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Out Now: Delilah's Passion By Sarah Bella

Sizzler always prides itself on bringing fans of wonderfully-hot erotic romance the best we can deliver, and here is a real treat: Delilah's Passion by Sarah Bella

"Delilah Steele was living the high life.  She had a high-powered job, a man she loved and nothing was holding her back.  When her world, and her trust, was irrevocably shattered by the man she loved, Delilah had no choice but to return to the town she grew up in – and couldn’t wait to leave.  There she goes to work for Aiden Dean, a handsome heartbreaker who seems to have his eye on Delilah. When Delilah’s long-absent father arrives on the scene, she has to figure out how to cope with his presence and desire to be a part of her life.  Now Delilah has to learn how to live – and love – all over again.  Will her hard knocks past continue to haunt her, or will Aiden break through her tough exterior and show her that forever can be a good thing?"

Out Now: The Cure - A Lesbian Novelette By Tresart L. Sioux

Here's a real treat for fans of lesbian erotica - a new release by Tresart L. Sioux: The Cure - A Lesbian Novelette

Sapphic Sizzler from the Author of Harley Bitch Slave and Women of the Night. From the Text: I was burning up. Not only was I drenched inside; my whole body felt like it was on fire. I opened my mouth. She slid her fingers in my mouth and I began to suck. I sucked our sweet, musky liquid, swallowing. Thank you God! Thank you Aphrodite! Thank you Nancy, Iris, Julie, Diane and Valerie! "Mm…you're good," she said. "That's it, drink me like you would a fine glass of wine."

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Out Now: Taken Bi Love By Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson is - simply put - a star erotic writer guaranteed to stimulate even the most jaded fan of erotica in ways they couldn't expect, and with her new bisexual treat, Taken Bi Love, you'll see why.

Sex for pay is the way Brian likes it. No talking, no intimacy, no ties. His body for sale to whoever pays the price. Then his sister guilts him into taking on Rebecca, a virginal, man-shy customer on a pro bono basis. Soon, Rebecca's "no's" become "yes's". Now Rebecca wants him to talk and share his life before she's willing to get undressed. Soon, their forced intimacy makes Brian reassess what he really wants from sex, and Rebecca throw caution to the wind when she finds an orgasm is what makes life worth living. What neither expects is to make basic discoveries about their own sexuality and preferences. The result is a surprise happy ending - when each is taken by bi-love - because sometimes sex has a way of rewriting the rules for love.

Out Now: Whip Me By David Jewell

Sizzler is all about cutting edge - if not over-the-edge - BDSM fiction and one of the best we feature is David Jewell, and after reading Whip Me you'll see why!

Here's a book for book for die-hard fans of bondage erotica: a brand new book by our resident master of the genre, David Jewell: Whip Me! The adventures of Erick Stone, a Laguna Beach lifeguard and master of the whip, continue in this fast-paced sequel to Have Whip Will Travel.  As a whip master, Erick Stone used his well-honed talent to give women the pain they craved and were more than willing to pay to get. Then he met Apollonia, a voluptuous Italian, open-minded and curious.  Erick knew he had found his soul mate.  For the first time in his life, he was in love.  He wanted Apollonia as his wife, his submissive wife.  Two weeks after proposing, he married Apollonia in a special wedding ceremony at his house and attended by a few special friends.  It was followed by a wedding orgy of bondage, pain, control and sex that created a lasting memory for all who were lucky enough to attend. For Erick and Apollonia, it was only the start of a life of love, submission and whips.  They were both eager to discover where their new of life as husband and wife, master and submissive would take them.

Out Now: Femdom Forever [The Best Of M. J. Rennie Vol. I] M. J. Rennie

There are very few writers as good as M. J. Rennie - and we are extra-proud to be able to bring you the first in a two-book set of some of his best BDSM erotica: Femdom Forever [The Best Of M. J. Rennie Vol. I]
There is simply no one better at writing wonderfully hot female dominant erotica than M. J. Rennie - and with the first in this new series celebrating femdoms, you'll see why! Rennie writes: "My stories almost invariably feature a self-assured, sexually aware, and typically mature woman in full possession of her powers. Older, vivacious, well-favored women are the most erotically interesting people around, if you ask me. As a reader of erotica, what do I want? I want a good fantasy, one I can re-create mentally when I am in a boring meeting at work, in the shower, taking a walk, riding in the car, or while I am examining produce at the grocery store. What I eventually discovered was that the stories I wanted to read were ones that I had to write myself, since I didn’t see anyone else writing them at the time. As I got better at writing erotica, the stories were endlessly fine-tuned and rewritten, for the best possible effect. Publication soon followed.  So here is a collection of author-selected works, including all of my favorite femdom stories. I sincerely hope they are as fun for you to read as were for me to write. Femdom forever!"

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Out Now: Wicked And Wild West By Powerone

There's a very good reason by PowerOne is considered by many to be our star writer of wildly hot BDSM - and with his newest book, Wicked And Wild West, you can discover his talents for yourself!

At the mercy of outlaws, Indians and gunslingers this family endures hardship and captivity as they travel to the west in 1850. Bondage and submission are extracted from them, but they endure to arrive in the Wicked and Wild West. Their lives changed, they embark on new journeys that take them far from what they could have imagined when they left. The survivors relinquish their bodies in ways they never could have envisioned, but all have found something they craved deep in their souls.  By the best-selling author of BDSM TODAY!

