Monday, January 2, 2012

Out Now: The Accelerates By J. Heflin

If you like your lesbian BDSM erotica with the extra-spice of science fiction then The Accelerates by J. Heflin is the book you've been waiting for!

Lesbian futuristic superheroine pulp. Two women engineered to be superhuman, they fell in love with each other. Former lovers, Arin and Lauren. whose lives and fates are interlinked by their genetic heritage are pulled together in a quest to stop a serial killer. They know the man they chase. They’ve battled him before. And he defeated them. That defeat changed their lives, driving them apart as they wallowed in guilt. Arin threw herself into her work as a superhero. Laurie, whose physical wounds mirrored her mental anguish, was forced to step away from the work and the woman she loved. The killer’s reemergence pushes them back together. Old passions reignite as they track down the man who tore them apart.

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