Monday, March 19, 2012

Bound for Love - Marge T. Feltcher's Guest Post

Whether I’m writing erotic or ‘everyday’ fiction, I’m always more interested in people than in what happens to them. Whatever happens – if they get bitten by a dog, for example, it’s the response of the person who’s been bitten that I write about. I try to get inside their heads; to understand how and what they think and feel, to write about how experience changes them; whether they come out of an event damaged or strengthened.

The idea for the story I chose to offer Sascha to include in ‘Bound for Love’ was provided by a woman in Baltimore, who’s almost ten years younger than me. She wrote to me because she’d read another of my stories on a website, and enjoyed feeling she was the main character having a life-changing adventure. She asked if I’d write a story for her, about a woman who enjoyed her precise fantasies and preferences.

Commissioned stories rarely meet the brief. Characters, once they come to life, just refuse to behave as the writer wants them to! As a writer I intensely dislike stories in which the dominant male characters always have their personal pronouns capitalised. Solomon insisted that He should be treated this way, and even though He is not telling the story, because it almost all comes from within Bryony, with odd snippets she sees later in a video made of her ‘initiation’ into public sex in very strange bondage indeed!

I always hope that the people in my stories are ‘real’. That even if the events are bizarre, they are believable, and could really happen. This particular story aims to take you inside Bryony, so that you are abducted, have no idea what is happening to you, but you trust Solomon to drive you safely through an exquisite ordeal that strengthens you; your growing love and submission. I hope you will emerge from it all feeling better about yourself.

Back in Baltimore, she enjoyed the story, but she said it was nothing like what she’d imagined. I like to give readers unimaginable pleasure.

Marge's story takes the reader on a mentally arousing journey. Buy Bound for Love to find out more!

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