Out Now: Out Now: [The Swingers, Book I] Women In Control By Dax St. James

A lot of people are curious about the world of swinging - and here is just the book for those who have been looking for a guide to that new and sexy world: [The Swingers, Book I] Women In Control by Dax St. James

A woman introduces her new man friend to the mysterious world of swinging. Read this eye-opening, first person account of people who have dared to admit to themselves that monogamy is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and for some monogamy = monotony. Enter this strange realm, which many outsiders think is just a male wet dream, but where women actually call all the shots. Far from being weird or freaks, swingers are normal everyday people from all walks of life. For a lot of adventurous men and women swinging is too frightening to explore. But for others, it can be a marriage-saving and life-changing experience. Let Dax St. James be your guide to the wildly erotic, but carefully structured and bounded, territory of swinging in all its aspects. This book reveals that what most people believe about swinging is wrong and dispels many myths about swingers (see below). With the first book in this combination true confessions and guidebook, St. James shares his experiences of one couple in a strange land, with advice. humor and honesty.

Ten Top Myths about the Swinging Lifestyle

Myth #1

Myth-Swinging is just an excuse for men to cheat on their wives

Reality-The swinging lifestyle is a couple’s lifestyle in which both the husband and wife partake in the sex together. One of the compelling reasons couples get into the swinging lifestyle is to expand their sexual horizons and carry out some of their sexual fantasies in a safe venue.

Myth #2

Myth-The swinging lifestyle is a man’s world that is demeaning to women. Women are forced into it.

Reality-The tone of the swinging lifestyle is set by the women. Swinging is a Jekyll and Hyde experience for the couple allowing them to enter a second life. Whether it is the dress, sexual behavior or attitude, it is the women who go through the greater transformation from Dr. Jekyll to Ms. Hyde. As a consequence women find themselves in control, not the men. There is not much “forcing” taking place.

Myth #3

Myth-Swingers are typically “trailer park trash” low life people.

Reality-The swinging lifestyle is made up of people from all walks of life. There are doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs in the lifestyle. Nurses, teachers, flight attendants and housewives. Your neighbor could be a swinger, however your typical swinger is discrete and does not advertise their choice of lifestyle.

Myth #4

Myth-Swinging is just about wife swapping.

Reality-This is perhaps the greatest misconception of swinging. Swinging is a lifestyle. It is about couples escaping into a second life that includes erotic evenings, vacations, parties and events. The friendships couples make in the lifestyle transcends the sex. You shift into a world of like minded people who are there to have fun. Sex is simply the icing on the cake.

Myth #5

Myth-Swingers are mostly old out of shape married people.

Reality-The age group of swingers spans from the Gen X and Y couples to Boomers. However a common theme in all age groups is to be in good physical shape. Since there is a sexual theme central to the experience most people want to look good. There is no shortage of extremely attractive swinging couples in the lifestyle.
Myth #6

Myth-If I go into a swing club or event I must have sex with someone.

Reality-Sex in the swinging lifestyle is totally optional. Many couples who come into a swing club (or other venue) are there for the erotic atmosphere. Some couples come so that the female half can dress in a revealing outfit. Some come for the erotic dancing, or the meeting of like minded people and friends. Sex is optional not mandatory.

Myth #7

Myth-Most women in the swinging lifestyle are prostitutes or promiscuous women.

Reality-If there are prostitutes in the swinging lifestyle it is because they are there with their spouse as a normal swinging couple. The concept of a prostitute going to a swing club or event and attempting to charge for sex is much like taking sand to the beach. Female swingers are no more promiscuous in their “normal” life than their non swinging counterparts. The lifestyle is about allowing promiscuity without criticism if that is your choice. There are multiple reasons women are in the swinging lifestyle.

Myth #8

Myth-There is significant drug use in the swinging lifestyle.

Reality-There is no more drug use in the swinging lifestyle than in non-swinging venues. Probably less. Your typical swinger couple wants to be coherent when they are meeting people and having fun. There is drinking, but not to excess. Who wants to have sex with a drugged out drunk?

Myth #9

Myth-There is a lot of sexual disease in the swinging lifestyle.

Reality-A great majority of swinger couples practice safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases in the swinging lifestyle are extremely rare.

Myth #10

Myth-Swingers have no rules. It is about mindless sex orgies.

Reality-Nothing could be further from the truth. All swingers have rules. Each couple sets the parameters of what they can handle sexually. There are many forms of swinging. Some couples are soft swingers and restrict their sexual contact. Some couples prefer a one on one encounter. Some couples prefer threesomes. Some couples enjoy separate play, and yes some couples prefer orgies. The sex couples engage in is their option. The keys are that the couple agrees up front on what works for them and that the swinging lifestyle provides you with a safe venue in which to engage in your sexual fantasies.

Out Now: The Traffickers Vol.1 By Mary Alice Clarke

There is simply no better writer of cutting-edge BDSM thrillers than Mary Alice Clarke, and her new book, The Traffickers Vol.1, proves it!

FICTION TORN FROM THE HEADLINES. From the author: "Women who say that they could never be broken and would never submit have not been there.  They have not been sexually tormented day and night for days and weeks.  They have not spent every minute of those days and weeks under the threat of horrific punishment and slow, agonizing death, with no hope of escape or rescue, denied even the liberation of suicide, repeatedly and systematically violated in every way that a woman can be.  Some women play at being slaves.  But real slavery is a journey, which begins against a woman's will and ends when she has no will left. The stories that follow are fictionalized versions of the real experiences of women who made the passage."

