Monday, January 30, 2012

Out Now: Pushing Boundaries By Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson has really proven herself to be a true genius when it comes to telling hot tales of BDSM and romance and this, her newest book, proves that she's just getting better: Pushing Boundaries

Raine and Lara are entwined in a grand scheme by higher forces to separate them from what they most need. After being told she's too cold and clinical, Lara decides to apply to a very unusual sex camp to shake off her extremely religious upbringing.  When she arrives, she discover bondage and submission are part of the camp's program, and fear grips her as the boundaries of her sexual experiences are pushed. What Lara doesn't know is the celestial rammifications of what is happening to her or that she is being prepared for out of this world experiences. It simply doesn't get any better than Amber Rose Thompson - and with PUSHING BOUNDARIES you'll see why!  A hot, steamy, wild, yet touching tale of bondage, submission and romancee.

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