Friday, March 25, 2011

Out Now: Even Now By Christina Rhys

If you're a fan of brilliantly written erotic romance then look no further than this new masterpiece by Christina Rhys: Even Now

"Heat Level: Simmering; Four Stars!" raves Just Erotic Romance Reviews about the work of Christina Rhys. On a cold, rainy January night four lives would be changed forever. Driving home from work one young man would fall asleep at the wheel of his car careening into the car driven by another young man killing him as a result. But as is so often the case in life this accident was just the beginning of a long winding road for the three people left behind. Ian Murphy, the driver who caused the accident, is put on trial for manslaughter. His father, Aiden Murphy, from whom Ian has been estranged for over ten years, feels compelled to attend the trial and support his son in whatever way that he can. What Aiden does not count on is the instant attraction that he feels for Canna Eastland. But Aiden sees no way that the mother of the young man that was killed in the accident could ever return his feelings. How could she be strong enough to be able to love the father of the man who killed her son? Canna Eastland’s world was turned upside down when Ian Murphy’s car slammed into her son’s car killing him instantly. When Ian’s trial starts Canna is determined to go and try and find something that will give her peace for the remainder of her life. What she finds is a man that manages to make her feel happy and very, very sexy. Things that she has not felt since her son died. But what will she feel when she discovers that this magical stranger is actually the father of Ian Murphy? Will Canna be able to forgive Ian and let Aiden Murphy into her heart and her bed permanently? Three people bound together by one senseless accident all praying that EVEN NOW they can walk away from this tragedy with love, peace, and happiness.

Out Now: Flashback Mountain - A Novel Of Bondage By Candace Smith

Here is a true treasure for every BDSM erotica fan: Flashback Mountain - A Novel Of Bondage, a new treasure by Candace Smith!

The gripping story of four innocents who are kidnapped and held captive for ten years on a mountain. They are rescued and placed in an asylum, until Nicki escapes.  To survive, she lives in a disillusioned state as ‘Autumn’, hiding from investigators for the Prosecution who want her to testify against Cain. The ‘Nicki’ personality has constant dreams and flashbacks of how Cain had seduced her and how she fell in love with him. Her ultimate goal is to get him released, and reclaim her erotic relationship with him.  The story has a lot of twists and turns, as both the legal ramifications for the abductors and ‘Nicki’s’ revelations on the mountain, lead the reader on a suspense filled ride.

Out Now: Soles In Torment By Colin

Here is a real treat for foot and leg fans: an entire brand new book by foot-fetish master writer Colin: Soles In Torment!

Jackson Foote collects feet…the bare, lusciously sensitive feet of submissive women.  If they displease him, they’re locked in stout wooden stocks and put through enough sensual torture to drive their owners mad.  When Jackson meets Tina, a young girl with sexy feet, but little self-esteem, he immediately knows she’s destined to be the fifth member of his very exclusive household.  Tina will be shackled, barefoot and helpless, and her soles and toes will be clawed, burned, tickled and licked until she’s willing to do anything to buy herself even a moment’s respite.  But her fellow prisoners, half insane from their own agonies, are bound and determined that Tina won’t escape without her full share of torture. SOLES IN TORMENT is a novel of graphic submission and physical horror by Colin, the fetish author whose previous work (LAUGH FOR ME, AGONY IN SILK, LEXI) has already achieved legendary status among lovers of feet and discipline.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Out Now: Musclebound By Laura Antoniou (Writing As Christopher Morgan)

Laura Antoniou is simply one of the finest writers of gay erotica ... period!  And after you finish her queer erotic masterpiece, Musclebound, you'll see why!

In this smoking hot tale of m-m love, the author spins a mythic story of Tom falls hard for an older an older man he meets in a gym with mixed feelings of fear and attraction. Meanwhile, the older man puts Tom  through a sexual initiation involving BDSM and brutal, sweaty sex. In the process Tom's hatred of his own body and gay urges is transformation in very positive ways. Musclebound is a story that takes Tom from innocence to experience, ordeal to triumph.  "Laura Antoniou . . . elevates the genre of SM erotica ... in storyline, character development, passion and humor. ...the dialogue achingly real, and the sex is as hot as you'd ever hope for. ... these books are the next best thing to being there." -Kate Bornstein (author, My Gender Workbook)

Out Now: Madison's Cure & Other Erotica - The Best Of Sascha Illyvich

Here's the best from one of our best erotica writers we at Sizzler have to offer.  After reading Madison's Cure & Other Erotica you'll see why Sascha Illyvich is one of our erotica stars!

