Monday, April 9, 2012

Out Now: Oh Sister, Where Art Thou? By Rory R. O'Neal

Here's a treat for those who not only love BDSM erotica but adore big beautiful women as well - a brand new book by our resident master of both, Rory R. O'Neal: Oh Sister, Where Art Thou? 

Gentle and eccentric BBW, Georgina, lives on her own in a large, derelict looking Victorian house at the end of her village.  Her long isolation is interrupted when a young man knocks on her door, having been mistakenly told that she has rooms to let.  But the persuasiveness and charm of the young man make her change her mind.  Their platonic relationship gradually changes when he develops a fascination for her voluminous, floor length hair.  After this romantic attachment has burgeoned into a relationship, Adopted Georgina learns that she has a stepsister, Aurora, that she was never told about.  When the sister pays a visit, they discover that they are nearly identical in every respect except personality.  How will her relationship with the young and impressionable Jack fare in the face of this incursion into their lives of her wealthy, worldly-wise and sophisticated Doppelganger, Aurora? A romantic and steamy BDSM by an expert in writing hotter-than-hot erotica - with an extra-added BBW bonus!

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