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Inspiration for Vertigo - Michael Mandrake

Greetings readers, this is Michael Mandrake here to talk about my newest book from Sizzler Editions, Vertigo, my m/m historical paranormal romance. What inspired me to write the book? Well, it started with Saschal Illyvich’s subcall a couple of years ago, asking for gay sci-fi shorts for the anthology, Riding the Rocket. When I sat down to write, I had no idea what I wanted from my characters. Actually, I wanted to try my hand at steampunk but instead, I wrote something totally unique, might’ve been a shifter, some kind of unexplainable being. Whatever it was, it came out a lot different than what I expected.

Once it was printed, I knew my Doctor Hayden and his “monster” had more story so, I sat down and wrote about 25k more for these lovable characters. I gave them everything they wanted; some tension, hot sex to resolve conflicts, and an interesting ending I never would’ve dreamed of.

What I enjoy most about Vertigo is the chemistry between my characters which I must admit was a little shaky until Sascha assisted me with edits. Once he gave me some pointers, my couple seemed more in sync and I was able to finish book one without feeling like I missed something. During the writing process, I listened to haunting classical and progressive rock band Opeth to put me in the right mindset. When playing their album Blackwater Park, the characters responded the most causing my fingers to fly over the keyboard.

All of my stories have a special place in my heart but this one is my most precious gem. I adore Hayden and David so much they’ve refused to leave me and the readers without at least one more book. So, I’ll be making them happy with book two in the next couple of months. In the meantime, please enjoy book one.

I’ll be doing a book tour 2/1-2/8 where I’ll give away copies of the book as well as my last novella, The Power of Muse and a chance to win a $25 Amazon GC. Find the details here

Hope you enjoyed this post. Here is the blurb, booktrailer, and excerpt.


After losing his lover to mental disorder, Dr. Hayden Curry throws himself into work, silently wishing he could experience something extraordinary in love. He finds his match in David, a creature Hayden revives after discovering him and hauling him back to his lab. Upon awakening, David asks Dr. Hayden’s help in discovering more about himself. Hayden agrees but senses secrets in David. Will he get to the bottom of things and be able to continue the special relationship he and David have, or will the secrets that come forward tear them apart?

Before I went to my haven, I glanced outside my window. Outside, the rainfall reduced to a drizzle, coupled by slow moving clouds over the moonlight. The trees blew after only a few gusts of winds, ripped the leaves off and made quite a mess on the grass underneath.

These would be the nights I would cherish with him most. After relishing in the afterglows of new inventions and glasses of wine, there were mind blowing affections to follow.

Such a good lover…

Once I got to my place of work, I immediately began searching for the vials I had for the latest concoction. When I did not see them, I lost my head rather quickly.

“Where on God’s green earth,” I screamed and walked from one end of my laboratory to the other. "Where are those samples I just had? Libertina!"

Immediately, the pale and slim maiden with dark hair ran to my aid.

"Yes sir, have you lost something again, sir?"

"I have Libertina. The tubes I examined the night before. They seemed to…oh."

Within moments, my dearest uncovered the missing necessities I searched for, right underneath my novel, The Bounded Scientist.

I shrunk back and smiled wryly. "Thank you Libertina, ahem, that will be all my sweet."

"Yes sir, if there is anything you need, I'll be tending to your clothes, sir." Quickly, she curtsied and scurried off, closing the door behind her.

Ah, what a fine young maiden I have. If I were more attracted to the ladies, then I might give her go, but only gentlemen tickled my fancy these days.

I could not be that upset even in this pitiful state. Not that many people understood me when they came to know me. Throughout the years, many thought they should have thrown me in the local mental ward because of the ideas I'd had.

Nevertheless, my determination and visions had made me one of the most recognizable names in London, apart from the fact I inherited my father's large fortune.

Still, even with all the money and notoriety, I had always felt something was missing from my life. I longed for something new to happen. Whether it was a new discovery or invention it had to be different from what I had already seen.

I looked at the experiment I had been working on for seemingly weeks in disgust. Things hadn’t been the same anyway since Lawrence departed but I was determined to move on with my life’s work despite what happened to him. I had to hold on to the hope he would return.

After around the fifteenth trial of not receiving my desired result, I retreated to my bedroom to sleep. Unlike times before, I decided not to read before bed but instead lay there until my eyes got too heavy.

