Thursday, March 8, 2012


Author J. Heflin discusses the inspiration that led her to write The Accelerates.

I’ve always loved superheroes.

When I had the idea for The Accelerates, I was visiting an online comic forum. The discussion thread that caught my attention was for an erotica anthology. The deadline dates were looming and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to submit in time for that competition, but my mind wouldn’t let go of the thought.

“That’s something I can do,” I thought. “That’s something I’d love to do.” It wouldn’t be my first venture into writing. I’ve spent years toying with short stories for my own private enjoyment, but I’ve also written a small collection of screenplays. Some have been purchased. Others have been filmed.

There’s not necessarily any overlap between the two, but knowing that I was fully capable of completing a screenplay encouraged me to expand my horizons. I was going to write an erotica story, but where was I going to begin?

After some consideration, I decided to begin in the middle – in medias res. The lives of two women who’d already grown to love one another, but through tragedy were torn apart, began to build in my mind. As a superhero fan who’d come to be inspired by a comic forum, the story naturally progressed to the realm of superpowers.

Most interesting to me was the divide between different types of abilities possessed by the characters. What would the world see as integral? Powerful? Useless? How would they view themselves and their roles in the universe?

Exploring these ideas, I built a foundation in which the two central characters lived, loved, and lost.

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