Saturday, December 31, 2011

Intoxication - the Year in Review for erotic romance

2011 has seen some great books come out by a lot of new talent at Sizzler Editions. I'm going to showcase a few of the books here and dig into a little bit about the eroticism and why I liked the book. Of course all books can be picked up at though we'd prefer you support small business by shopping at Sizzler Editions

One of my first finds was Tied to Passion by Amber Rose Thompson. I HATED the hero, finding him droll and intellectual. But the writing was pretty clean, the synopsis sold the story and once I read Celene's character on paper I had to keep reading. I won't reveal the ending but I was satisfied to see how it ended up. Amber Rose is a bright new voice in erotica with a definite future. There is a lesson I'll discuss next year in this blog about his work and reviews.

My very first anthology Riding the Rocket, our first m/m anthology of sci fi erotic romance. Featuring established talent like Kiernan Kelly, M. Christian and Cecilia Tan, we also have a range of new authors who debut in this collection. Michael Mandrake's story "Vertigo" appears in this collection as the starter for his upcoming Sizzler release by the same name. The thing I enjoyed about this collection was the pure simplicity of discovering new talent and mingling it with old to create something I think any science fiction m/m reader will enjoy, all while getting their rocks off.

As far as anthologies go, I couldn't be happier with My Sexy Valentine! This four author collection started off the Intoxication line collection of erotic romance anthologies with quite a bang.

My Sexy Valentine features four authors who really brought erotic romance to the table. Daisy Harris and Em Petrova are new talent to erotic romance but are also up and coming authors to watch. The anthology features four stories, two m/m and one multi partner and one m/f fantasy romance. All in all, a solid collection.

Oh, and it marks a definite change in our cover art design. That's Jimmy Thomas on the cover, noted romance cover model and awesome promoter extraordinaire!

One of my favorite new talents came in the form of paranormal romance. Emma Paul gave us Soulmate's Touch, Demon and human love. Well, gargoyle actually. Gargoyle and Human exploration in the face of danger while falling in bed to have more than their share of heart pumping action. This was and is pretty much what I'm looking for as the base of mixing romance and lust in stories. It read a little quick but that's due to my guidelines for first time authors. Stephanie Burke and Kiernan Kelly submitted and gave us awesome releases too.

I've been responsible for roughly 16 books out this year from Sizzler, most under my line. From Bonni Sansom's Jack's Christmas Wish, a BDSM romance tale that keeps winning stellar reviews to Margie Church's The 18th Floor, (another BDSM book with sizzling romance that keeps gaining media attention) we keep rocking out a whole lot of books for readers to enjoy. And as long as they keep selling, they keep reinforcing that erotica is not a genre that will go away.

We at Sizzler could not be more proud of all our fabulous auathors!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Out Now: Springs By Angela Caperton

Sizzler is extraordinarily pleased and proud to be able to announce the publication of a new erotic treasure by the brilliant Angela Caperton: Springs!

Cherie writes music for videogames and when the lead composer on the hot sequel to her company's hit videogame dies in a freak accident, Cherie bets her own sweet ass to her boss that she can write him a masterpiece. With her job on the line, a mysterious gift of a music box arrives, opening up a world of dark inspiration, erotic excess, and forbidden pleasure. Set in the unlikely world of video game design, "Springs" is a sharp-edged story of black magic and sexual obsession. 
EPPIE winning author's classic short novel of a strange box that sings one woman into a world of erotic nightmares that transcend time and flesh.. 
"Springs is a horror novelette that you can read in one sitting. It’s short enough that if you don’t own an e-book reader, you can still read it on the computer with no discomfort. But an e-book reader might be ideal because you may not want to read this one in public. I enjoyed Springs a lot. It didn’t scare me but it was chilling at certain points. It’s told in the third person, from Cherie’s point of view. We get inside her head even when it turns disturbing. This is an erotic horror story, containing passages of a sexual nature crafted to arouse. Springs was written by a woman but it feels very much like men’s erotica. However, Angela Caperton does not neglect the horror for the sex. She spends time setting up the story, showing Cherie’s struggle to find the music and exploring her character before the music box arrives and soon after the first sex scene. Two thirds of the way in the story, Cherie begins to have flashback which are easy for the reader to catch because they’re in italics. With the flashbacks, the story takes a darker turn. Cherie’s motivations for having sex with multiple partners, becomes understandable, and disturbing. The revelation at the end — not an O. Henry ending or a shocker but a natural out growth building on the information in the flashbacks — was delightfully chilling."  -Horror eBooks Review