I hoped the nightmares would not start again since after they occurred I stayed awake staring at the ceilings of my room, often needing a drink of the alcoholic variety to put me to rest. I felt myself becoming rather dependent on the beverages. Certainly, doing this sort of thing would cloud my senses and not allow me to function properly. Many men of science I knew had become like this and I refused to become one of them.

I’ll never.

I always reassured myself that I wouldn’t continue to down this dangerous path, however, everyday, being alone with only yourself to talk with could be a detriment to one’s mental state.

Although fully capable of doing everyday things, I’d come to accept that I was different. After all, for one, I wasn’t attracted to women. Two, I enjoyed reading more than being outside playing in games.

In fact my mom would frequently say that she wished I’d be like “normal” boys and go play ball instead of reading. This from the same woman who didn’t know how to read until after she birthed me. With the help of my caregiver, I taught myself how to read the written word thus showed my mum in the process. Still, even afterwards, she didn’t consider it as an important skill. “I’ve always had people to do things like read for me,” she said, giving illiteracy credence. Totally absurd but true.

If I wasn’t able to read and learn I might die.

Such is true of me, Doctor Hayden Curry. I preferred to have my mind stimulated before anything else. This isn’t saying that I didn’t enjoy the sins of the flesh because I did, but, books were like gold to me, more important than any penny I owned. I’d inherited most of it which allowed me to live the lavish lifestyle and work on experiments instead of seeing patients to cure their ailments. I wasn’t interested in short term solutions anyway. I wanted results that could change the world and mankind forever.

Michael Mandrake is the author of several novellas including his latest, Vertigo from Sizzler Editions. His next books, True Meaning 2: The Complete Portrait from XOXO and Under the Gun from No Boundaries Press are due out in 2012. To find out more please visit http://tabooindeed.blogspot.com

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Out Now: For The Love Of Bondage By Emy Naso

Emy Naso again proves that she can deliver BDSM erotica like no one other.  If you like your sexy fiction with just the right amount of romance then this is the book for you: For The Love Of Bondage 

Emy Naso delivers another tale of bondage, extreme sensuality and a central character full of feisty fun, feminine wiles and zest for sexy living.  
A steamy erotic novel of bondage and submission like no other! When her husband died, Ellie Lewis was willing to become a merry widow. But where was the money for the high life of sexual enjoyment? Did her late husband have any, or has he beaten all the odds and taken it with him? If there is cash from the old miser she’d love to indulge her love of young men and bondage. Theirs not hers. Searching high and low, Ellie looks for clues as to where her very late husband might have hidden his ill gotten gains. She discovers he had a secret and very sexy other life, and to find her path to fulfillment, the widow becomes a strict FemDom, realizing her taste are for both sides of gender enjoyment.  See why our readers consider Emy Naso to be one of the very best erotic writers we have!

Out Now: Pushing Boundaries By Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson has really proven herself to be a true genius when it comes to telling hot tales of BDSM and romance and this, her newest book, proves that she's just getting better: Pushing Boundaries

Raine and Lara are entwined in a grand scheme by higher forces to separate them from what they most need. After being told she's too cold and clinical, Lara decides to apply to a very unusual sex camp to shake off her extremely religious upbringing.  When she arrives, she discover bondage and submission are part of the camp's program, and fear grips her as the boundaries of her sexual experiences are pushed. What Lara doesn't know is the celestial rammifications of what is happening to her or that she is being prepared for out of this world experiences. It simply doesn't get any better than Amber Rose Thompson - and with PUSHING BOUNDARIES you'll see why!  A hot, steamy, wild, yet touching tale of bondage, submission and romancee.

Out Now: Desire Under The Eaves [Horror Manor II] PM White

Now this is a real, honest, thing to celebrate: we know you liked the first book in PM White's erotic horror trilogy so this, the release of the second book, will give you both the chills and tickle your fantasy: Desire Under The Eaves [Horror Manor II] 

Eyeball man’s sinister plans take a backseat to the sexy Julie Bender, who fascinates him in a way no other woman has. But his lewd infatuation is destined for a short life, thanks to the cats of Berge Manor. Even they know pure evil when they see it. Mama desires only peace among the family, but she’s been targeted by her dangerous sibling, forcing the rotund caregiver to rethink her kind ways. Unlike Mama, the sensitive Glass would rather be left alone. Known as the famous columnist Rogers Sloan, Glass hides in secret rooms throughout the manor and wishes only for solitude. Eyeball man, who sees weakness in Glass, plans to grant that wish… Enter the Berge clan: Rhombus, Janis, Big Jim, Mama, Eyeball man, Glass, and Billy. Rhombus, the elder of the gang, wants only what’s best for his quirky brothers and sisters, but knows there will always be an obstacle preventing that noble goal. Eyeball man plans to make the family whole by cutting the fat from the group. Jealous of his brother’s natural leadership abilities, he sees the murder of Rhombus as the icing on the cake.
The second in PM White’s gothically-charged trilogy of erotic horror!