Here are erotic stories of bdsm, menage, lesbian love, cougar love, bisexual love, man on man sex, and the paranormal just for good measure! The author picked out his favorites from all his tales, stories that have received high reviews/praise and work he loved the best.  As Illyvich writes: "An author puts their best passion into work that arouses them and it seems that most of my stories are about friends I've either fucked or wanted to fuck, so the passion was not hard to find!" Included are Adventurous, Mistress Anna, Aqua Dream, Chick 'n Stu, Claimed, Community Service, Confession, Emerald Green, For Amber, Heat Wave,  Lashway's Lease, Release, Reversal, Secret Connection, and others.

Out Now: Her Complete Master by Rod Harden

If you like your erotica with a BDSM and science fiction spice then look no further than this brand new release by the acclaimed Rod Harden: Her Complete Master.

SF In the Tradition of John Norman's Gor! Rod Harding, author of the eBook bestseller Abducted ... and Loving It, turns his considerable talents to futuristic bondage. In the year 2099, women are slaves, sold at pet shops. When Bob comes of age and turns twenty-one, his uncle takes him to the mall to purchase his first woman. Right away Bob begins to put his new possession, "Kitten," through a rigorous slave training course, determined to become her complete master. At first Kitten rebels and runs away, but Bob subjects her to the strictest discipline. She is determined to escape again. Then suddenly ... could it be? Could master be falling in love with slave? Could slave be falling in love with master? Rod Harden's books are "the kind you read when you are all alone, convinced you will only take a peek, but soon finding yourself desiring more, hooked on the need of the characters, awakened to your own inner demons."--Michelle Houston, Sensual Romance Reviews

Thursday, March 17, 2011

"I'll Eat Yer Brain" - A Wonderful Zombie Song By Bill Mills

Bill Mills is not just an essential part of Renaissance Books but he's also a wonderfully talented, and marvelously funny, singer songwriter - as you will absolutely know when you hear his brand new song "I'll Eat Your Brain" ... his take on romance - and zombies!

A paraody lyric by Bill Mills to the tune of "Little Liza Jane". Zombies! They're always a favorite among lovers of horror. Here is a new and jaunty little ditty about the culinary tatses of The Undead. Keep the lid on your 'brainpan' as you listen to "I'll Eat Yer Brain"... or you may become a Zombie Buffet! Written and Performed by Bill Mills All instruments and vocals by Bill Mills Recorded March 9, 2011 - Mills Productions, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Times Square Cutie & Stallers By Mykola Dementiuk Reviewed By Amos Lassen

This is wonderful: not only does the fantastic Amos Lassen review Mykola Dementiuk's wonderful Times Square Cutie but also his brand-new release from Sizzler: Stallers!

Mykola Dementiuk deserves the title of the Bard of Times Square. He captures the spirit of a world that was like few others have been able to do and he so with all of the grittiness and atmosphere that we once knew the area. Our hero here is Billy, a boy/man of unbridle sexuality and the object of lust by both sexes. Men and women want him and he wants them. Sexually, Billy is an anomaly. He cannot be labeled according to gender. With Rebecca, his girlfriend, he is all man yet when he is with a man and cross dressed, he is all woman. People desire him and do not hide the fact and some will even die because of him.

By chance, he met Rebecca and decided to go along with helping her steal from her older boyfriend. But Billy, with all of his charm and good looks, lacks smarts. He and Rebecca rob the man and leave his dead body (they found him dead) and money does strange things to Billy. It makes him want sex and so begins to take Rebecca but that is only an appetizer for the meal to come. Just as the love-making is over, two of Billy’s friends appear and both Billy and Rebecca each take one of the two men. However, the friends discover the money and a fight ensues from which only one will survive to tell the story.

Dementiuk can really tell a story and this one will relatively short still manages to have larger than life characters and wonderful description.

Dementiuk’s Times Square is the one that was and which probably will never be again. However, it lives through the author’s words.One of the beauties of Dementiuk’s work is that we never know what to expect. The location remains the same but the characters and situations change.

If you see the words “Times Square”, you can be pretty sure you are reading something by Mykola (Mick) Dementiuk and I must admit, I have become quite a fan of his writings. You know he must be good, he won a Lambda. Dementiuk tells the kinds of stories that pull in you in and hold you and it is fun to remember Times Square for what it once was—a sleazy place when instant sex and gratification was quickly found. There were empty hallways and buildings to be used for sex and in the 60’s were the time of the dirty movie houses and the stripper bars right in downtown New York just minutes from Broadway.

Such is the subject of this collection of stories and as you read you can almost smell the way the area smelled—stale sex, drugs and humanity that knew a better time Dementiuk tells it like it was in all of its candor and eroticism. There are not pretty stories but they are stories of the way it was and whether we like what was or not, it is part of our history and we should know about it. Times Square was dirty; filthy in fact not just in appearance but what went on there and Dementiuk holds nothing back His details, his characters, his plots are very real and he writes with honesty. He should not be missed.

Out Now: Bondage Camera By Powerone

Erotica simply doesn't get any better than PowerOne, and with his newest book, Bondage Camera, he proves that he's not just one of Sizzler's bestselling authors but also one of our best! 

