Monday, February 13, 2012

Out Now: Red Hot Zombie Love By Hank McLeod

Here's kinky proof that the undead want more than ... BRAINS!  In this new book you'll se that being un-alive is no detriment to having a good sex life: Red Hot Zombie Love By Hank McLeod

Could they keep the lustful zombies' hands from their own living flesh? An erotic Night of the Living Dead. Doctor Wayne Packard was a wealthy scientist who lived in a nearly inaccessible section of the Southern California desert and was able to purchase corpses he intended to reanimate through his zombifi-cation experiments. Occasionally, he was even able to acquire a live human being to use as test subject. Dr. Packard learned how to create zombies. But the zombies turned out very horny, and when they copulated with living people, those people were also turned into zombies. Wayne’s scientific triumph was to make zombie-ism a sexually transmitted disease. As a result, Doctor Packard had a zoo of zombies and a pavilion containing creepy-crawly body parts which he kept for his entertainment and that of his friends. But his butler dreamed of conquest and set the zombies free, intending to command them, only to discover that once released, like a pathogen, they could not be controlled. Doctor Packard woke up from his dream of science to discover his own butler planned to murder him and zombies were not meant to be toys. Escaping from his laboratory just ahead of the zombies, Packard finds refuge in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills with his friend Jaime Villegas and girlfriend Khloe.  With a growing number of powerful zombies assaulting more and more living citizens, everyone in Southern California going zombie. Now Packard, Jamie and Khloe must develop a way to avoid the zombie seeking them out with their red hot love, keep the lustful zombies' hands from their own living flesh and somehow escape beyond the circle of the zombie contagion.

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