Monday, November 28, 2011

Out Now: Whip Me Again By David Jewell

If you like delightfully kinky BDSM erotica - and we know you do - then here's a treat: a brand-new book by David Jewell, Whip Me Again!

Erick Stone has been married to his submissive wife, Apollonia, for a couple of months.  Their romance was fast and furious.  Erick is also a master of the whip and has a long list of satisfied clients, who have no problem in paying for his services.  He meets one of his clients, Lance and Traci Adler, for dinner along with Apollonia. Traci Adler is a very submissive wife.  Like Apollonia, she is bi-sexual.  She has one more enduring trait.  She loves pain - it hurts so good.  Erick and Lance made plans for swapping wives after dinner.  The next day when Lance brings Apollonia back, Erick has Apollonia and Traci entertain him and Lance. After Lance and Traci left, Erick takes Apollonia into the dungeon for some delightful foreplay.  Then taking her into the bedroom suite, he makes love to her. Another hotter-than-hot treasure of BDSM erotica by Sizzler's master of kinky erotica: David Jewell!  If you thought that WHIP ME was erotic and kinky then this brand new book is for you!

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