Friday, March 30, 2012

Editor Sascha Illyvich at Frolicon 2012 in Atlanta, GA

On behalf of Sizzler Editions I'll be on a few panels at Frolicon 2012 as an editor and author, sharing my experiences and meeting new and old fans of Sizzler Editions erotica/erotic romance!

Friday April 6th 2012

-WriteSEX Panel at 11:45 - 1:15 with Shakir Rashaan and Nikita in BOARDROOM

We're going to break down the importance of having an author platform, understanding the market and how successful erotica writers actually think and function and how they become successful. This has been an awesome platform for me and the few truly old guard people on the WriteSEX team and while I'll be the only one there I will mention the site and those involved in the project and how it helps them out as well as serving for a central focal point for both me and writers, new and old.

4:00 - 6:00 PM Unofficial Frolicon Cigar Herf - Location TBD

That's right, a bunch of us are going to get together and have a good old fashioned Cigar Herf. Yeah I'll be out anyway smoking only the finest in cigars, but I wanted some friends, so we're organizing it outside. Come by with premium cigars, pipes, alcohol and enjoy the company of fellow brothers and sisters of the leaf!

Saturday April 7th

10:00 AM - 111:30 AM Erotica/Erotic Romance Editors Panel in CANCUN with Cecilia Tan, Trinity and Me

Some editors at some of the top erotica and erotic romance publishers are right here at Frolicon, because we're a bunch of kinky folks. Take one look at us in the dungeon and you'll probably suss out what we like. But have you ever wondered what we like IN A MANUSCRIPT? In this panel we'll tell you the ins and outs of how to submit an erotic manuscript and answer all your questions about erotic writing, breaking into the business, and the author/editor relationship. (Is the editor the dom and the writer the sub? Or is it the other way around? Hmm...)

11:45-1:15 Writing from the Male POV in CYPRUS 1 - I'm teaching!

This class focuses exclusively on learning how to write from the male point of view. Obviously, bringing our characters to life is key to keeping and gaining new readers, but what if you’re a woman who has never really been able to grasp the male mindset? Do you want to enhance, understand and craft heroes that readers will talk about? The importance of understanding the male mind in conjunction with the Heroine and her journey are imperative to any well written romance.

1:30-300 - Dom/Domme Fantasy Archetypes in BOARDROAM with Ceclia Tan Lord Cailleach, Angelina Sparrow, Shakir Rashaan and Sascha Illyvich

The Whip-wielding "she-wolf", the medieval inquisitor, the pirate captain, Catwoman, so many of our fantasies of dominants who make us weak in the knees come from genre fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. Why are so many of these figures villains in the stories they come from, but heroes in our dungeon daydreams? Or are they? Our panelists discuss the fantasy fuel that drives these archetypes and how fantasy inspires their own dominant side. Where's the line between fantasy and reality? Between dominance and sadism?

To meet one of the editors at the hottest and oldest publishing house in e-books, mark your calendars. Sascha may be scheduling pitches too for any one of the Sizzler lines.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Sex is so much fun. - PM White

That's the mantra most erotic writers use when pecking away on a keyboard. For me, that's not the sexy part, but it is the necessary part. There is a disconnect between the image of an author and what an author really does. By simple examination, authors are typically hunched over a computer with a cup of coffee nearby. Some may swap the coffee for booze. While I may look that way by outside appearance, inside my head I'm turning tricks. Other times I am simply transcribing hot dreams that I have already written in my brain, but failed to put on a doc file.

Ideas for stories come when you least expect them of course: while in the shower, in the car, or at a poetry slam in Sedona, Arizona. The latter is where I got the inspiration for my short story “More.”

It might have had something to do with the Crown Royal in the coffee I brought to the slam, but as I enjoyed the show my thoughts quickly turned naughty. I kept eyeballing two of the poets on stage, one in particular, and began to fantasize about the woman. I explored her body in my mind and tickled my imagination for scenarios that would make my heart race. Some of those turned up in the short story. That lusty slam served as the catalyst for the story I would right later.

It proves how sex can be an adventure, even if just on one's own mind. And for an erotic writer, a lusty sexual appetite is just as important as the words they produce.