Out Now: The Traffickers Vol.2 By Mary Alice Clarke

The sequel to one of our best-selling - torn-from-the-headlines - series is here!  If you liked Mary Alice Clarke's first volume of The Traffickers you'll love the follow-up novel just as much: Traffickers Vol. 2!

The sequel to our best-selling sex-trafficking erotic thriller! 
FICTION TORN FROM THE HEADLINES. From the author: "Women who say that they could never be broken and would never submit have not been there.  They have not been sexually tormented day and night for days and weeks.  They have not spent every minute of those days and weeks under the threat of horrific punishment and slow, agonizing death, with no hope of escape or rescue, denied even the liberation of suicide, repeatedly and systematically violated in every way that a woman can be.  Some women play at being slaves.  But real slavery is a journey, which begins against a woman's will and ends when she has no will left. The stories that follow are fictionalized versions of the real experiences of women who made the passage."

Monday, December 19, 2011

Out Now: Christmas Truce By Laura Antoniou

Just in time for the holiday season!  We know you love Laura Antoniou - a true genius when it comes to writing gay, BDSM erotica - which is why we know you'll be as excited as we are by this festive treat: Christmas Truce

They met as enemies but ended as something a great deal more than friends... On an icy Christmas morning on the Western Front, 1914, British and German soldiers huddled in trenches less than fifty yards apart, away from their homes and families, cold, weary and afraid. But Lt. Glbert Tillsdale and Captain Wilheim von Faulkner will spark more than a Christmas truce as they walk across no man's land to shake hands. They find passion, comfort and pleasure in each other and share a moment of peace that can only be called miraculous. From one of the bestselling authors of eroica writing today. Cover: Sami Hursey

Out Now: Liberation: And Other Tales Of Sex And Sensibility By James Williams

We here at Sizzler pride ourselves on bring you the best erotic authors and books that we can ... which is why we are extra-pleased to be able to announce the publication of a great new collection by the master erotic author, James Williams: Liberation - And Other Tales Of Sex And Sensibility

Master of erotica, James Williams, writes twisted tales of bondage and kinky sex like no one else can, and this book of his short stories shows the true brilliance of his erotic works covering everything from BDSM to romantic love!  Included are: LIBERATION, ALL AT SEA WITH MASTER E, THE FALL, QUEEN, OBEDIENCE, ANGELS DANCE, PENELOPE WAITS, and many others. When he writes about bdsm, you can feel the ropes. 
"James Williams' words feel good in the mouth to say and sound good in the ear to hear. And they get my brain wet."
-- Sybil Holiday, co-author of Consensual Sadomasochism: How to Talk About It and How to Do It Safely
"This book was worth waiting for, and is worth reading slow--a true pleasure for any literary libertine. As I read each story, I feel like sparks are shooting from my head. James Williams electrifies all the sadomasochistic places in my soul."
-- Cecilia Tan, author of The Velderet, publisher, Circlet Press
"...sizzling first collection of pansexual literary erotica...with a prowess for titillating gender fluidity that only Califia might match.
-- Richard Labonte, BookMarks

Out Now: Bahamas Boat - The Shanghai Joe Schooner By Bo Bleu

Bo Bleu  is, without a doubt, one of the finest erotica writers working today: a master of wild fiction, romance, and mystery - and his newest book, Bahamas Boat: The Shanghai Joe Schooner, proves just that!

