Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out Now: Petslaves [Role Play Stories] By N. T. Morley

Woof!  Woof!  Here's a fantastically kinky collection of animal (and more) role play stories by N. T. Morley: Petslaves [Role Play Stories] 

From the acclaimed N.T. Morley, author of The Adulteress and The Castle Trilogy, comes an exploration of some of the most audacious fantasies in bondage, domination, and submission. Petslaves collects tales of "women who serve on all fours" -- animal role play scenarios in which human females willingly serve as dogslaves, dairy cows, and even a kittyslave. Required by their Dominant Men to assume the roles of pets and livestock, these women reach the extreme depths of submission, feeling the overwhelming pleasure that comes with giving up the responsibilities of humanity. These nine stories feature a variety of animal role play fantasies. There are "dogslaves" in dog-roleplay scenarios ("Good Doggy," "Pepper," "The Doghouse," "Leon's Dogslave," and "Crystal's New Pet,"), even a playful woman who surprises her boyfriend by dressing up as a kitty -- with claws! – and others. Unquestionably N.T. Morley's most ambitious work yet, Petslaves offers a glimpse into the delicious world of extreme domination/submission role play carried to the extremes of mind-boggling pleasure! There is simply no one better at writing fiction with an edge of taboo - aad this new collection proves that!

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