Monday, February 13, 2012

Out Now: Bound For Love - Takes Of The Ties That Bind Edited By Sascha Illyvich

Here's a real treasure for anyone who likes their erotica with romance: a brand-new anthology of erotic romance, edited by our own Sascha Illyvich: Bound For Love - Takes Of The Ties That Bind

Most people would think that the world of being tied up, whipped and ordered around like a slave and the world of flowers and romance are two different worlds that could never go hand in hand. Yet, in truth many of our most intense moments of lovemaking include elements of bondage or bdsm - mental or physical. Some even say there is nothing more romantic and precious than the surrender of a sub to a dom. When explicit trust leads to intimacy, a greater connection occurs between the participants. The stories in this collection focus on the romantic aspect of the bdsm lifestyle. But it also has something to say to everyone - for while only some may be tops and bottoms in a dungeon, we are all tops and bottoms in love. In the collection's first story Gianna Simone take us through a situation that seems destined to tear a longtime dominant and submissive apart. Then PM White shows that bdsm can create a connection that transcends time and space. Next Marianne LaCroix portrays the depth of love a sissy bitch can have for his strict, demanding Mistress. Oceania shows us profound romance in a session of foot tickling. Margie Church and newcomer K. B. Cutter wonder can a dominant male learn to switch - if it's for the one he loves? Plus six more masterful stories about romance in the world of dominance and submission and people who are bound for love.

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