Monday, November 14, 2011

Out Now: Men On Their Knees - Fantasies Of Males In Submission By N.T. Morley

Here's a real treat for fans of female dominance: a brand-new novel by Sizzler's resident master of BDSM erotica, N.T. Morley: On Their Knees - Fantasies Of Males In Submission

From N.T. Morley, the popular and acclaimed author of such maledom-femsub classics as the Castle trilogy, the Library trilogy, , and The Contract, comes a change of pace collection of dazzling male-submissive, female-dominant erotica. The willing victims of "Men on Their Knees" worship their Mistress's bodies and strap-ons, crawling and begging and suffering for the sole purpose of eliciting female pleasure. Helpless in the grip of their sexual hungers, these men surrender themselves to women for the pleasures of pain, degradation, and humiliation, letting themselves be used as playthings while their women do as they please. In Men on their Knees, a man's receptivity to hard, deep strap-on fucking is as compulsory as their willingness to perform oral service on demand and receive whatever sexual denial and erotic pain amuses his Mistress - while she enjoys herself with other women!

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