PM White brings us his fantastic story "MORE" in our latest of romantic bondage anthologies: BOUND FOR LOVE. Click here to purchase from Sizzler Editions

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sizzler Author Verity Ant on Internet Radio Thurs. 3-22

Verity Ant, one-half the writing team of D. V. Ant, author of two ultra kinky books, Breaking Toys and Pucker, will discuss erotica on the internet radio show Author's Corner (8-11 PM EDT) Thursday 3-22. Also participating in the discussion will be Queen Ronda Tutt, Sherri Hayes, Verity Ant, Kellie Kamryn, Ken Charles, Dawn Prochilo, Randi Alexander, and Leanore Elliott. Author's Corner is a presentation of

The First Moments - Guest Post by Gianna Simone

They say first impressions are usually right – those initial reactions are based on instinct. But what about other first moments that pass between two people who have already moved past the first impression stage? There are still so many firsts, and many of them are driven by instinct.

The moment the heroine looks at the hero she's been drooling over (but cleverly hiding her attraction beneath a cool fa├žade) and his smoldering expression lets her know he returns the sentiment. The instant encompasses a range of emotions, all at the same time - sweet, sexy, exhilarating. The moment is hot, yet also draws shivers.

That flash of recognition leads directly into the first moment when all of the daisies-and-picnics imaginings are now replaced, even shattered, by raw reality. Now the emotions are intense, electric, and maybe a little scary, too. The reality doesn't come close to those now-tame fanciful imaginings. In the wake of that perception, reality is a certainty that this moment is even better than the dreams!

There's the flare of awareness that comes when the hero learns his dream girl is not at all freaked out by his preferences – whatever they may be. That insight spurs similar, yet different, emotions. Excitement, relief, and of course, passion and heat.

The moment when the heroine's insecurities threaten to ruin everything - but the hero lets her know he finds her beautiful, no matter her shape, or size. He builds her confidence back up, and the fire between them grows even hotter.

Those are some of the moments I tried to capture in Fantasy Unbound. Emily has had it bad for Devon for quite some time, and thanks to outside circumstances, finally learns he has it just as bad for her. She's excited, but also a little afraid. Now that the moment has come, can she let her guard down with him? Devon, for his own part, has similar worries, but for different reasons. He's a dom, and doesn't know how Emily will handle that.

That is the raw reality that shatters the romantic daydreams – Devon wants her but on his terms, which leaves him in control and Emily tied up! But in place of those now-defunct fantasies comes desire and passion and heat that Emily never imagined. Something she thought of as interesting, but too scary to indulge in, has now become something decadently wicked and sexy with Devon. The maelstrom of emotions spurs her to take the ride Devon is offering.

Every relationship has those moments, in varying degrees. As they pass, they seem to last forever, and at the same time, speed by so fast you fear you'll never recall them with clarity again. And yet, the rush of discovery that occurs at each of these moments makes them remain sharp and clear for years to come and through all of the other first moments to follow.

Gianna's story "Fantasy Unbound" appears in Bound for Love - Available at Sizzler Editions

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out Now: On Display - Femdomme Fiction By Lorelei Powers

There is no one better at writing femdomme erotica than Lorelei Powers and this new book proves just how good she can be: On Display - Femdomme Fiction

On Display gathers passionate stories of desire, dominance, and sensation between strong women and the men and women who love them. It's FemDomme erotica for people who crave the raw, sweaty, compelling reality of BDSM, as written by a lifestyle Mistress as skilled with her pen as she is with a cane. Leap Day: One day out of time, one night when forbidden lovers can fulfill their fantasies. Scars: Two women defeat old wounds to come together in passion and pleasure. The Awakening: The classic domestic discipline tale of a Mad Men-era lawyer and his strict Austrian war bride. Sleepover: The same women, the same house, the same bed, 25 years later. Can it ever be the same again? Night Visits: A man and a woman find new ways to make love after a fearful accident leaves them disabled. Broken Silences: What happens when a Domme pushes her sub to breaking point? Using canes, CBT, and even more extreme play, this Domme wants to take her guysub further than he has ever been-physically and emotionally. On Display: An arrogant young artist learns more than art from a famous French sculptor and her beautiful protegee. From fisting to domestic discipline, bondage to erotic mind control, Lorelei Powers tells her stories with honesty, sensuality, and first-person experience of just exactly how it feels to play hard and put everything-body and soul-on the line. 
Lorelei Powers, also known as Mistress Lorelei, is the author of the BDSM how-to classics The Mistress Manual and The Charm School for Sissy Maids. She is a bisexual polyamorous sadist and lifestyle Domme. She has started using her surname to avoid confusion with her respected colleagues, Lorelei Lee or Lorelei of Bedroom Bondage. By profession Lorelei Powers is a writer and editor. Under various other names she has published a number of books, articles, and stories. She also teaches writing classes, gives workshops and presentations on BDSM technique, and offers private coaching sessions by phone or in person for Dom/mes and submissives.  She blogs about BDSM at and about sex, feminism, politics, and naked men in bondage at Follow her Twitter feed at!/MsLorelei

