Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The First Moments - Guest Post by Gianna Simone

They say first impressions are usually right – those initial reactions are based on instinct. But what about other first moments that pass between two people who have already moved past the first impression stage? There are still so many firsts, and many of them are driven by instinct.

The moment the heroine looks at the hero she's been drooling over (but cleverly hiding her attraction beneath a cool façade) and his smoldering expression lets her know he returns the sentiment. The instant encompasses a range of emotions, all at the same time - sweet, sexy, exhilarating. The moment is hot, yet also draws shivers.

That flash of recognition leads directly into the first moment when all of the daisies-and-picnics imaginings are now replaced, even shattered, by raw reality. Now the emotions are intense, electric, and maybe a little scary, too. The reality doesn't come close to those now-tame fanciful imaginings. In the wake of that perception, reality is a certainty that this moment is even better than the dreams!

There's the flare of awareness that comes when the hero learns his dream girl is not at all freaked out by his preferences – whatever they may be. That insight spurs similar, yet different, emotions. Excitement, relief, and of course, passion and heat.

The moment when the heroine's insecurities threaten to ruin everything - but the hero lets her know he finds her beautiful, no matter her shape, or size. He builds her confidence back up, and the fire between them grows even hotter.

Those are some of the moments I tried to capture in Fantasy Unbound. Emily has had it bad for Devon for quite some time, and thanks to outside circumstances, finally learns he has it just as bad for her. She's excited, but also a little afraid. Now that the moment has come, can she let her guard down with him? Devon, for his own part, has similar worries, but for different reasons. He's a dom, and doesn't know how Emily will handle that.

That is the raw reality that shatters the romantic daydreams – Devon wants her but on his terms, which leaves him in control and Emily tied up! But in place of those now-defunct fantasies comes desire and passion and heat that Emily never imagined. Something she thought of as interesting, but too scary to indulge in, has now become something decadently wicked and sexy with Devon. The maelstrom of emotions spurs her to take the ride Devon is offering.

Every relationship has those moments, in varying degrees. As they pass, they seem to last forever, and at the same time, speed by so fast you fear you'll never recall them with clarity again. And yet, the rush of discovery that occurs at each of these moments makes them remain sharp and clear for years to come and through all of the other first moments to follow.

Gianna's story "Fantasy Unbound" appears in Bound for Love - Available at Sizzler Editions


  1. HI G! I cannot wait to read this book! It looks SO good and you are such a talented writer. Really loved the post!

  2. Hope this story does well and enjoyed reading the post again.