Out Now: The Captive By T. B. Robertson

For those who love a really-hot and well-written BDSM novel here's a great prize: The Captive by T. B. Robertson!
The Captive takes an unflinching look at the horrors experienced by those abducted by modern day pirates and of human trafficking.  Newlyweds Keri and Sebastian Preston while honeymooning in  Micronesia become victims of pirates when their yacht is captured.  First they are separated, and then new bride Keri Preston is sold  to the Director, who directs and produces black market  videos.  The Director forces Keri to perform sex acts in his movies that the films are only sold in third world countries.  As Keri lives out her worst nightmares in front of the camera, she imagines the  sorts of men who will derive pleasure from watching her go through so much pain and degradation. If her captures were merely religious zealots or political  fanatics, she might have been left alone until someone back home paid her ransom. But not every woman abducted aboard is taken because of a difference in  ideology. Some women are taken to be sold into captivity. And some of those  captives are forced to perform in illegal videos. Cover image: J. Stephen Hicks

Out Now: Sex On The Job By Dan August

Here's a real treat for fans of well-written and wonderfully hot erotica: Sex On The Job by Dan August!

He followed the tips for sales success - to sexual success! The exuberance of youth is wonderful. The inexperience of youth is frightening. Remember starting your first 'real' job and the joy and excitement of embarking on your new career? How long before you realized that four years of higher education were not sufficient training to survive in the real world? For Mark, the doubt begins even before his first day of work. Sex on the Job follows a young man's evolution from naïve college graduate to a full-fledged sales executive. The journey is not easy and is peppered with lessons in both sales negotiations and steamy sexual etiquette. Mark joins a national firm as a Regional Marketing Representative, a glorified salesman, and is immediately thrust into a shark tank without a spear gun. A non-existent client base, an ill-equipped manager and a vice president who likes to play mind games; he is immersed in work turmoil. On the verge of losing his job, our young hero finally lands his first sale. But job security again turns to jeopardy, when he realizes that the sale has come with unexpected strings. In an intriguing encounter, Mark must use both his evolving sales skills as well as his sexual prowess to turn the tables on a very sexy, but highly manipulative MILF client. To complicate matters, Mark establishes a romantic connection with Beth, a colleague located in a distant city. It leads to a very erotic internet 'training' and mutual masturbation session, but ends abruptly when Beth confesses a dark background and hints of a possible suicide. While juggling job issues, Mark struggles to find and save his new love, and in route encounters a few of the perks of being a traveling salesman, including a strip club featuring a pair of busty twins conjoined by a faux cock, a cute but naïve business partner who wants to be mentored at work and in the bed, and a seasoned commercial rep looking for sensual fun. Proceed with caution, as Sex on the Job may entice you into an on-the-road sales career, or at least prompt a request to your boss for some work related travel.

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Coffee Beans and Love Scenes gives Branded Hearts 5 Cups!

Rating: 5 Cups

Thrilling romance - and female domination! Margarit St. James has her heart set on running the Action Adventure Division of her family's virtual publishing company, but when her father refuses and gives her the Branded Division instead she's furious. She's never had any luck with romance in her personal life, how can she manage a division that specializes in it? Even worse--her Vice President of Operations, turns out to be the man of her dreams, but his personal issues kept them from exploring what could have been. Now, it's her past getting in the way. Alex Barrett is livid when he learns he's been demoted to VP, that is until he sees who's taken over. Margarit has haunted his dreams ever since the fateful night he'd pushed her away. He’s learned that you can heal your emotional scars enough to love again. Feeling that providence has given him a second chance with Maggie, he decides to show her how to heal emotionally and learn to trust others with her safety, but will she be able to accept the woman who holds the other half of his heart too? Jasmyn Carrara has always known she didn't possess all of Alex's heart. When she finds out the new boss at work is the one that holds the other half she'll stop at nothing to ensure that Maggie heals and becomes a part of their life


This is the first book I've read by Shay MacLean but will definitely NOT be the last. MacLean adds such dimension to the lead characters, Margarit and Alex, that the reader can't do anything but root for their combustible union. The way she digs into their lives, intermingles their love/hate relationship are priceless and had me in awe.
The tenderness displayed by Alex towards Margarit's emotional marks are believable and show such affection that I was speechless, wishing for such a male in my life to show the same emotion boundaries. Kudos to MacLean for creating such a story and allowing fans to become involved. I look forward to many more of her writings in the future.

Available at:
Amazon (Kindle Edition)
Barnes & Noble (Nook book)

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Excerpt from Wolf Magic

Wolf Magic
Sascha Illyvich
55 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Buy Here from Sizzler Editions

An enthralling contemporary fantasy, and a passionate erotic romance. Marco and Selene. Werewolf and witch. He is the sexy, rebellious young werewolf whose anger and violence are legendary. She is a sexy, mature witch into whose care the elders of his pack have given Marco. At once she realizes he is more dangerous and powerful that the other werewolves. To Marco she is the most desirable woman he has ever met, and he knows he will never give up until he possesses her. As she attempts to show him wisdom, he subjects her to his very considerable charms. Something has to give - and does. As nights of torrid lovemaking and nights of the full moon when he tears himself from her side alternate, neither suspects that they are at the center of a conspiracy by the leaders of Marco's pack, or that they may all be pawns in an ancient prophecy from the dawn of time. For the love that binds them both is bringing death nearer with every beat of their hearts. Marco is strong and Selene wise, but these are as nothing to the power of the danger that threatens them.