Out Now: Petslaves [Role Play Stories] By N. T. Morley

Woof!  Woof!  Here's a fantastically kinky collection of animal (and more) role play stories by N. T. Morley: Petslaves [Role Play Stories] 

From the acclaimed N.T. Morley, author of The Adulteress and The Castle Trilogy, comes an exploration of some of the most audacious fantasies in bondage, domination, and submission. Petslaves collects tales of "women who serve on all fours" -- animal role play scenarios in which human females willingly serve as dogslaves, dairy cows, and even a kittyslave. Required by their Dominant Men to assume the roles of pets and livestock, these women reach the extreme depths of submission, feeling the overwhelming pleasure that comes with giving up the responsibilities of humanity. These nine stories feature a variety of animal role play fantasies. There are "dogslaves" in dog-roleplay scenarios ("Good Doggy," "Pepper," "The Doghouse," "Leon's Dogslave," and "Crystal's New Pet,"), even a playful woman who surprises her boyfriend by dressing up as a kitty -- with claws! – and others. Unquestionably N.T. Morley's most ambitious work yet, Petslaves offers a glimpse into the delicious world of extreme domination/submission role play carried to the extremes of mind-boggling pleasure! There is simply no one better at writing fiction with an edge of taboo - aad this new collection proves that!

Out Now: Strange Desires - Dark Erotica By Jay Lawrence

If you like your erotica with the extra kick of shivery horror than this new collection by the wonderful Jay Lawrence is the book for you: Strange Desires - Dark Erotica

The perfect blend of bondage and dark fantasy. Tales of women in bondage to creatures of the supernatural. From the bestselling author of books about women who love to submit. Who wouldn't rather be spanked by a vamprie? Jay Lawrence is a true master not just of erotica but also horror as well - and this wonderful new collection of dark erotica proves just how good Jay Lawrence can be!

Out Now: Sanya's Nights By Amber Rose Thompson

There is simply no one better at writing steamy romance with a spicy twist than Amber Rose Thompson, and Sanya's Nights proves just how good she can be!

Her nights were filled with ghostly presences and unforgettable lovemaking. Sanya couldn't sleep after the tragic death of her fiance. Then she met Xander. Xander had the hots for her big time. To him it was true love. But all Sanya wanted from him was sex, in the hope of curing her insomnia and the disturbing dreams sleep brought.  Yet once the deed was done and she returnd to bed, Sanya's mind begin to play tricks on her again, and she begin to have intoxicating, disturbing dreams about her boyfriend.  Dreams that seemed to be taking her away from this reality - perhaps into madness or death.  When Xander comes to rescue her, Sanya is unsure of what to make of him until he confesses his secret crush on her.  But can his love prevent her from being swept away by her fiance into the world of dreams,  will she be end up in a mental ward - or worse dead. His only hope is to help her free herself from the spell woven by Sanya's Nights!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bound for Love - Marge T. Feltcher's Guest Post

Whether I’m writing erotic or ‘everyday’ fiction, I’m always more interested in people than in what happens to them. Whatever happens – if they get bitten by a dog, for example, it’s the response of the person who’s been bitten that I write about. I try to get inside their heads; to understand how and what they think and feel, to write about how experience changes them; whether they come out of an event damaged or strengthened.

The idea for the story I chose to offer Sascha to include in ‘Bound for Love’ was provided by a woman in Baltimore, who’s almost ten years younger than me. She wrote to me because she’d read another of my stories on a website, and enjoyed feeling she was the main character having a life-changing adventure. She asked if I’d write a story for her, about a woman who enjoyed her precise fantasies and preferences.

