Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bound for Love - From Genevieve Ash

‘Bound for Love’ is an anthology from Sizzler editions that explores the many facets of BDSM relationships. Yes, the physicality is important, but the emotional aspects of a D/S relationship carry the stories. They say the brain is the most important of all the sex organs, which is perhaps what makes these stories so hot.

Allowing another complete control of your body requires a high level of trust in your partner. Being charged with the care of another human being requires trust in yourself. Allowing your mind to give in to the total surrender or to accept the surrender of another—the ultimate gift.

My story, Bondage of the Heart, deals with the emotional aspect of trust. As in any relationship where love is involved, there are conflicts. Disappointment and disillusionment can lead to problems if one cannot or will not meet the needs of another. Often it is simply because we do not ask for what we need.

Like any relationship compromise is necessary. Faith is described as believing without proof. In a D/S relationship it is not always clear ahead of time where the line will be drawn but the players involved have faith that it will be drawn.

Life is not always packaged with a shiny red bow and it often requires effort to find out what we truly need. Sometimes, as Cara and Philip find out, what we need surprises us in ways we could have only imagined. Find out more at

And you can find out more about her wonderful story by purchasing Bound for Love

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