Saturday, December 31, 2011

Intoxication - the Year in Review for erotic romance

2011 has seen some great books come out by a lot of new talent at Sizzler Editions. I'm going to showcase a few of the books here and dig into a little bit about the eroticism and why I liked the book. Of course all books can be picked up at though we'd prefer you support small business by shopping at Sizzler Editions

One of my first finds was Tied to Passion by Amber Rose Thompson. I HATED the hero, finding him droll and intellectual. But the writing was pretty clean, the synopsis sold the story and once I read Celene's character on paper I had to keep reading. I won't reveal the ending but I was satisfied to see how it ended up. Amber Rose is a bright new voice in erotica with a definite future. There is a lesson I'll discuss next year in this blog about his work and reviews.

My very first anthology Riding the Rocket, our first m/m anthology of sci fi erotic romance. Featuring established talent like Kiernan Kelly, M. Christian and Cecilia Tan, we also have a range of new authors who debut in this collection. Michael Mandrake's story "Vertigo" appears in this collection as the starter for his upcoming Sizzler release by the same name. The thing I enjoyed about this collection was the pure simplicity of discovering new talent and mingling it with old to create something I think any science fiction m/m reader will enjoy, all while getting their rocks off.

As far as anthologies go, I couldn't be happier with My Sexy Valentine! This four author collection started off the Intoxication line collection of erotic romance anthologies with quite a bang.

My Sexy Valentine features four authors who really brought erotic romance to the table. Daisy Harris and Em Petrova are new talent to erotic romance but are also up and coming authors to watch. The anthology features four stories, two m/m and one multi partner and one m/f fantasy romance. All in all, a solid collection.

Oh, and it marks a definite change in our cover art design. That's Jimmy Thomas on the cover, noted romance cover model and awesome promoter extraordinaire!

One of my favorite new talents came in the form of paranormal romance. Emma Paul gave us Soulmate's Touch, Demon and human love. Well, gargoyle actually. Gargoyle and Human exploration in the face of danger while falling in bed to have more than their share of heart pumping action. This was and is pretty much what I'm looking for as the base of mixing romance and lust in stories. It read a little quick but that's due to my guidelines for first time authors. Stephanie Burke and Kiernan Kelly submitted and gave us awesome releases too.

I've been responsible for roughly 16 books out this year from Sizzler, most under my line. From Bonni Sansom's Jack's Christmas Wish, a BDSM romance tale that keeps winning stellar reviews to Margie Church's The 18th Floor, (another BDSM book with sizzling romance that keeps gaining media attention) we keep rocking out a whole lot of books for readers to enjoy. And as long as they keep selling, they keep reinforcing that erotica is not a genre that will go away.

We at Sizzler could not be more proud of all our fabulous auathors!

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