Monday, November 21, 2011

Out Now: Scheherezade's Gift By Amber Rose Thompson

Amber Rose Thompson is a fantastic writer - with a vivid and erotic imagination like no other ... and with this new book, Scheherezade's Gift, you'll see why!

When it comes to takintg it or leaving it, Abigail will take the book and leave the man. She'd rather read 1001 Arabian Nights every night of every day of every year than be in a relationship. Leroy is the man who sells her the books, but can't get past paper or plastic with her. Nothing he's tried works. Getting Abigail and Leroy together is going to take divine intervention. And Scheherezade is just the goddess to do it. When reading takes on a whole new reality, will Abigail become just yet another woman traumatized by a secret past or will she find a hidden strength and a hidden lust that only Leroy can satiate?

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