Monday, April 16, 2012

Out Now: Blood In The Moon [Book 1: Awakenings] By Lady Blade

A brand-new series by one of one best-selling, and well-respected erotic authors, promises to have everything that you want: fantasy, BDSM, and hot erotic content.  Lady Blade's new series, Blood In The Moon [Book 1: Awakenings] is going to rock your world!

A novel of lycanthropy and bondage! Jasmine Riggs is a Pure Blood Werewolf employed by Claude Rosallano, head of one of New York's largest crime syndicates.  Sent to stop a witness who from testifying against Rosallano's  son, she meets and falls for Dillon McCardill,  member of NYPD's Special Protection Unit, tasked with keeping Minozzi alive until the trial. Ordered to kill Minozzi by Rosallano or be killed, Jasmin transforms into a werewolf but can't bring herself to kill three men in cold blood. When Dillon tracks her, he discovers Jasmin's kind, caring, loving and femme dom heavily into BDSM.  She keeps Dillon secured in her cabin for weeks, torturing him with sex and love, until Rosallano's men come. When Dillon is mortally wounded, Jasmine must make the worst choice she's ever had to face.  Let her love die or turn him into a lycanthrope if he can survive the change. The first book in a brand new series that's guaranteed to work for everyone interested in powerfully erotic BDSM!

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