Saturday, February 4, 2012

Margie Church author of The 18th Floor Voted GLBT Author of the Year

Readers at Loves Romances Cafe voted Margie Church "GLBT Author of the Year."

Ms. Church's bdsm romance, The 18th Floor, has been selling strongly everywhere.

Here is a sample from the opening chapter:


A rhythmic thumping raised Alexa Robbins' eyebrows. Gazing at the ceiling, she groaned. "How many times a week can a person get laid?" The thin apartment walls left little to her imagination. Night after night, she listened to the squeals of excited passion and orgasmic releases that made her want to cover her head with a pillow or reach for one of her toys.

She set down a bag of takeout on her kitchen table. Steam rose from her Kung Pau chicken when she unclasped the white container top. Alexa's stomach growled, as though telling her, "It's about time you fed me." She inhaled the scent, looking forward to dinner before collapsing into bed. Twelve-hour work days and Chinese takeout had become a ritual. Her job left little time for a social life or anything else.

Stark apartment walls and minimal furniture were clear indications this single girl wasn't home enough to care about decorating the place either.
A forkful of spicy food was inches from her mouth when the outcries from her neighbors brought the motion to a screeching halt.

"Oh, yes, baby; that's it. Do it harder!"

Alexa squinted at her white spackled ceiling. The woman sure knows how to shout it out.
A racket much like furniture tipping over rumbled above Alexa's head. More shouts and shrieks followed. She paused, waiting to hear what would happen next. Closing her eyes, Alexa envisioned her neighbor banging a tall, slender brunette on the kitchen table. She imagined a woman gripping the edges while taking the biggest cock she'd ever had.
Alexa's pussy throbbed.

Funny, in my mind the woman he's with looks exactly like me.

After one more exuberant series of "yes, yes, yes!" the upstairs room fell silent.

She popped a forkful of food in her mouth. Bingo! Orgasm!

Alexa finished her meal and put her dirty plate in the sink. She never bothered to wash dishes until Saturday rolled around. She flicked off the kitchen light and then went to her bedroom.
The clock read 10:45 p.m. by the time she drew back the covers and climbed into bed. Staring at the ceiling, she wondered if her neighbors were done for the night.

I gotta meet that guy. Maybe he can squeeze me into his date book. I already know all the right words: oh yeah, fuck me baby, do me harder, gimme that big cock. With a grin, she turned over and went to sleep.
* * * *
Alexa's high heels clicking against the concrete created a sharp contrast to the muffled thump of Curt's rubber-soled shoes the next morning. As usual, the security guard escorted her into the building at six-thirty.

Alexa pressed number eighteen on the elevator pad. "See you tomorrow, Curt."

"Sure. Have a good one." Grinning, he gave her a two-finger salute.

The door slid shut and began its ascent. She sipped her vanilla latte with its extra shot of espresso, hoping the highly caffeinated brew would kick-start her brain and her ambition. Stepping into the carpeted hallway on the eighteenth floor, Alexa noticed another familiar person. Sebastian Law. She chewed on her lip, thinking about the powerfully built, mocha skinned man who made her want to do naughty things to him whenever their paths crossed. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to pay much attention to her.

Starting up an office romance wasn't on her short list of wise career moves, but she'd spent plenty of time daydreaming about what was under the buttoned up exterior Sebastian cultivated with such care. Sebastian, or Sebi, his close friends called him, favored wearing dress slacks, long sleeved shirts, suspenders, and ties. The description was laughable until she saw how well he filled out his clothes. He walked the halls looking like a living GQ cover model five days a week. Tailored shirts clung to his broad shouldered torso, and hinted of a well-toned body. And his ass looked so sweet. She was guilty as charged of frequently staring at his gorgeous rear as he walked down the hall. Some days it was all Alexa could do to keep from reaching out and caressing him as they passed in the hall.

Her nipples hardened thinking about the rest of his body. She guessed Sebastian was a few years older. As the company's lead technology contractor, Sebi's responsibilities matched his serious expression. But when he smiled ... watching his lush lips part into a breathtaking grin distracted Alexa more times than she cared to admit. His mouth frequently became the object of her attention instead of the words he spoke. More than once, he'd had to repeat himself because of her lack of concentration.

Oh, I was concentrating all right – on what it would feel like to kiss you until you lost all your buttoned up control and fucked me right on the eighteenth floor conference table.

She reached the conference room at the conclusion of that thought. Her breath hitched in her throat. There won't be anyone around for another hour. She'd been coming in early long enough to know.

Alexa couldn't resist walking inside. The room temperature was much cooler than the hallway. She left the lights off and walked to the large oval table. Running her hand ran along the smooth top sent shivers up her spine.

What would mahogany feel like against my naked back?

The window blinds were wide open.

Anyone could watch us.

She closed her eyes and let the fantasy bloom in her sex starved body until a groan left her lips and her pussy ached for relief.


The conference room light came on with an unnerving glare. Sebastian stood with his hand still poised over the switch.

Her face flamed.

"Are you okay? Why are you in here alone?"

She gulped, steadied her voice, and delivered a quick lie. "Good morning, Sebastian. I thought I saw a falling star." She covered an imaginary yawn with the back of her hand. "I guess I got distracted. The sky is so clear."

Sebastian turned off the lights and walked to her.

His masculine scent filled her nostrils. Oh shit, I so want to freaking jump him. Even her thoughts sounded like an ache. She trembled inside as he stood next to her observing the pre-dawn sky.

"It's a shame to miss so many sunrises and sunsets because of your job, isn't it?"

His mid southern accent caressed her ear as surely as his tongue could.

Concern drew his eyebrows together. "Are you cold? You shivered."

One more remark like that and Alexa was convinced she'd be able to crawl under the carpet and disappear. This was the first time they'd ever been alone and she was acting like a lovesick dolt.
She rubbed her arms for effect. "Maybe a little."

"I don't think we'll see any more stars now. The sun has decided to make an appearance." Sebi faced her. His eyes searched her face.

She focused on his lips. "You're really handsome." Did I just blurt that out? Dust particles in space were bigger than her ego at the moment.

He cleared his throat, and raised his expressive eyebrows. "Thanks. Does stargazing always make you so horny?"

"It's not the stars. It's you." She held her breath, waiting for him to laugh or get angry at her bold declaration.

His fingers cupped her chin.

Alexa's heart hammered in her chest while her libido pleaded for him to kiss her. She held his waist, curling her fingers in the crisp fabric above his belt.

"Did you think I hadn't noticed how sexy you are?" His voice dripped with charm.

Her mons pressed against his zipper. The thin fabric strained against his swelling cock. The heat between her thighs simmered. She was soaking wet and he hadn't even touched her yet.

She wrapped her fingers around his tie, drawing those sensual lips to hers.

Sebi kissed her possessively, not wasting precious minutes on teasing foreplay. He flexed his jaw to draw her tongue into his mouth.

Alexa was glad she'd been holding onto his shirt because her knees buckled. A moan formed deep in her throat and escaped. Her fingers dug into his ass cheeks, pressing him firmly against her as she dry fucked him like a wanton hussy.

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