Monday, November 7, 2011

Out Now: Girlville By Colin

Colin certainly knows his way around an erotic tale - and be absolutely knows what rocks the world of people into feet.  Just check out his new book, Girlville, for a true erotic experience!

One man and a dozen dominatrix! Forced crossdressing and humiliation are only the beginning. When Chris stops at Ruthie’s, he figures it for just another two-bit desert honky-tonk, where girls dance for dollars and the booze runs free.  Little does he know that his pit-stop will lead him into a bizarre and sexy new life...because the ladies at Ruthie’s aren’t your run-of-the-mill strippers. They are mistresses of the art of dominating and feminizing wayward men, transforming them through mind-games and sensuous tortures into smoking hot girls.  Their pride and joy, the lovely, leggy Lena, has been stolen away by a rival mistress named Momma Bear.  The girls want Chris’s help in getting their favorite slave-doll back, and they’ll stop at nothing to persuade him.  Chris will be tied, tormented, tickled half to death, and put in touch with his feminine side…in a serious way.  GIRLVILLE is Colin’s fetish masterpiece, originally published under another name almost a decade ago.  Long out of print, it is dripping with lusty foot worship, tight bondage, tacky wigs, tackier makeup, terrifying tickle-torture, steamy dommes, and the wickedest femdom imaginings this side of that cat who wrote VENUS IN FURS, GIRLVILLE is a place you’ll want to visit again and again.  Because, trust us…feminization is a drag.  Literally.

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