Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sascha Illyvich - Internet Book Promotion 101

Write the book, get it accepted and sold by a publisher and you're done, right? Wrong. This is common knowledge amongst most long time authors but new authors aren't always sure about the proper or most effective ways of marketing online.

There are four key areas one can use for internet marketing. Social Media, blogs, story sites and the personal website. We'll cover them here and how you can utilize them all effectively

Starting with social media. Yeah, twitter and facebook . Get on them both. The best way to use both services depends ultimately on your marketing platform and author platform, a tool Author Success Coach (and my publicist) Deborah Riley Magnus says is necessary for spreading the word out about your book. From the moment you publish that book it needs to be understood that you and the book are the product. Once you join twitter and facebook, your behavior online will be scrutinized much more. Obviously hard selling, that is, screaming "Buy my book" every five minutes is guaranteed to generate a lot of disinterest by even your friends and family. Be genuine, talk about things that interest you and find friends and tweeps who also share those interests. You're building relationships. In the end, marketing is all about one thing: Trust.

How do you use direct sales on facebook and twitter? Part of this question is best answered via posts from WriteSEX - http://www.writesex.net/?cat=3 for the exact URL. She states that all the marketing you need to do for your book comes FROM your book.

Blogs - Talking about yours and others, the major reason we blog is so the world knows we exist. Again, finding blogs by authors you respect and like and blogging on your own site will give you and new readers an opportunity to connect. Also you can do a little more direct selling of your book in these venues. Guest blogging for sites that have high traffic is good for SEO purposes. See this post to learn about SEO. Post excerpts on your blog and the places that allow you to do so in guest spots. Keep posts informative, on par with your author platform or book platform and keep it in tune with your voice. Readers may comment like crazy or they may not. The comments are nice, but don’t think that no comment love means nobody cares. It's about eyes (page views) to your content. Update your personal blog frequently. At least once a week on my author website there is something new.

Story sites - Literotica, fetlife, Lusty Library, these places you can publish entire adult stories, snippets and often create profiles that allow readers to find out more about you and your work. Be careful to adhere to posting guidelines. With Literotica.com I had a story up and in a month had 24,000 hits. That means literally at least 24,000 pairs of eyes had seen the first page of the story and may have continued to finish it. I'm sure I got a sale or six out of that. Post regularly, keeping your name in front of the audience.

Your Personal Website - This one's pretty obvious. Your current release, backlists, interviews, appearances and everything related to your author platform should be here. And it should be your name, realistically and end in a .com for SEO purposes.

Sascha Illyvich, Sizzler/Intoxication Erotic Romance Editor, author The Gift of her Submission

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