Monday, April 9, 2012

Out Now: Knotted Pleasure By Powerone

A real treat for discerning fans of BDSM erotica - a brand-new book by our all-time bestselling master of the genre, Powerone: Knotted Pleasure

A new masterpiece of erotic domination and control by one of the top selling authors of the genre: Powerone! Two stories, two women, different, but they find they have the same dark and forbidden desires. Do the ropes and restraints give them the excuse to indulge in acts that most women would run away from? Bound and stripped naked, no longer responsible for what would happen to them, Knotted Pleasure is their reward. Kiley finds a way to take care of her financial needs from long years at expensive universities. She meets a man who will pay for twelve hours of unrestrained pleasure from her virgin body. Sandra is caught in the political intrigue of a deposed ruler and the hatred of his people towards Americans. Can she trade her body for her freedom? Is her only ally looking out for her well-being, or is he like the others, only interested in knotted pleasures?

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