Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Out Now: The Primrose Path By Rory R. O'Neal

Here's a wonderful new treat for the many fans of Rory R. O'Neal: a brand new novel by our resident master of male dom erotica: The Primrose Path 

Muriel is twenty something, buxom and plain.   Then, one afternoon she is embarrassed by some verbal teasing from a new and particularly aggressive customer, Warren, a local businessman, and is annoyed when he returns for more of the same. Furious at her inability to enjoy his sense of humor, Warren promises himself  to teach the “snotty bitch” lesson.  Pretending to be sincerely sorry, he persuades Muriel to accept an invitation to dinner and gets her drunk on champagne.  However, when he takes her back to his place and her extreme shyness is overcome by alcohol, he finds that he has unleashed a thirst for bondage no one suspected, least of all Muriel herself. Warren takes advantage of her need to submit to strong men's will to lead her down the Primrose Path to her own personal hell. Sold to Warren's friends she finds herself a helpless slave. Only one man sees the true Muriel and what a beautiful person she is. But Murial has disappeared. Can he possibly find and rescue her before she vanishes forever? Here is an erotic adventure like no other - a tale of sensuality, submission and taboos!

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