doing just that. 
Everyone has something they think that no one knows about, but with a friend like Holmes that is quite unlikely. Watson never really thought he would be on the receiving end of Holmes’ clue cracking abilities, but that is exactly where he finds himself. 
While I can say I would be rather offended if I were Watson, it just goes to show that a mind like Holmes’ never shuts off. 
Sherlock Holmes and the Curse of the MoonstoneBeing accused of stealing a valuable family jewel Lady Florence McGuire seeks out the famed investigator. Not all is exactly what it seems; of that Holmes has no doubt.
It may have been a guess on Watson’s part, but he could not be closer to truth or farther away. Watson is also introduced to a lifestyle that he had no previous notion that Holmes engaged in, and he is more than thrilled to be included. 
No one can surprise us more than our friends, and in this story Watson gets the biggest surprise of all. 
The Curious Case on Pomegranate StreetOn the search for Oscar Wilde and his wife Holmes enters into a very uncomfortable situation. 
Indulgence in anything that pleases the body and the soul is what Armen lives for.
Not since he was a young man has Holmes given in to baser desires, but now the choice is out of his hands. He journeys back in time to relive a moment of sensual delight, and awakens to find himself being reintroduced to that same feeling. 
It is so much more fun to be bad, and I love that Holmes gets to have a whole lot of fun. 
The Case of the Unnatural Natural InstinctReflecting back Holmes recalls an event he feels it is time to share with his best friend.
Watson always knew his friend had had some very interesting exploits, but this one shocks him nonetheless. 
It began with the case of a young woman searching for an unseen lover, but for Holmes to dismiss the woman without explanation confuses Watson. He gets his answer upon her departure however, and it stuns him even more.
This may all be in the name of science for Holmes, but it is a titillating and sexy read for us. 
The Picture of Oscar WildeCompletely distressed Oscar Wilde goes to a friend to help him get some answers. A few good clues lead Professor Moriarty to only one conclusion. 
The photograph is good but it has been doctored and Moriarty is pretty confident he knows the culprit. The man blackmailing him is not who Oscar first suspects, but when the evidence is laid out, the truth is revealed. 
I find this to be a much more interesting who-done-it, mainly because it puts Moriarty in a whole new light. 
The Adventure of the Empty BoxNot much captures Holmes’ interest lately that is until a very unconventional piece of technology comes to his attention. 
To get a mystery solved Annabelle King Lovelace requires an expert, and she knows just who to talk to. 
Right away Holmes is aware that not everything is on the up and up, and he sends Watson to keep a very close eye on Annabelle. In the mean time he has his own path to follow, but even he is surprised at where it all leads. 
Even the best can be caught with their pants down, and it is intriguing to see how Holmes gets out of this very sticky situation. 
The Turkish BathA nice hot bath is often a luxury not many can afford on a daily basis, but Holmes has a better idea. 
Having spent a good deal of time in the arms of his best friend and lover, Watson does not need much convincing to try out a public bath house. 
The dingy water and overly crowded public bath houses in London make it easy for Holmes to convince Watson to try out the new Turkish baths. The very private atmosphere, cleanliness, and overall ambiance of the baths lead to an extremely satisfying afternoon for both men. 
This is one very sexy, sensual, and steamy read, and you are going to love every sweaty second. 
The Curious IncidentMoriarty firmly believes in knowing his enemy, and he wants every last delicious detail.
The secrets she holds are what he is after, but will Irene Adler reveal all? 
He has the woman in his hands, and Moriarty expects to learn exactly what makes Holmes tick. He has heard rumors, but what he wants from Irene is complete and intricate accounts of the man’s dirtiest secrets. 
It is plain to see the vicarious thrill Moriarty is getting out of Irene’s tales, and I love how this one keeps you guessing the entire time. 
Friends, lovers, companions, and confidants describe the wonderfully intricate relationship between Holmes, Watson, and at times Moriarty, and each story has its own version to tell. I love the more erotic tales between these men the most, and The Turkish Bath is probably my favorite. There are also interesting little mysteries in several that will spike your curiosity from time to time. Any one of these authors are well worth the read, but put them all together, and you have a collection that is far from that stuffy English Sherlock Holmes you may have read before.