Commissioned stories rarely meet the brief. Characters, once they come to life, just refuse to behave as the writer wants them to! As a writer I intensely dislike stories in which the dominant male characters always have their personal pronouns capitalised. Solomon insisted that He should be treated this way, and even though He is not telling the story, because it almost all comes from within Bryony, with odd snippets she sees later in a video made of her ‘initiation’ into public sex in very strange bondage indeed!

I always hope that the people in my stories are ‘real’. That even if the events are bizarre, they are believable, and could really happen. This particular story aims to take you inside Bryony, so that you are abducted, have no idea what is happening to you, but you trust Solomon to drive you safely through an exquisite ordeal that strengthens you; your growing love and submission. I hope you will emerge from it all feeling better about yourself.

Back in Baltimore, she enjoyed the story, but she said it was nothing like what she’d imagined. I like to give readers unimaginable pleasure.

Marge's story takes the reader on a mentally arousing journey. Buy Bound for Love to find out more!

Friday, March 16, 2012

SIzzler Authors to Read at Fogcon - Bay Area

Just to say our authors are reading erotic spec-fic at Fogcon, a spec-fic book-oriented convention March 30-April 1 in Walnut Creek CA. The reading will be in the evening on Saturday. Participating are Lorelei Powers (On Display), M. Christian (Technorotica), and Steven Schwartz (whose book we have been waiting patiently, okay not so patiently), for some time now. Our publisher, Jean Marie Stine, and Frankie Hill, art director for our paperback division, will also be in attendance.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Under Bonded Contract - From Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Fire and Ice combine in Under Bonded Contract by Lani Rhea. It contains two stubborn real estate agents with enough chemistry to melt your socks off. Now with a few bets between them, a trip to an erotic hotel, and a whole lot of foreplay used, this couple needs to decide whether or not they are going to become business partners, or something much more.
A competition spirals into a tantalizing game of bondage and seduction… Camri Burns, an ambitious real-estate agent, blindsides the rival she's secretly desired for a long time. When she's offered an all-expenses-paid trip, opportunity opens the playing field. As the biggest earner with the most notches on his bedpost, too-sexy Jackson Pratt is determined the redheaded beauty won't prevail. When the two-some enter into a partnership, they must distract each other in order to win. After Jackson took credit on a past partnership, Camri isn't letting him off the hook. In order to ultimately succeed, they'll need to follow the rules of Under Bonded Contract. Soon she is tied in his presence. Is it love, or simply a game of sex?
Camri Burns hasn't had sex in a year, not since she succumbed to the passion that burned between her and fellow real estate agent Jackson Pratt. But after a deal she thought they shared turned sour and he stabbed her in the back with his betrayal, she can't seem to give her heart, or her body to another man. He's truly ruined her chances at happiness. Then one day the unthinkable happens, and Jackson approaches her with another deal, one that would make her a whole lot of money. She's tempted with a capital T, but trusting him again would mean giving him another piece of her heart, and she's not sure she can do that. What she can do though is tease him, and make him beg for her body because if there's one thing she knows, it's that Jackson always thinks with more than one head.

Jackson can't help but want Camri's forgiveness. He knows he screwed up before, and he finally realizes that he can't live without her in his life anymore. The only thing he can come up with to solve this problem is to coerce her into signing a bonded contract. Sure the paper states the straight business end of the deal, but little does Camri know that the further the contract reads, the further away from business it strays. Jackson convinces her though that everything is by the book and there is no need to read the entire thing. She signs it of course, even though trusting Jackson is something she finds extremely hard to do. He does end up telling her after a short while what else is now expected of her, and this creates a very ticked off, but secretly very eager, Camri. Since the hotel they will be working for is an erotic retreat, she must experience it in all it's glory, and she must be with only Jackson during her stay. In simple terms, she has to explore her deepest sexual fantasies along with experiencing the true meaning during their upcoming stay.

It's now or never for this couple, and if they don't decide what they want soon, they may just combust from built-up sexual frustration.

I absolutely loved these two characters. They were written with such a passionate flair, and I felt as though their chemistry was off the charts hot! Jackson was a completely luscious alpha male. He loved to be in control, but yet, he always made sure that everything was done and special for the sake of Camri.

Read the full review here
BUY Under Bonded Contract