"You," the elder opened his eyes, pointing at Marco with a long,
bony finger, "shall be banished from our pack and sent to live with the
humans until you can control yourself and grow up."
Marco rose up on his haunches. "But Elder, aren't you going to—"
"Silence! We have already decided what is best. Do not question
us, Marco."
Live amongst the dirty humans?
Bowing his head, Marco closed his eyes. Having his freedom
rescinded again would have been easier. At least he'd have been in
the forest where he could run freely and not be constrained by man's
stupid rules. But … live with the humans? He felt a rush of pain so
big it didn't fit inside his chest. He glanced up at the Elder's impassive
face, wondering if he'd heard the thoughts inside his mind. They
couldn't do that, could they?
He didn't know, but he thought he saw a glimmer of compassion –
but no, he must have been mistaken.
Kiba's voice was cool. "You will be allowed back when you have
gained self-control. I think finding," he sighed, "another female to be
with, would calm you down considerably."
"You want me to find my mate?"
"Yes. We feel it will further our goal toward the prophecy."
The prophecy had something to do with the Opeth pack regaining
its former greatness. Much beyond that, the Elders hadn't spoken a
word of it though all seemed to know of its importance among all
"I see," Marco's said in resignation. "But what about the hunters?
Aren't they finding more of us and killing us off?"
"Not in America." Kiba coughed. "And it wouldn't matter. Wolves
must survive the same way other creatures do. The strongest and
smartest will survive. The rest will surely die."
Marco smirked. "That hardly seems fair."
"We are not fair creatures, Marco. We are merely here to find
paradise and reclaim it."
An eyebrow rose and Marco leaned forward. "Yes, Elder, but
Kiba shrugged and heaved a sigh. "Yes. America. I have already
made arrangements with the former pack witch to take you under her
wing. She owes me."
"I didn't know we had a witch."
"We don't!" Kiba's face turned a shade of red. "Your banishment,"
he cleared his throat, "begins now. Take him away from here." Kiba
waved a hand dismissively at Marco.
"But—" his eyes widened and Marco felt two hands gripping his
Struggling against his captors, he kicked out at Kiba. "I'm not ready
for the real world. I'm not ready for the humans. What about the
hunters?" What abou—"
Caught by the power of Kiba's eye, Marco calmed down instantly.
His body went numb then all went black.
* * * *
"Hey, mister, get up. Did you come home drunk last night?"
Marco felt something poking him in the shoulder. Opening his
eyes, he saw a kid with a large stick and rose up with a growl. The
kid backed off, terror on his face. He dropped his stick, turned, and
stumbled into a pile of trashcans in his race to get away even before
Marco lunged forward and growled again. The boy scrambled to his
feet and ran off.
What the fuck had happened? Where am I? Pain shot through
Marco's head and he remembered. Banished from my pack.
They'd left him in an alleyway. The full moon would come in a
few days and he'd change against his will. His senses weren't fully
developed and… kicking a rock, he sent it flying into a nearby wall
where it shattered into tiny pieces.
They expect me to die!
Crumbling mortar and discolored brick walls surrounded him,
stretching up several flights. The back stoop of some ratty old shop.
Trash cans the human brat had knocked over were not the only trash
around. Garbage was everywhere, the stink so strong, his eyes
watered, and his lip curled. Discarded boxes, cans, paper, rotting
food, stuff so rotted even his senses could not identify what it used to
be. He smelled rats.
His own pack had turned against him. Was he truly so destructive
he deserved a fate worse than death? It didn't matter. Others were
always making decisions for him. The elders were obviously in
charge of the pack, but even his sisters had forced him into a routine
"for his own good".
"Jackasses. Who needs them?" He kicked a trashcan.
If the humans caught him, he'd be killed. He'd been taught that
humans could see through his magic because his wasn't strong enough
to shield him from their fear.
So far he'd been lucky. The little boy should have known what he
At least he was dressed.
He ran his hands through his thick, matted hair. He picked
miscellaneous crap out of it. The wallet in the pocket held a credit
card, a single key, a slip of paper with an address on it and twenty
Gee, thanks. He spat on the ground.
It seemed to be dusk. Or maybe dawn. In this sickly atmosphere
he couldn't tell. When he wandered out of the alleyway, the stench
followed him. A few cars passed, and some people crossed the street
to avoid walking near him. To his left was a park. Large multistory
brick buildings stood on both sides of him. Ugly. He longed for the
forest so much he could taste it. He inhaled, sniffing through the car
exhaust and pollution for the sent of trees and grass and ... he smelled
Lightly perfumed floral scents wafting past told him she'd just
passed. Marco spun around, spotting a petite redhead across the
street. One glance told him everything.
He wanted her. Her.
His groin throbbed at the sight of this woman. Long, flowing red
hair swung to her shapely hips. Her chest bounced proudly, as she
walked tall even though she'd only come to his shoulders.
He dashed across the street with no thoughts of subtlety. The scent
of lilacs and roses grew stronger the closer he came. Marco caught up
with her.
She continued walking, oblivious to him.
His gaze focused on the top of her hips, her delicious, round ass
swaying with each step.
"Excuse me, Miss, I uhh … can you help me?"
She turned around, her mass of hair swinging. Piercing green eyes
sparkled brightly, forcing his blood downward.
"What do you want?" She crossed her arms over her ample chest.
Fumbling with his hands, he looked at her and recognized
something instantly within her. He couldn't place his finger on it,
Her impatient expression grew. She heaved a sigh. "Speak."
"I'm, I'm … I'm new here and I'm looking for this address."
While she tapped her foot, he fumbled with the wallet in his back
pocket like a green cub, finally retrieving the slip of paper with the
address on it.
She glanced at it then pointed a long, manicured red nail toward a
large red brick four-story building, "There."
Marco couldn't take his eyes off her ruby red lips.
Plump, juicy, kissable lips.
He was lupine, after all.
She sighed. "If you're finished staring at my tits, is there anything
else I can provide for you other than a cheap thrill?"
She didn't fear him. Humans usually feared him – especially
female humans.
She put her hand on her hip. "Wait here yourself. I've got business
to handle."
He scanned her body then glanced in the direction she'd pointed.
"That building?"
"What'd I just say? God, wolves are so damn impossible
"How did you know?"
"You must be the one I'm supposed to keep watch on. Marcus, or
something like that, right?"
Nodding, "Yeah, Marco."
"Great. You're coming home with me."
"I am?"
"Did I stutter? Yes, you are. Your pack warned me you were
young. What are you, seventeen?"
"Twenty-one," he stammered.
Feeling like an idiot, he watched her take his hand. "Put this in my
hand and I'll walk you back home with momma."
He gave her his hand.
But she took his lips. He had nothing to do with it. Honest.
Her lips sealed over his, her mouth pressing softly into his at first,
before gentle pressure built up and his head felt light. Her hand
running through his dirty hair stirred up the garbage stench. It also
stirred him below the belt, making his pants too tight.
His lips were bruised but he didn't care. She broke from the kiss.
"My sweet goddess," he felt tired now, his legs giving out under
him. "Not again. What's your name?"
Marco woke and groaned. He finally opened his eyes and winced
