Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out Now: The Ghost Girl And Other Tales Of Erotic Horror By R. Greco

Now only is R. Greco one of the nicest people we know, but he's also a wonderful, fantastic, and best of all sizzling hot writer of erotica - and his newest book proves that and more: The Ghost Girl And Other Tales Of Erotic Horror

Do you like your erotica with an edge of chilling horror? If so R. Greco’s THE GHOST GIRL AND OTHER TALES OF EROTIC HORROR is a sexy witch’s brew mixture of horror erotica.  Some of the horror is centered round the sex of the story (or the desire for it), in some the sex comes because of the horror. Before each tale the authors spins ”a little snippet of my inspiration for the story but nothing too intrusive as to ruin what follows.: Greco’s stories unnerve, arouse but always, entertain. This is a book that will not disappoint either fans of erotica OR horror!

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