Out Now: Booty Tails By Madison Green

Fantastic!  Here's a spicy erotic treat for fans of short-and-nasty sexy tales: Booty Tails By Madison Green

Delicious tales of women with curves in all the right places and a lustful desire to please.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Out Now: My Love Of All That Is Bizarre: The Erotic Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes Edited By M. Christian

Now here's something very, very special: a collection of wonderful erotica - by some very special writers - about everyone's favorite genius detective, Sherlock Holmes: My Love Of All That Is Bizarre: The Erotic Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes - Edited By M. Christian

For all that we know about Sherlock Holmes there is much that is a complete and total mystery about him - and, as he would say himself, a that is a puzzle that should be addressed.  Is it any wonder that so many of us have scratched our much-smaller craniums and pondered his relationships, trying to use his own maxim of "when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth" to peer down deep into those mysteries?  This timely collection focuses on his unmentioned private life.  In short, the great detective's amorous inclinations, the part of life Victorians were so silent on, but so profligate in its practice.  And the authors don't stop there - you will also find stories about the sexual side of other key characters who make up the canon: Irene Adler, Mrs. Hudson, Dr. Watson, and even that most infamous of villains, Professor Moriarty.  Included are many of today's most popular authors including Michael Kurland (American Book Award and the Edgar Award finalist), Angela Caperton (Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica), M. Christian (Lambda Award finalist), and such other distinguished practitioners of the short story and novelette as Cesar Sanchez Zapata, Kate Lear, Wade Heaton, Dorla Moorehouse, Ivo Benengeli, Billierosie, Zachary Jean, PM White, Violet Vernet.  As Holmes himself said: "The game is afoot.  Not a word! Into your clothes and come!"

Out Now: San Francisco Bliss By Olivia London

San Francisco has never been so wonderfully erotic than in tales told by Oliva London - and she's back in another hotter-than-hot collection of San Francisco erotica: San Francisco Bliss

Another collection by the hotter-than-hot Olivia London.  If you liked SAN FRANCISCO LOVIN' then this follow-up collection is guaranteed to tickle your fancy ... and more! Olivia's stories have appeared in Ruthie's Club, For the Girls, Oysters & Chocolate and Salon.com.  She has contributed to numerous anthologies including Lesbian Love 3, The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss, and The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes. For lovers of erotica there is plenty of bliss to be had from reading this anthology.

Out Now: The Adventure At Baskerville Hall & Other Cases [The Secret Files Of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. II] By Kate Lear

We know you loved the first volume of Kate Lear's erotic adventures of the Great Consulting Detective - which is why you'll be as excited about her new volume of kinky Sherlockian erotica: The Adventure At Baskerville Hall & Other Cases [The Secret Files Of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. II] 

Holmes and Watson lovers? And the passion set loose between these two hunks heats up even the cold London nights. But first they must deal with that most canonical of blackmailers, Charles Augustus Milverton, who is blackmailing the pair, threatening to reveal their secret romance. Then Holmes and Watson detect and love their way through six more cases including a whole new perspective on doings at the legendary Baskerville Hall. Another astounding collection of Sherlockian erotica by our resident genius of the genre!  If you liked the first volume of HE SECRET FILES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES then this is the book for you.  No one is better at writing gloriously steamy erotica with the World's Greatest Consulting Detective and his best friend, Doctor Watson, than Kate Lear.

Out Now: Miss Collins' Amours By Eleanor Tremaine

Here's a special erotic novel for every fan of cougars and MILFs ... a steamy treasure by Eleanor Tremaine: Miss Collins' Amours

Is the city in danger with a cougar on the prowl? The young twentysomething men are for sure! Hide yourself hunks, Miss Collins is hunting. What happens when a veteran high school teacher finds a young male teacher right out of college is hot for her stirs up a storm. Soon she discovers her power over young men, when he introduces her to a few close friends who also worship older men. Miss Collins is another wonderful addition to the wild and gloriously spicy erotic world of Eleanor Tremaine!  Here's a real treat for anyone who likes their erotic romance with an extra level of sexuality!

