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Review: Under Bonded Contract - From Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Fire and Ice combine in Under Bonded Contract by Lani Rhea. It contains two stubborn real estate agents with enough chemistry to melt your socks off. Now with a few bets between them, a trip to an erotic hotel, and a whole lot of foreplay used, this couple needs to decide whether or not they are going to become business partners, or something much more.
A competition spirals into a tantalizing game of bondage and seduction… Camri Burns, an ambitious real-estate agent, blindsides the rival she's secretly desired for a long time. When she's offered an all-expenses-paid trip, opportunity opens the playing field. As the biggest earner with the most notches on his bedpost, too-sexy Jackson Pratt is determined the redheaded beauty won't prevail. When the two-some enter into a partnership, they must distract each other in order to win. After Jackson took credit on a past partnership, Camri isn't letting him off the hook. In order to ultimately succeed, they'll need to follow the rules of Under Bonded Contract. Soon she is tied in his presence. Is it love, or simply a game of sex?
Camri Burns hasn't had sex in a year, not since she succumbed to the passion that burned between her and fellow real estate agent Jackson Pratt. But after a deal she thought they shared turned sour and he stabbed her in the back with his betrayal, she can't seem to give her heart, or her body to another man. He's truly ruined her chances at happiness. Then one day the unthinkable happens, and Jackson approaches her with another deal, one that would make her a whole lot of money. She's tempted with a capital T, but trusting him again would mean giving him another piece of her heart, and she's not sure she can do that. What she can do though is tease him, and make him beg for her body because if there's one thing she knows, it's that Jackson always thinks with more than one head.

Jackson can't help but want Camri's forgiveness. He knows he screwed up before, and he finally realizes that he can't live without her in his life anymore. The only thing he can come up with to solve this problem is to coerce her into signing a bonded contract. Sure the paper states the straight business end of the deal, but little does Camri know that the further the contract reads, the further away from business it strays. Jackson convinces her though that everything is by the book and there is no need to read the entire thing. She signs it of course, even though trusting Jackson is something she finds extremely hard to do. He does end up telling her after a short while what else is now expected of her, and this creates a very ticked off, but secretly very eager, Camri. Since the hotel they will be working for is an erotic retreat, she must experience it in all it's glory, and she must be with only Jackson during her stay. In simple terms, she has to explore her deepest sexual fantasies along with experiencing the true meaning during their upcoming stay.

It's now or never for this couple, and if they don't decide what they want soon, they may just combust from built-up sexual frustration.

I absolutely loved these two characters. They were written with such a passionate flair, and I felt as though their chemistry was off the charts hot! Jackson was a completely luscious alpha male. He loved to be in control, but yet, he always made sure that everything was done and special for the sake of Camri.

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