Monday, January 16, 2012

Out Now: Sabrina's Enslavement By D.W. Collins

Here's a treat for allo you fans of male-dom BDSM erotica: a brand new treat my D.W. Collins - Sabrina's Enslavement

Attorney Sabrina Kramer is deeply frustrated with her sex life.  Her doting fiancé, Nathan Burger, is unable to fulfill any of the vivid fantasies submission to a dominant male that fuel her sexual desires.  When she hears about a company that specializes in helping women live out such dreams, Sabrina immediately hires their services. Soon Sabrina is flown to a private reserve. But faced with the reality Sabrina escapes, and manages to avoid capture. She encounters a rugged man on horseback, who quickly throws her over his mount and carries her back to an isolated cabin, where he begins an intense program of training her to submit to his every wish. Soon she is experiencing extremes of bdsm that leave her terrified and shaken, willing it only to stop. For the man who holds her captive, Michael Guyer, is a suspect in a previous abduction and killing. Meanwhile, Sabrina's fiance Nathan is searching for her, having finally realized how much Sabrina needs a dominant male in her life. He hopes it is not too late to make the dramatic changes in his behavior he now longs for too and help her to experience the fantasies of romantic bondage that she has always craved.

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