Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Out Now: Dark Prince's Gambit [Peacekeeper Book I - An Alex T'kayn, Treasure Hunter, Dirandian Novel] By Tabitha Bradley

There is simply no one better at writing adventurous science fiction erotica than Tabitha Bradley  - and this book, and the first in a new series, proves just that: Dark Prince's Gambit [Peacekeeper Book I - An Alex T'kayn, Treasure Hunter, Dirandian Novel]

"A Passionate and Stunning Conclusion!" raves Dena in Fallen Angel Reviews. Here  is another great, sexy Dirandian novel of interstellar bondage and adventure from Tabitha Bradley! Prince Gaston VonTesmar has to assassinate his father  to prevent system-wide genocide. But even to protect his world and his people  can he take the life of his father? What will he have to sacrifice to save his  world? Love, sanity, honor, life... To himself Gaston VonTesmar is no hero. He  is much more comfortable playing the sexy, wicked Villain, in a forced night of  passion to the young, sensual, Rubenesque treasure hunter, Alexandra T'Kayn.  Alexandra is the one woman Gaston can't get out of his mind, even when he lies  in the arms of his beautiful fiancee, Cassandra Deavalon. For Alexandra is  Gaston's deep, passionate obsession. And Gaston haunts Alexandra as well.  Dragged unwillingly into the depths of the assassination plot, Alexandra can't  help seeing Gaston and Cassandra together. No one can miss the heated, unspoken  desire that simmers between them, not even the dark and dangerous Commander of  the evil, blood-drinking Rysusi, Jeron Silstrun. Jeron doesn't just play at  being a Villain. He is one, a man whose ultimate goal is to vanquish and enslave  the Dirandans, and who will stop at nothing to possess not only Alexandra, but  Gaston as well.  A rollicking adventure in the tradition of DARKOVER!  If you like your erotic romance with a heady spice of adventure and far-out science fiction wonder then look no further than this novel by our resident master of fantastic sexual fiction, Tabitha Bradley!

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