at the throbbing in his head. He surveyed his surroundings. To his
right was a cherry wood bookcase filled with books on two levels and
the top level held a few pieces of clay pottery. Through the window,
he could see the purple hue of the sun on the horizon.
Apparently, it was almost dusk. The thin white curtains covering
the window let in just enough light to accent the color of finish on the
round table.
Marco sniffed the air, and sneezed. That damned floral scent was
heavy. His head throbbed from the intensity.
"Bless you," a feminine voice rang out from behind him.
Marco stared at the redhead standing before him. Dressed in a dark
blue velvet long sleeved shirt and skintight blue jeans, she walked
closer swaying her hips. He lay splayed out on the plush white couch.
She stood over him her fiery red hair was pulled back in a ponytail
that swished around her hips. His body reacted by tingling; the beast
inside him would have howled if it were out.
"How did I get here?"
"You kissed me, and I had my knockout lipstick on. You fainted.
You do look yummy for a young pup," she purred.
Marco licked his lips.
"So, what'd you do to get this punishment from the elders?"
Marco sat up. "What's it to you?"
"Easy there, big boy. I'm here to help."
She took a seat beside him, crossing those luscious thighs. He
couldn't stay defensive when confronted with her body. Smiling at
her bare feet, Marco licked his lips.
"Cute," he pointed at her glittery green toenail polish.
"Thanks. I try."
"So, what am I doing here?"
"I'm helping your pack watch over you for the first month of your
"How'd I get that lucky?"
"Let's just say they owe me."
Leaning back against the soft cushion, Marco sighed. Running a
hand through his hair, he realized it was still dirty. "Could I get—"
"Shower's down the hall and to your left."
"Thanks." Marco didn't acknowledge the feeling of a little probe
inside his head, saying instead. "How'd you know?"
"I have my ways. Besides, as cute as you are for a young pup, you
smell of trash. Why the hell they had to throw you in that alleyway
for me to find is beyond me. What'd you do?"
"Tell me your name first."
Marco sniffed the air, the scent of daisies stood out, among other
things. "You want me, don't you?" he asked, easily recognizing the
scent of her arousal.
"Get in the shower, boy." Selene licked her lips.
Turning around, Marco felt a hand shove him down the hallway.
"Hey," he protested but was shoved past off-white walls with a few
pictures he didn't stop to look at.
Her slender arm pushed beneath his, opening the wooden door in
front of him. Light spilled onto a lavish purple rug that sat on gray
"You're very well to do," he muttered before his vest was yanked
off his shoulders and tossed aside.
"Look, lady I can undress myself." Marco spun around to face her.
Who did she think she was, undressing him as though he were still a
Her mouth plundered his. Her soft lips melted his rough edges and
he let it happen. Suddenly he didn't care that he was being ordered
around. In fact, he rather liked it because it was her, Selene.
Wrapping his arms around her waist, he easily hoisted her onto the
black countertop. Marco felt her thighs circling around his waist,
pulling him into her. "I'm not gonna pass out again, am I?"
"That depends, if I'm too hot for you or not."
Feeling her breath against his skin when she giggled, he arched his
hips toward hers. "Oh, we'll see," he promised.
Grinding his hips harder, he felt her lips vibrate against his ear. She
purred, making the hair on the back of his neck stand on edge. Her
fingers gripped a patch of hair and forced his head to hers, their lips
pressing against each other so hard, she forced a breath from Marco.
Her strength surprised him.
"Wolf, take these off." It was a command she growled against his
neck as he felt her tug his jeans. His heart began racing when he felt
her hand snaking down his stomach.
"You're hard."
"You're quick."
Throwing her head back, she pressed her breasts against his chest.
Marco cupped them through the thick material of her top, squeezing.
She moaned, when his thumbs circled her nipples into tiny peaks.
A hand ripped open the snap of his jeans, yanking down his zipper.
"No boxers? Nice," she purred and licked his lower lip.
He bit at her tongue catching it between his lips – a little game. He
made quick work of her shirt then unhooked her bra and helped slide
it down her arms while below his cock sprang free. The bulbous head
bobbed proudly against her jean-clad thigh.
"Shower, now." Two hands forced him away.
With his pants falling around his ankles, Marco spun around and
stumbled over his pants before kicking them free. Nearly falling in the
shower, he grabbed the curtain rod, shoving the large purple shower
curtain aside to reveal black tile.
He felt the sharp crack of her hand across his backside. The slap
echoed off the tiled walls. Stinging pain raced through his body from
his ass.
"Ouch!" He looked back to see Selene grinning.
"Shower," she repeated.
Marco climbed in the black tub and switched on the faucet. The
stinging cold blast of water hit him in the face. Yet through it he
watched Selene undo the snap on her blue jeans. His jaw dropped.
She shoved the jeans and white panties down to reveal a smooth,
hairless beauty with plump lips. How he wanted to sink his tongue
between them! His cock ached to be inside her.
Reaching out, he gently touched her round stomach. Even with his
bumbling strength, he managed to caress her.
She moved his hand from her stomach and took a step toward him.
She looked radiant, standing before him with her hair pulled back,
lustfully bright flames dancing in her eyes. Tugging the hair tie free,
she whipped her ponytail around, freeing the mass of hair so it flowed
around her shoulders. Long, thick locks blanketed her pale skin,
except for her pert nipples.
His mouth watered. Those glazed over sea-green eyes staring into
his, said plenty. She was a female in heat. Selene's buxom breasts
bobbed with each inhaled breath and she went willingly when he
pulled her into the bathtub and crushed their bodies together. Their
lips locked and water sluiced over them. He felt her heat instantly.
Flames danced over his skin, eager for her to engulf him.
"I'm dying to be inside of you." His voice was a low growl.
"Not yet, lover," she whispered, puckering her lips for a kiss.
Her moist red lips burned his flesh, trailing kisses of hot fire down
his torso while sharp teeth nibbled his skin. Marco, arching against
her mouth, felt his cock throb against her breasts. Hot kisses ignited
his body, made him harder. Sweat formed on his brow and he gasped
with each touch.
Her breasts crushing against him, her mouth assaulting his body
sent his senses spinning out of control. Her lips touched, she bit and
sucked his most delicate flesh, making Marco groan in pleasure. His
hands caressed her smooth shoulders, gripping handfuls of her
soaking wet mane. Tugging her lips from his chest, he plundered her
mouth with his, taking control of the kiss, taking control of her,
driving his tongue between her lips.
The temperature of the water had changed, heating things up more.
"You're trying to dominate me?" Selene threw her head back in
laughter but Marco's lips sank into her neck, sucking her skin. Her
fingernails raced along his spine to send shivers even as hot water
splashed against his back.
"Yes," he muttered.
"Fat chance," Selene pushed him away.
Her slender fingers clutched his cock and Marco growled, the
pleasure driving him wild.
"Do you feel powerful holding such a large cock in your tiny
Selene nodded, quivering as his fingers slid inside her, his hand
pressed against her sex. Her heat scorched him, searing his fingers.
Her molten core was ready and waiting for him.
"Give yourself to me," he growled.
"Not yet." Selene nibbled his ear, her tongue trailing down over his
neck in circles.
"Anticipation, wolf."
"I don't like waiting."