Only Powerone could bring alive the darkest desires of three girls in their journey through the world of Bondage Photography. Three stories of young, innocent girls that never knew what dormant, sexual desires were buried deep inside them. Brittany was beautiful, sophisticated and able to twist boys around her fingers, but she found the lure of fame and fortune as a spokeswoman for a cutting-edge lingerie company that had discovered Bondage sold high fashions. Her fame and fortune was bought with it a trade off. Older men wanted to possess her in ways that excited her and scared her, finding her voluptuous body bound for their pleasure. Alice was looking for her college pictures, but the photographer found something in her that she never knew existed. She came sexually alive before the camera, not only to please the camera, but also to please the photographer. He became more demanding, Alice finding she grew aroused as she was bound and used by the photographer and his friends. Donna knew what she thought she wanted, but it took the photographer to show her what she really needed. Older than the other girls, she came to be photographed bound, though she had never done such a thing before. The photographer tested her resolve, each time pushing her further, not only into Bondage, but beyond.

Out Now: Dances With Pirates By Bo Bleu

If you like your erotic to really sizzle, then look no further than this new hotter-than-hot special from Bo Bleu: Dances With Pirates

What the pirates did to these lesbian lovers was a crime! What they did to the pirates was revenge!

Out Now: Daughter Of The Moon II - The Depths By Patricia Green

Sizzler is pleased and proud to announce the release of the second in the  acclaimed and best-selling Daughter Of The Moon series by Patricia Green: Daughter Of The Moon II - The Depths

Deep beneath the earth a small group struggles with personal and sexual differences to survive the end of the world! Imagine living 150 years in the future, a time when neo-paganism flourishes over other religions; the younger generation has grown up under the stress of a long-standing war; and people live only for the moment, their sexuality free and easy with no threat of disease or unwanted pregnancy. Suddenly a war escalates and the Earth is nearly destroyed in a nuclear exchange. A group of men and women survive in a haven beneath the ground. Among them are Mikhail a peaceful man who may have to abandon his principles to rescue Sonata, the woman he loves, from his companion Charles' plan to subjugate her and turn her in to his sex slave. Sonata knows she feels something for Mikhail but Charles' will is so forceful... Mikhail and Charles war with each other while Sonata struggles to choose between them and to find her own independence. There are still frequent outbursts of sparking emotion from Sonata and Charles, as each tries to discover their zone of comfort within the relationship they have formed. They break up at one point, and prove themselves so miserable that their friends begin to wonder at their sanity. Charles buries himself in work while Sonata looks to find other sex-partners, thinking it will change her attitude toward Charles. Getting guidance from her neo-pagan sisters, the Daughters of the Moon, Sonata gradually comes to understand which of the two men she will be with when the time to return to life on the surface comes.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Out Now: Aiyana: Lesbian Noir By Tresart L. Sioux

Sizzler are always happy to be able to bring our discerning readership a new treasure, and with the release of this new Tresart L. Sioux masterpiece we have, frankly, outdone ourselves.  If you pick up Lesbian Noir you will not be disappointed!

Four novelettes of lesbian love and daring set against backgrounds of dark fantasy. Encounters with sapphic demons, werewolves, and more.

Out Now: Fiona Makes Him A Man By Jake Marlow

Sizzler is pleased to be able to bring you, the discerning erotica fan, a brand new brilliant book by our bestselling author, Jake Marlow: Fiona Makes Him A Man

Fiona, a pretty, emotionally open woman in her late 20s, is asked by her husband to spend time with his geeky, socially-awkward college-age brother, who seems lonely and has no friends. Once she understands how perceptive and sensitive he is, Fiona develops a genuine affection for the young man. Fiona Makes Him a Man is a fun, sexy, romantic tale about a young man's first crush and an older woman opening her horizons.

Out Now: Exqusite Bondage By Emy Naso

Sizzler is extremely pleased to announce the publication of a new erotic masterpiece by Emy Naso: Exqusite Bondage.  If you like your BDSM erotica hot, steamy, and wonderfully-well written then look no further than this new Emy Naso treasure.

The best laid plans of mice and blackmailers leads to bondage. But not before his victims are forced to submit to his bizarre and often fetishistic demands. Weddel collects victims, forcing them to act out his fantasies. He knows a lot about Helen and her husband, information that will be used to make the pretty redhead submit to his games. Yet he has a strategy beyond mere sexual exploitation. The seemingly urbane Weddel is seeking the perfect female to be his slave and experience exqusite bondage. Emy Naso, the British Master Bard of bondage works his sensual magic once again. Naso is not for the fainthearted, yet he combines extreme erotic writing with an inimitable lyrical style in the fashion of a classicist and an ironic wit on his observations on life and its travails. One of our editors described this Naso novel as "very weird." See what you think for yourself.