Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Out Now: The Landlady’s Girl By Rikki De La Vega

Here's a book that's all-but guaranteed to be a favorite of fans of well-written erotica, Rikki De La Vega's The Landlady’s Girl 

When Danni takes a new job in a new city, she finds an apartment like no other.  Not only does she have a great roommate and upstairs neighbors, but their live-in landlady Isabelle has a beautiful slave girl who is willing to service all of them – in every way.  There are protocols and limits, of course, and Isabelle has a rather Victorian demeanor, but Danni soon finds herself enjoying the pleasures of dominating and using this delightful and most willing slut, including bondage, spanking, caning, and intense role playing.  Arrangements are even made to live out their wildest fantasies, from having an office whore, to seducing an ingénue, to life on a private island.  These are “extra amenities” she and her friend’s are not likely to forget!

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