Out Now: Vertigo By Michael Mandrake

Here's a special treat for anyone who loves a good gay erotic romance: a brand new book by a brand new author of this hot genre: Vertigo by Michael Mandrake

After losing his lover to mental disorder, Dr. Hayden Curry throws himself into work, silently wishing he could experience something extraordinary in love.  He finds his match in David, a creature Hayden revives after discovering him and hauling him back to his lab.  Upon awakening, David asks Dr. Hayden’s help in discovering more about himself.  Hayden agrees but senses secrets in David.  Will he get to the bottom of things and be able to continue the special relationship he and David have, or will the secrets that come forward tear them apart?

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If you like your reading in paperback, click on the banner to the left to visit the newly opened site for our sister imprint, Eros Editions. Eros has published a round dozen titles so far by authors including Blake C. Aarens, T. J. Lazier, M. Christian, Sascha (Bad Boy) Illyvich, Lori Selke, and our publisher, Jean Marie Stine.

Eros is still very much startup and we can only do about 20 books each year. But we think it is a good start.

The site is still under construction, and we still have books to ad. But we think you will find it a comfortable site to visit, and the selection of books, if small, impressive.

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Angela Caperton's "Barnacle Bill" from her Sizzler Editions collection Darkness and Delight has been selected by Maxim Jakubowski for inclusion in The Best New Erotica 11.

We are thrilled for her and thrilled to have a story that appeared first in an ebook we published chosen for this prestigious series.

An EPPIE Award winner, Ms Caperton's most recent ebook from Sizzler Editions is Springs a short novel with both bdsm and fantasy overtones.

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Call For Submissions: Sex In London

Call for Submissions

Sex in London
Tales of Pleasure and Perversity in the English capital
Edited By Elizabeth Coldwell

An anthology of stories about what makes London such a delightfully decadent city, to be published by Sizzler Editions (http://SizzlerEditions.com ).

We are looking for stories from new and established authors celebrating one of the most decadent cities on earth. You can hardly think about London and not think about sex.

Writers who live in or have been to the English capital, and have experienced the passion that sizzles beneath its stiff upper lip, are invited to explore in their stories what makes the city so closely associated with sex and sensuality.

Sex in London is open to submissions featuring all sexual and gender orientations. We seek stories with whatever kind of sex sums up “the English vice” -- from tender romance to the hardest kink and everything in between. From the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace to the curry restaurants of Brick Lane, from the statue of Eros at Piccadilly Circus to the swimming ponds on Hampstead Heath. As for characters, picture the kinds of people you see as quintessential Londoners, whether born within the sound of Bow Bells or moving there to take advantage of a city whose streets are paved with gold: duckers and divers, creative and media types, footballers and WAGS, the stallholders on Petticoat Lane, the foreign billionaires buying up real estate in Kensington and Chelsea, students, tourists -- you name it. And don't forget atmosphere, from crisp winter mornings to those rare but unforgettable sultry summer nights, from the streets once prowled by Jack the Ripper and the Krays to the coming excitement of the 2012 Olympics. Bring to life whatever London really means to you.

Equally important are believable, intriguing characters readers can care about, a compelling situation that drives the storyline, and well-realized scenes where we see, smell, hear, and feel what the characters experience of the world and people around them.

Submissions may be fiction or personal experience, but all submissions must be explicitly erotic.  In short, the sex should be the central focus of your story and not just an incident along the way.

Stories featuring incest, rape, underage characters, homophobia, bestiality, excessive violence, or any portrayal of excrement or urination, will not be considered. If you have questions about whether or not your story may work for this anthology, please contact Elizabeth Coldwell elizabeth_coldwell@yahoo.co.uk with your questions or concerns.

Both previously published and original works will be considered, though original material preferred.

Story length: 2,500 to 12,500 words
Deadline for Submissions: July 1, 2012
Rights: First North AmericÅan Anthology Rights
Payment: $25, paid on publication

Email submissions should be sent to: elizabeth_coldwell@yahoo.co.uk - in the subject line put Sex In London Anthology Submission. File should be in doc (not docx) or rtf format, be sure to include contact information on all attachments.

