Friday, March 23, 2012

Sex is so much fun. - PM White

That's the mantra most erotic writers use when pecking away on a keyboard. For me, that's not the sexy part, but it is the necessary part. There is a disconnect between the image of an author and what an author really does. By simple examination, authors are typically hunched over a computer with a cup of coffee nearby. Some may swap the coffee for booze. While I may look that way by outside appearance, inside my head I'm turning tricks. Other times I am simply transcribing hot dreams that I have already written in my brain, but failed to put on a doc file.

Ideas for stories come when you least expect them of course: while in the shower, in the car, or at a poetry slam in Sedona, Arizona. The latter is where I got the inspiration for my short story “More.”

It might have had something to do with the Crown Royal in the coffee I brought to the slam, but as I enjoyed the show my thoughts quickly turned naughty. I kept eyeballing two of the poets on stage, one in particular, and began to fantasize about the woman. I explored her body in my mind and tickled my imagination for scenarios that would make my heart race. Some of those turned up in the short story. That lusty slam served as the catalyst for the story I would right later.

It proves how sex can be an adventure, even if just on one's own mind. And for an erotic writer, a lusty sexual appetite is just as important as the words they produce.

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  1. Yes! A dirty mind and an over active imagination certainly helps -- and a wicked sense of humour, which I know you have in bucket loads!!