A wild and erotic tale of pirates, sex, lesbianas, and BDSM adventure on the high seas - as only our best-selling Bo Bleu can write it! Nora Parvis and Becky Goodwen are members of their international sorority sailing group known as "The Regina Hall Sailing Club".  They meet for the first time as the different competitors gather for the annual regatta held in the lee of Andros Island in the Bahamas.  Becky Goodwen, an experienced sailor, takes over the group of four boats and they enter the three day competition.  Without walking away with top honors, they do get honorable mention and a share of the purse.   Becky Goodwen is a strong player and dominates the inexperienced Nora Parvis.  They make some basic agreements which are awkward for Nora because she has never been in a girl-girl situation.  Becky wastes no time confessing she is 'out' and hints of some past conquests which turn out to be mostly exagerations.  The desire to place their sailing club at the front line persuades Nora to cooperate with the help of liberal doses of alcohol to keep up her flagging enthusiasm. After the regatta is over, both girls express a desire to remain in the islands to escape home circumstances they find difficult.  They cash in their regatta earnings for a cottage overlooking the lagoon at the Chickcharnie Resort.  Nora secures employment in the resort management and after a successful training program is seduced, forcibly, by the resort manager, Kay Candace.  In the course of her duties, Nora secures a large group of artists that convention in the islands each year.  Top management is impressed by her diligence and after a rigorous interview with the top exec in a Nassau convention center, Nora secures a cushy job visiting the syndicate string of resorts to train the reservationists.  She is unhappy with being away from Becky and to keep her producing in her job, the CEO, Ron Malta, snatches Becky and stashes her on the Shanghai Joe, a 68' sailing schooner owned by the syndicate.  Becky is therefore a hostage. Top action is a pirate attack on the schooner while out at sea.  Nora and Becky survive the chaos by getting away in the captain's dinghy.  Back in their home grounds, there is publicity and they are listed as among the dead along with the captain, crew and many passengers.  They see this as their opportunity to escape but the one person they thought they could trust betrays them. Is all hope lost? The answer lies with the next sailing of the Shanghai Joe.

Out Now: The Intimate Secrets Of A Young Victorian Lady By Caroline Boreham-Wood

There's nothing quite so fun as a good Victorian erotic novel - and no one writes Victoriana like Caroline Boreham-Wood, and her new treat, The Intimate Secrets Of A Young Victorian Lady, proves just that!

A lusty Victorian tale of lust and desire - a vintage novel of eros and passion ... this book is everything for anyone who loves to step back in time and visit the steamy past!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Out Now: Tamed And Obedient By Denise La Croix

Here's a real treat for fans of BDSM erotica with an extra-special side of touching romance than look no further than this new treasure by Denise La Croix: Tamed And Obedient

A hot yet touching masterpiece of BDSM romance!  Here's a chance to see why Denise La Croix is considered to be one of the very best erotica writers working today!

Out Now: Naughty Nibbles: 30 Hot Flashes Of Erotica By J. Troy Seate

If you like your erotica sizzling - and we know you do - then look no further than the work of our celebrated author, J. Troy Seate ... and here's a brand-new book of his short-short stories: Naughty Nibbles: 30 Hot Flashes Of Erotica

Here's a real treat for fans of wild and sexy erotica: a fantastic collection of 30 min-erotica tales by J. Troy Seate - a real master of telling a tale all-but guaranteed to get a rise out of anyone! Included are such quickies as Party On, The Red Satin Box, Spring Fever, The Survey Taker, Catch of the Day, Muff-Diving, Roll Her Over, Avis Tries Harder, My Frolicsome Feet, The First Time, Belly, Cocksure, The Lady and the Plumber, and Silver Balls.

Out Now: Sex And The Swingers [The Swingers, Book II] By Dax St. James

For anyone interested in exploring the wild and sexual world of swinging there is simply no better resource than the Sex And The Swingers series by Dax St. James - and here's his new book: Sex And The Swingers [The Swingers, Book II] 

An eye-opening sequel to our best-selling expose of the swinging lifestyle.  If you - or your partner - is interested in what it takes to enter into the world of swinging then you can't miss this erotic, yet down-to-earth look at someone who has explored just about every facet of the lifestyle.

