Monday, January 16, 2012

Out Now: The Cottage By Rory R. O'Neal

Sizzler is pleased and proud to bring you the very best in erotica - and the works of Rory R. O'Neal are the very best - and he shows just how good he can be with this new treat: The Cottage 

Dorothy, a forty year old, natural redhead, and buxom BBW, has returned to live alone in her dead parents’ cottage, where she had spent most of her life up to the age of twenty or so.  A natural recluse, and extremely shy, she is noticed, while delivering eggs to the local shop, by Monty, a debonair roué in a red sports car, who finds himself taking a fancy to her.  A self-confessed rogue, he finds out where she lives from the owner of the shop and makes plans to seduce her.  However, things do not work out as he expected, and he finds himself on the emotional receiving end of more than he had bargained for.  Having activated a hidden slutty, submissive side to the demure and gentle Dorothy, for the first time he discovers his own vulnerabilities.  His partner in crime, wealthy Aristocrat Charles de Fenwyck, with whom he went to school, has other ideas, as he and Monty have always shared their latest conquests.  Having lent the couple his large ancestral home while he is away on business and not realizing that Monty is serious about the woman, he returns early with disastrous consequences.  Can Dorothy and Monty keep their new found bond in the face of his past and Charles' plans for the future.

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