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out Now: Snap Shot II: A Gift Of Love By M. Millswan

With this brand new book in the Snap Shot series by one of our star erotica writers,  M. Millswan, you'll find just about everything you need in a sexually steamy read!  Check out Snap Shot II: A Gift Of Love and you will not be disappointed!

If you liked the other books in this outrageously sexy series (BUTTERFLIES, STEREOPTICON, LIONS AT THE GATE or SEX AND THE MILLIONAIRE'S DAUGHTER, or SPANKING THE BULL or THE INITIATION) by our resident master of classy erotica then you will absolutely enjoy this new volume: SNAP SHOT II: A GIFT OF LOVE!

Out Now: The Lion Man [The Breeding Stock Saga, Book 2] By Melissa Harlow

We simply cannot say enough good things about our star erotica writer, Melissa Harlow - and with her new book, part two in her Breeding Stock Saga, The Lion Man, you'll see why!

Sometimes there are things far worse than a masterful man! Imprisoned by a sadistic tyrant Shandie has all but given up on the idea of escape or rescue. After the epidemic, the only people left alive that she has encountered have been evil. They are the takers. Human beings, without conscience, who take what they need, or what they want, including women. Easygoing Vaughn, and his adopted son Nicky, happen upon the trailer where Shandie is being kept. Wanting a woman for themselves, they don't take their plan of getting her all that seriously until Nicky is critically wounded. With food running out and no medicine, to Vaughn, the situation doesn't seem like it could get much worse- except that Shandie keeps insisting that there is something evil in the woods. Vaughn has seen the signs that she's right, but he refuses to believe it. When they all come face to face with that evil they find themselves in a sick world where women are slaves, and the men are something far, far worse. If you enjoyed BREEDING STOCK - and we know you did - it's a book that has just about everything for fans of hot, well-written BDSM erotica - then you HAVE to pick up this  sequel, THE LION MAN By one of the current mistresses of BDSM erotica, MELISSA HARLOW! Cover: Sami Hursey

Out Now: Arcadia [A Diranda Saga Book] By Tabitha Bradley

Now here's a special treat for anyone who is a fan of erotica with some wonderful science fantasy thrown in: Tabitha Bradley's new book in her Diranda Saga, Arcadia