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Out Now: Lost Girls & Others: Erotica By Lori Selke

Sizzler is extremely excited to be able the announce this fantastic new collection by the master erotica writer, Lori Selke: Lost Girls & Others: Erotica

"Lori Selke's erotic mind, like the stories that issue from it, is diverse, ironic, fearless, perverse, and smoking hot!" -Carol Queen, author, The Leather Daddy and the Femme.  
"Lost Girls and Others luxuriates in the lives and stories of iconic gender stereotypes, celebrating multiple genres, subverting clichés and turning them wickedly inside out. She inhabits the lives and loves of silent film stars, inserts lesbian twists into spaghetti westerns, delivers consumer product evaluation for the home pornstar network, not to mention hard boiled femme noire, and even Asian cuisine for foot fetishists. A sumptuous package of clever women having delicious, dangerous fun." -Wade Heaton, author, The Daphne Trilogy.  
CONTENTS:The Robber GirlThe Bachelor PartyThe Secret Life of Mr. CleanSex and the Married DykeDiary of a Lost GirlRuth, Roses, and RevolversThe Call Girl DetectiveCar TroubleThe CucumberAt the Pageant, The VampKiss and TellSouthern GirlsThe Snow Queen& other stories

"A true original; startling, strong and damn sexy. What a joy to see this new collection to entice a new generation of readers." -Laura Antoniou, author, The Marketplace 
"Lori Selke is a sick fuck, which is a good thing, and she doesn't hesitate to express that in a ferociously literate way...which is even better." –Simon Sheppard, author, Hotter Than Hell 
"One of the most honest and unapologetic erotic writers in the US market. Her work challenges you to do that thing that we all would rather not do, she makes you hot and thoughtful at the same time." –Robert Lawrence, President, the Center for Sex and Culture

Out Now: Exposed! More Tales Of Exhibitionism By Scylla

There is simply no one better at gloriously kinky erotica than Scylla - and this new collections shows just how good Scylla can be: Exposed! More Tales Of Exhibitionism

A collection of wildly sexy tale of submission and exhibitionism by a master of erotica!  If you like your reading kinky then look no further than this compendium of steamy fiction! Includes: FOR ONE NIGHT ONLYFORGIVING SANDYAMATEURSA NIGHT AT THE OPERATHE COLLECTIVEHIATUSTHE DOLLPATRICIA'S FRIENDSIMPATIENCE

Out Now: The Cottage By Rory R. O'Neal

Sizzler is pleased and proud to bring you the very best in erotica - and the works of Rory R. O'Neal are the very best - and he shows just how good he can be with this new treat: The Cottage 

Dorothy, a forty year old, natural redhead, and buxom BBW, has returned to live alone in her dead parents’ cottage, where she had spent most of her life up to the age of twenty or so.  A natural recluse, and extremely shy, she is noticed, while delivering eggs to the local shop, by Monty, a debonair roué in a red sports car, who finds himself taking a fancy to her.  A self-confessed rogue, he finds out where she lives from the owner of the shop and makes plans to seduce her.  However, things do not work out as he expected, and he finds himself on the emotional receiving end of more than he had bargained for.  Having activated a hidden slutty, submissive side to the demure and gentle Dorothy, for the first time he discovers his own vulnerabilities.  His partner in crime, wealthy Aristocrat Charles de Fenwyck, with whom he went to school, has other ideas, as he and Monty have always shared their latest conquests.  Having lent the couple his large ancestral home while he is away on business and not realizing that Monty is serious about the woman, he returns early with disastrous consequences.  Can Dorothy and Monty keep their new found bond in the face of his past and Charles' plans for the future.

Out Now: Sabrina's Enslavement By D.W. Collins

Here's a treat for allo you fans of male-dom BDSM erotica: a brand new treat my D.W. Collins - Sabrina's Enslavement

Attorney Sabrina Kramer is deeply frustrated with her sex life.  Her doting fiancé, Nathan Burger, is unable to fulfill any of the vivid fantasies submission to a dominant male that fuel her sexual desires.  When she hears about a company that specializes in helping women live out such dreams, Sabrina immediately hires their services. Soon Sabrina is flown to a private reserve. But faced with the reality Sabrina escapes, and manages to avoid capture. She encounters a rugged man on horseback, who quickly throws her over his mount and carries her back to an isolated cabin, where he begins an intense program of training her to submit to his every wish. Soon she is experiencing extremes of bdsm that leave her terrified and shaken, willing it only to stop. For the man who holds her captive, Michael Guyer, is a suspect in a previous abduction and killing. Meanwhile, Sabrina's fiance Nathan is searching for her, having finally realized how much Sabrina needs a dominant male in her life. He hopes it is not too late to make the dramatic changes in his behavior he now longs for too and help her to experience the fantasies of romantic bondage that she has always craved.

