Monday, December 5, 2011

Out Now: Red Lust [Sylvia's Initiation II] By Christopher Newman

Here's a erotic treat for fans of mysteries with a BDSM twist - the second book in the excellent Sylvia's Initiation series: Red Lust [Sylvia's Initiation II] By Christopher Newman.  This is one book that will not disappoint!

After discovering her lover was a con-artist, Sylvia takes her hatred towards men to new heights as she begins to experiment in bondage.  Like a moth to a flame Brian Henson is caught up in Sylvia's web of erotic torment.  In addition to Brian, Sylvia "recruits" her co-worker, Tiffany comes over to witness Brian's punishment.  During the heat of the action Tiffany finds herself wanting to submit to Sylvia's sexual domination.  Lives, pleasures and punishments begin to become woven into a dangerous tapestry as Brian and Tiffany vie for Sylvia's attention.  But Sylvia's Catholic upbringing once more rears it's ugly head.  Is Sylvia damning herself or is it all just her imagination?A passionate and wildly erotic tale of sexual initiation by a master of BDSM erotica!   If you liked the first book, SYLVIA'S INITIATION I, then you will absolutely think that this new book in the series is just as hot - if not even hotter!

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