POWERFUL SCIENCE-FANTASY IN THE DARKOVER TRADITION! New revised, expanded, unabridged edition. Intergalactic adventurer soldier-of-fortune, Alexandra T'Kayn, returns to Arcadia, the Elysian colony world she grew up on, only to find you truly can't go home again. For her home world has been invaded by their enemy, the Regissians, in this enthralling science-fantasy of people, greed and ambition that only becomes more intense as it unfolds. A "Wild Psi," Alexandria's uncontrollable, but powerful, psionic powers have gotten her into big trouble in the past. When she was younger, these powers have attracted the attention of dangerous individuals who wished to make use of them for their own purposes. Their attempts to capture or control her were among the reasons she left her childhood home. Now she is back to use her abilities to help her besieged world and her friends. But Alexandria becomes a target when the leader of the Regissians, Cerin Tesar, an old enemy, discovers her powers that may hold the key to his dreams of galactic conquest. When Alexandria is captured, all seems lost -- but all is not lost. Worlds away, Alexandria's psionic cries are heard by the Guardians of Alara, a small, eclectic group of individuals blessed with a remarkable ancient legacy. Though splintered and at odds with one another, the Guardians realize they must help Alex and the Arcadians, for Cerin Tesar has taken possession of something powerful, dangerous; a mysterious Artifact that could possibly make him invincible. However, Cerin isn’t the only one after Alexandria. Another is his lecherous son, the sexy, handsome Sebastian, who even Alexandria finds disturbingly attractive; another is Justin Galliard, Alexandria's foster brother; and perhaps most dangerous is the renegade member of Guardians of Alara who is hot on her trail -- and is in full control of his powers. Arcadia is an intense, action-packed story, with elements of science fiction, magic, and romance. If you love extremely steamy erotica infused with wonderful fantasy and science fiction then you know all about Tabitha Bradley - and with her book, ARCADIA, you'll understand why she is considered to be one of the very best writers of sexual writing there are!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Out Now: The Extraordinary Adventures Of Dandy O'Donnell By Rory R. O'Neal

Here's a bawdy tale for all you fans of classic erotica with a BBW flair - a wonderful new novel by Rory R. O'Neal: The Extraordinary Adventures Of Dandy O'Donnell

She had an ovesized libido - and a body to match. Feisty BBW, Dandy O’Donnell has made a hobby out of interesting sexual encounters, the details of which are relayed to her old friend Madeline, who vicariously experiences through Dandy what she would never have the gumption to do for herself. In this volume, we are treated to thirteen accounts of such disgraceful shenanigans involving our eponymous heroine. Enjoy Rory's adventures as she indulges herself in the unlikeliest of places, stranded lifts, a milking parlour, a case of mistaken identity, a bank raid, a crowded subway train, a priest, a swimming pool, a biker’s camp, a lesbian builder and many more. Here's a new spin on the classic Victoriana tale of lust and adventure. Full of fascinating characters, steamy sex scenes, and outrageous sex!  The good old - and kinky - days have never been as grand as this new Rory O'Neal novel! Art: Sami Hursey.

Out Now: Humiliation Ii: More Stories Of Forced Exhibitionism By T.B. Robertson

Here's a real treat for readers of steamy BDSM erotica - and not just for those who enjoyed Humiliation I - a brand new book by T.B. Robertson: Humiliation Ii: More Stories Of Forced Exhibitionism

The idea of being nude in public makes most people cringe and is the stuff of nightmares. What would it really be like? What would someone have to do to make you appear naked before the eyes of others? Here's a book of hotter-than-hell erotica by a master of the genre that answers those questions. With five separate tales to choose from this collection is bound -- and then some -- to open your eyes to an experience you probably want to avoid. But are also curious about! Cover photo: Richard Williams

Q & A With Jan Vander Laenen

While Sizzler is proud of every book we publish every once and awhile we get our hand son a book that is simply ... special.  One of these is Jan Vander Laenen's Skillfully And Lovingly: Tales Of Male-Male Love And Lust. 

We sat down (so to speak) recently with the European author to ask him about his life and work:

Q: Why do you write the type of book you are best known for?

A: I really don’t know what I’m best known for, but I simply love to invent and write new stories who are generally based on one or more true facts which I then rearrange and to whom I add some white lies in order to build in a surprise element and to create a feeling of something that somehow transcends every day reality. I don’t really believe in a “predestined” character, it’s what life throws on our path that shapes our character.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: Mostly from looking and wandering around -Brussels is a very inspiring city- and associating impressions and events and things that I hear or that happen to me. I also read a lot, and when I come across an article in a newspaper that tells something unusual -like a man cutting, cooking and eating his own finger for instance- I put it in my archives.

Q: How and when do you write?

A: “Pen should never touch paper, until at least a well-digested general purpose be established,” says E. A. Poe. When I begin writing on my computer the story is almost always already finished in my head. I don’t really have a regular schedule, sometimes I write six stories in a month, and the next month only the beginning of a new tale.

A: What do you like most about being an author?

Q: The French song “Le blues du businessman” goes “t’aurais voulu être un artiste pour pouvoir être un anarchiste, t’aurais voulu être un auteur pour pouvoir inventer ta vie...” -you would have liked to be an author in order to be able to invent your own life. I like the idea of adding something to reality by writing.

A: What is your advice to beginning writers.

Look around you, be inventive and read! As for “how to write” books, Aristoteles’s “Ars Poetica” is unbeatable.

Q: Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

A: Thanks for reading me!

Q: What can your readers look forward to from you in the

A: New short stories and some “bigger” projects in the horror genre.

Here's a bit more about Jan Vander Laenen

Jan Vander Laenen was born on 18 May 1960 in the Flemish- speaking part of Belgium as the third and last child of a family of notaries public. In 1978, his elder brother passed away in a car accident, while his father packed his bags in 1998 after a life of quarrels with his wife and children.

At a young age, Jan excelled at school with his fairy tales and compositions, though he would rather have studied music. After finishing school, he studied law for two years and obtained his degree in History of Art at the Catholic University of Louvain with a thesis on the French painter, Eugène Delacroix.