INTOXICATION - New eBooks Promo for Jan 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

1st YouTube Promo Video for Intoxication Erotic Romance Imprint

Using his newly upgraded video editing system, Bill Mills of Las Vegas' Mills Productions has produced especially for YouTube an incandescent promotional piece on our Intoxication imprint for romantic erotica.

You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkJsAu3wNIM/

The covers literally explode off the screen.

More promo videos for other Sizzler Editions imprints coming soon.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Out Now: Bondage Boys By L.H. Leroux

Here's a very special treat for fans of male-male erotica, a wonderful new book by  L.H. Leroux: Bondage Boys

Hot new writer of male-male romance and bondage. Sweaty and compelling. Everything told Steven that he should cut and run, but his heart told him something different.  He had been running from one lover to another for years, but he never found the man that would steal his heart.  David needed a new contractor to finish his kitchen that the contractor from Hell had begun or his wife would kill him.  Steven didn’t need the work, but the minute he set eyes on David, he knew he had to have him. No one would have ever expected the two of them to be drawn together in such a way, especially David’s wife or even David himself.  Could Steven show David the pleasure that only another man could give him?  David found that he liked a man that was dominating, but was afraid as Steven took him deeper into a relationship that David could never explain.  Would David surrender willingly, or would Steven have to fall back onto tight bondage to seduce David into succumbing? Steven took it slow, romancing David at the same time he pushed the limits.  The first touch, the first kiss, each time David surrendering to Steven’s demanding passion.  Could a heterosexual male sexually satisfy another man?  Would he?  Can Steven steal the heart of David from his wife and make him his own or would Steven go back to searching for his eternal mate?

Out Now: Lord Of The Otherfolk [The Gadifriald's Saga #6] By T. J. Lazier

Here's fantastic news for fans of otherworldly erotica - a brand new book in the bestselling Gadifriald's Saga by T. J. Lazier: Lord Of The Otherfolk

The sixth instalment of "Gadifriald's Saga" of our bestselling saga of magic and eroticism!  If you like your sexual fantasies to take wing - quite literally - then this series will lift more than your spirits!

Out Now: Taken By Tabitha Bradley

We know you love science fiction erotica - which is why we know you'll love this newest book by our resident master of the genre, Tabitha Bradley: Taken!

A outrageous science fiction sexual fantasy like no other!  With TAKEN you'll see why Tabitha Bradley is considered to be a true master of not just erotica but science fiction and fantasy as well.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


From today's Publisher's Weekly feed:

The final numbers from Nielsen BookScan are in for 2011 and they show that print sales through the outlets it tracks fell by just over 9% in the year. Total units sold were 651.2 million. The decline in 2011 was about double that of 2010 and reflects the closing of Borders and rise in digital sales. Adult fiction and mass market paperback had the largest declines in the year.
Print sales in the week after Christmas took a steep dive, down 30% compared to the same week in 2010.

Look upon the print book, oh ye mighty and weep.

Thank God I'm a country girl (who publishes ebooks)!

Jean Marie Stine

Monday, January 2, 2012

Out Now: The Accelerates By J. Heflin

If you like your lesbian BDSM erotica with the extra-spice of science fiction then The Accelerates by J. Heflin is the book you've been waiting for!

Lesbian futuristic superheroine pulp. Two women engineered to be superhuman, they fell in love with each other. Former lovers, Arin and Lauren. whose lives and fates are interlinked by their genetic heritage are pulled together in a quest to stop a serial killer. They know the man they chase. They’ve battled him before. And he defeated them. That defeat changed their lives, driving them apart as they wallowed in guilt. Arin threw herself into her work as a superhero. Laurie, whose physical wounds mirrored her mental anguish, was forced to step away from the work and the woman she loved. The killer’s reemergence pushes them back together. Old passions reignite as they track down the man who tore them apart.

Out Now: Julia's Choice By A. J. Arnost

Here's a real treat for fans of not just steaming hot erotic fiction but steaming hot erotic fiction with a male-dom BDSM twist: Julia's Choice by A. J. Arnost

Fans of Powerone and J. W. McKenna will love the bondage novels of A. J. Arnost.