Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Out Now: Jeweled Embers [The Penhollow Chronicles, Book I] By Christi Riverton

Here's a real treat for fans of paranormal erotica - or hot erotica of any kind: Jeweled Embers [The Penhollow Chronicles, Book I] By Christi Riverton

Enter the fabulous, jeweled of the Born and find fantasy, adventure and romance. The author says of this exciting new series: "I am excited to introduce the reader to the Born world. The Penhollow Chronicles, features the Penhollows, a family from two of the Born races; the Soul Born and the Light Born. The first book in the series introduces Ruby Penhollow a ballerina who finds herself in the middle of the battle between good and evil. You will also meet Merrik Gates, an enticing rock star, who Ruby cannot seem to resist. Throughout book one you will meet characters that will follow over into book two of the series. Each story in this series will continue an ongoing storyline that develops with each book. I hope to introduce the readers to characters that they will love, hate, laugh and cry with. Throughout the series the readers will be introduced not only to new characters, races and powers, but they will also be re-introduced to characters they already know. With elements of suspense, romance and horror my goal is to peak the readers interest and keep them waiting for the next story." 
Jeweled Embers, the first book of The Penhollow Chronicles features Ruby Penhollow a ballerina with a big secret even she is not privy to. Her life becomes a whirlwind after meeting Merrik Gates, an enticing rock star she cannot seem to resist. Plagued by nightmares since childhood of demons with flaming eyes, she'll soon find herself in a battle for her very life.

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