Monday, January 30, 2012

Out Now: Desire Under The Eaves [Horror Manor II] PM White

Now this is a real, honest, thing to celebrate: we know you liked the first book in PM White's erotic horror trilogy so this, the release of the second book, will give you both the chills and tickle your fantasy: Desire Under The Eaves [Horror Manor II] 

Eyeball man’s sinister plans take a backseat to the sexy Julie Bender, who fascinates him in a way no other woman has. But his lewd infatuation is destined for a short life, thanks to the cats of Berge Manor. Even they know pure evil when they see it. Mama desires only peace among the family, but she’s been targeted by her dangerous sibling, forcing the rotund caregiver to rethink her kind ways. Unlike Mama, the sensitive Glass would rather be left alone. Known as the famous columnist Rogers Sloan, Glass hides in secret rooms throughout the manor and wishes only for solitude. Eyeball man, who sees weakness in Glass, plans to grant that wish… Enter the Berge clan: Rhombus, Janis, Big Jim, Mama, Eyeball man, Glass, and Billy. Rhombus, the elder of the gang, wants only what’s best for his quirky brothers and sisters, but knows there will always be an obstacle preventing that noble goal. Eyeball man plans to make the family whole by cutting the fat from the group. Jealous of his brother’s natural leadership abilities, he sees the murder of Rhombus as the icing on the cake.
The second in PM White’s gothically-charged trilogy of erotic horror!

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