Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Out Now: Binding Agreement By Jacqueline Joline

There is simply no one better that Jacqueline Joline for BDSM erotica - and this new book by her proves that and more: Binding Agreement 

Ginny Hempstead, management assistant with Pinnacle Distributing, is charged with bringing her dying employer's hedonistic son, Joe, back from Paris to take over the firm.  He asks Ginny to go to Paris, France, find his son and bring him back to take over operations.  She locates Joe, a dom and expert at intimidation, humiliation, bondage, and discipline, who first intimidates and humiliates Ginny and finally agrees to return, temporarily. At the family mansion, Joe installs a dungeon  and invites his college frat buddy, Randy, and the office girls for a `party´ on Friday night. The three girls are soon introduced to the pleasures of pain. Meanwhile, though Joe continues to play mind games with Ginny, who needs her job to put her daughter through college. Despite Joe's attempts to dominate her, she defiantly maintains her courage – but can she hold out forever. Or will she two fall under Joe's enslaving spell?A kinky tale!  If you like stories of bondage with strong, compelling plots this is the book for you!

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