Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out Now: Dangerous Pleasures - The Complete Saga By Terri Pray

There is only one Terri Pray - a true master of BDSM erotica - and we are pleased and proud to be able to bring you this wonderful collection by Terri:  Dangerous Pleasures - The Complete Saga

Enslaved by a Pirate Captain! A $21 value for $8.99 - all seven bestselling Dangerous Pleasures novelettes together in one giant ebook! When gently-reared Shannon is kidnapped by a notorious pirate captain, she expects to be ransomed and back home quickly. But the pirate has other ideas, he wants to destroy her arrogance and break her will. Shannon resists and the pirate sets out to tame and train her until she submits to him completely. When domination, punishment, and restraint fail to tame the spirited young woman he has captured, the pirate captain decides to break Shannon by giving her to his crew. But as he watches her submit to their  demands, the captain begins to feel a strange new emotion. Now he wants to dominate her not just to break her will, but because he loves her. And even as she is forced to serve his crew, it is not hatred for the captain that rules her heart, but some softer emotion. But when the pirate captain gives her away to an even harsher master, he unwittingly sets up a showdown that that will strip three hearts bare. For Shannon finds her heart being seduced by a second man. Then the fateful moment came when the captain returned determined to reclaim her. Shannon had been two men's slave. Both had subjugated her. One had won her heart. Now the moment of truth was at hand. The two men were locked in a struggle to possess her. One might live and one might die. All she could do was wait, chained and helpless, longing for the man she who owned her soul to emerge victorious and claim her as his absolute, willing slave.

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