Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out Now: Red Nails In The Sunset - Sex Tales For The Different By James Williams

We at Sizzler pride ourselves on bring you, the discerning erotica reader, the very best we can in sexually provocative literature - which is why were excited to be able to release this, the second book, by James Williams: Red Nails In The Sunset - Sex Tales For The Different 

The wonderful James Williams returns with a brand new collection of cutting-edge BDSM erotica. In these pages you will find femme dommes, power-play, BDSM, kinky stuff, this book has it all.  
"Williams' work has always impressed me as being fresh and thought-provoking, never stale or predictable." --Patrick Califia! 
"James Williams' words feel good in the mouth to say and sound good in the ear to hear. And they get my brain wet."-- Sybil Holiday, co-author of Consensual Sadomasochism: How to Talk About It and How to Do It Safely 
"This book was worth waiting for, and is worth reading slow--a true pleasure for any literary libertine. As I read each story, I feel like sparks are shooting from my head. James Williams electrifies all the sadomasochistic places in my soul."-- Cecilia Tan, author of The Velderet, publisher, Circlet Press 
"...sizzling first collection of pansexual literary erotica...with a prowess for titillating gender fluidity that only Califia might match. -- Richard Labonte, BookMarks

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