Out Now: Dark Prince's Gambit [Peacekeeper Book I - An Alex T'kayn, Treasure Hunter, Dirandian Novel] By Tabitha Bradley

There is simply no one better at writing adventurous science fiction erotica than Tabitha Bradley  - and this book, and the first in a new series, proves just that: Dark Prince's Gambit [Peacekeeper Book I - An Alex T'kayn, Treasure Hunter, Dirandian Novel]

"A Passionate and Stunning Conclusion!" raves Dena in Fallen Angel Reviews. Here  is another great, sexy Dirandian novel of interstellar bondage and adventure from Tabitha Bradley! Prince Gaston VonTesmar has to assassinate his father  to prevent system-wide genocide. But even to protect his world and his people  can he take the life of his father? What will he have to sacrifice to save his  world? Love, sanity, honor, life... To himself Gaston VonTesmar is no hero. He  is much more comfortable playing the sexy, wicked Villain, in a forced night of  passion to the young, sensual, Rubenesque treasure hunter, Alexandra T'Kayn.  Alexandra is the one woman Gaston can't get out of his mind, even when he lies  in the arms of his beautiful fiancee, Cassandra Deavalon. For Alexandra is  Gaston's deep, passionate obsession. And Gaston haunts Alexandra as well.  Dragged unwillingly into the depths of the assassination plot, Alexandra can't  help seeing Gaston and Cassandra together. No one can miss the heated, unspoken  desire that simmers between them, not even the dark and dangerous Commander of  the evil, blood-drinking Rysusi, Jeron Silstrun. Jeron doesn't just play at  being a Villain. He is one, a man whose ultimate goal is to vanquish and enslave  the Dirandans, and who will stop at nothing to possess not only Alexandra, but  Gaston as well.  A rollicking adventure in the tradition of DARKOVER!  If you like your erotic romance with a heady spice of adventure and far-out science fiction wonder then look no further than this novel by our resident master of fantastic sexual fiction, Tabitha Bradley!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Out Now: The Drifter By R. W. Clinger

Here's a very special treat for those who like their erotica with a gay romantic twist:  The Drifter By R. W. Clinger

Thirty-two year old graphic designer Timothy Boxer picks up a drifter named Cade Ridge on the side of the road and convinces the sexy cowboy to stay the night.  A mutual attraction is explored during the course of a summer until Timothy discovers Cade's secrets.  Can the two take a chance on love or will the secrets Cade the Drifter keeps tear the two young men apart?

Out Now: Kaden's Breeder By Emma Paul

There's wild and then there's Kaden's Breeder By Emma Paul: a rip-roaring BDSM science fiction romp like no other.

Kaden has waited twelve long years to finally claim a Breeder of his own. Breeders are a necessity that the Dregs do not take lightly. Without them, his species would eventually die out. The moment he sees Carina ascend from the Mantra’s vessel, he must have her. However, Carina’s selection for the Galactic Governing Council’s Breeder policy was done illegally. A third party is responsible for Carina’s abduction and her fate is much for a more sinister reason. It is demanded that she be returned to the Mantra for “re-assignment”.  Kaden will never give her up without a fight, even if it means an intergalactic war with a fearsome and powerful enemy.  A rowdy erotic science fiction novel with a BDSM twist!  If you like your hot erotica spiced with imaginative science fiction, including alien abductions, then this is the book for you - and Emma Paul is just the writer you've been waiting for!

Out Now: Red Lust [Sylvia's Initiation II] By Christopher Newman

Here's a erotic treat for fans of mysteries with a BDSM twist - the second book in the excellent Sylvia's Initiation series: Red Lust [Sylvia's Initiation II] By Christopher Newman.  This is one book that will not disappoint!

After discovering her lover was a con-artist, Sylvia takes her hatred towards men to new heights as she begins to experiment in bondage.  Like a moth to a flame Brian Henson is caught up in Sylvia's web of erotic torment.  In addition to Brian, Sylvia "recruits" her co-worker, Tiffany comes over to witness Brian's punishment.  During the heat of the action Tiffany finds herself wanting to submit to Sylvia's sexual domination.  Lives, pleasures and punishments begin to become woven into a dangerous tapestry as Brian and Tiffany vie for Sylvia's attention.  But Sylvia's Catholic upbringing once more rears it's ugly head.  Is Sylvia damning herself or is it all just her imagination?A passionate and wildly erotic tale of sexual initiation by a master of BDSM erotica!   If you liked the first book, SYLVIA'S INITIATION I, then you will absolutely think that this new book in the series is just as hot - if not even hotter!