A holiday flirt in Italy during the summer of 1983 had far-reaching consequences: for twenty-one years, Jan would have a relationship with a Tuscan man, find work as a Dutch-French-Italian translator while, at the same time, beginning to sharpen his pen.

Now, in 2011, Jan once again lives in the capital city of his country, Brussels. For the last five years he has had an allochtonous partner, and can look back on an extensive body of work : twelve collections of short stories, plays, and screenplays which have attracted keen interest abroad. A romantic comedy, "Oscar Divo", and a thriller, "The Card Game", are presently in the hands of a competent producer in Hollywood, while his short fiction collections, "The Butler" and "Poète maudit", and his horror play "A Mother's Revenge" are eliciting the requisite accolades in Italy.

His most recent publication are the tales “A Glass of Cognac” in Bears: Gay Erotic Stories (Cleis Press), “Epistle of the Sleeping Beauty” in Unspeakable Horror (Dark Scribe Press), “Fire at the Chelsea Hotel” in Best Gay Love Stories 2009 (Alyson Press), “The Stuffed Turkey” in Best Gay Erotica 2010 (Cleis Press),“The Corpse Washer” in Best S/M III (Logical Lust), “Lise” in Strange Tales of Horror (NorGus Press), and the Dutch and French version of his novel The housekeeper and other scabrous tales (‘t Verschil, Antwerp (Belgium) - Textes gais, Paris (France)).

Jan is a member of the Poe Studies Association. He presented his paper "Hypotheses on Poe's homosexuality" at the Bicentennial Congress in Philadelphia in October 2009. Jan is currently working on a play/screenplay around the life of the Romantic Belgian "horror" painter Antoine Wiertz (1806-1865), a novel called "The Psychomanteum" around the practice of mirror gazing, and a screenplay around the life of Lucida Mansi.

And here's an excerpt from Jan Vander Laenen's collection,  
Skillfully And Lovingly: Tales Of Male-Male Love And Lust:

“How do you like the Chablis,” Frédéric changed the conversation.

“The right temperature, a good aftertaste, why?” Laetitia answered the
Barman somewhat startled.

“Because I know that my wine merchant is probably also in need of a little
“Your wine merchant?”

“A certain René, a Frenchman. He is a sommelier, supplies wine to a number
of cafés here in the city centre, but his base of operations is the
brasserie “La Roue d’or”. I know that he is not really very good with
paperwork and with organising the many little trips he has to make to the

“And what have I to do with that?”

“But Laetitia, do not underestimate yourself, you have a fine smell and
tasting organ, from perfumes to wines is but a logical step.”

“And what does he want exactly?”

Frédéric gave me an impish wink.

“I don’t know, why not contact him and try to meet him, tomorrow or the day
after, he is always in the wine cellar of “La roue d’or.”

And, Laetitia was apparently warm to the idea, because after another two
glasses of Chablis, she took me by the arm and asked me whether I did not
want to have a look at her curriculum vitae on her computer at home.
So we made our way over to her little apartment, where I sat at keyboard,
and Laetitia already somewhat inebriated, took off her shoes and stretched
on the divan. 

“Your name is Laetitia De Becker,” I started typing.

“Yes, I have a Flemish surname,” she grumbled.


“Young.  Specify perhaps that I am Scorpio, ascendant Leo, with the moon in

“Passionate combination!  Noted.  Education:  secretaryship and languages?”
“Mother tongue:  French; decent Spanish and Italian; a little Dutch, not to
drive Flemish extremists furious, and English with a heavy French accent, to
charm American tourists.”

“Current occupation?”

“Maîtresse parfumeuse.”  [Perfume expert].

“Specific interests?”

“Chablis, Chablis, wines ... oh, yes,” Laetitia’s was now nearly slurring
her speech, “oh Jan, could you please finish my curriculum vitae, and then
just close the door behind you when leave, my head is turning slightly, and
I am going to nap a bit…”

And did I finish writing that document?  I certainly did.  I added her
address and other data, specified that she was still single, and then… and
then… as I looked at my dozing beautiful queen of hearts I waxed somewhat
poetically when I got to the heading “about myself” and added:  ... (from
Laetitia’s Curriculum Vitae)

Out Now: Saturday's Slave & Other Tales Of Romantic Submission By Reese Gabriel

If you like your BDSM erotica extra-hot, extra-steamy, extra-wild, and ... well, extra-extra then look no further than this new collection by Reese Gabriel: Saturday's Slave & Other Tales Of Romantic Submission

Here's a book that quite literally has something for everyone: a collection of some of Reese Gabrile's finest short works of hotter-than-hot bdsm fiction!  If you like your erotica light, hard, steamy, sultry but always excellent then this is the book you've been waiting for!

Out Now: All-Nighter By Scylla

Here's a treat for any fan of fans of scintillating erotica - a brand new book by Scylla: All-Nighter

Sara knows she is a sexual creature, she can´t help undressing men her head, but shyness has always cramped her style. When her new best friend invites her to join her for dinner with three male friends she soon discovers that she´s not alone in her desires. As she loses her inhibitions she finds herself confronting both her dawning bisexuality and her own exhibitionist nature, but that´s just the beginning of her voyage of sexual self-discovery. Before long she´s lost count of the taboos she´s broken. This is her confession, the shockingly explicit and startlingly honest account of one evening of sexual excess. After all, there´s a first time for everything and you never know how far you´ll go until somebody special takes you there. This brand-new title from our resident master of powerful erotica is a book that perfectly captures the power - and allure - of what makes a great erotic story great: wonderful characters, a brilliant story and (best of all) sex scenes that really sizzle!